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  1. Thank you Peter, understood. Regards Richard
  2. Hi Peter, me again. We have talked about the ceiling height and the part that the level set in FSX plays in Cumulus X. However although we add a Cu BASE level in FSX what determines the TOP level. Are there any rules governing this or can we enter any figure we choose? Regards Richard
  3. OK many thanks Peter. The imperial to metric conversion is no big deal. I have made myself a small spreadsheet to do this.
  4. Many thanks Peter, the reason I am asking these questions is that I am trying to replicate as closely as possible real world weather with data collected from weather sites such as SkyLinkWeather. One problem I have is trying to determine thermal strength from the data I collect. I have found several formula for calculating this and they work, however when I enter the thermal strength in CX it is very weak and almost impossible to use. For example one calculation gave a thermal strength as being 2 meters per second but this entered into CX was totally insufficient and I had to increase it to 3.5mps to have any chance of success and then only with a diameter of 1000m to 1400m. And sorry, another question. If I have determined that the cu cloudbase is say, 4000ft (1219 meters)and this is set in FSX, how do you enter that figure in CX.? Is that the minimum lift height that you would enter and if so what do you enter the maximum as? Regards Richard PS added later. Peter I have just realised that the lift height question has been asked before. However if I have set a cloud base in FSX what should I put in CX. Sorry bit confused over what you should enter if CX picks up information from FSX. PPS, FSX settings are imperial and CX is metric so I guess as long as you make the conversion that's ok, but is it possible to change CX to imperial.
  5. Hi Peter and many thanks. Can I please ask another question and that is am I right in thinking that temperature and dewpoint settings in FSX have no influence on how CX behaves? Looking forward to the new version of CX. Regards Richard
  6. Hi Peter, will you answer a question for me. In the CX Users Manual you state that a value of zero produces a purely vertical thermal while a value of 1 produces a leaning effect etc. Does this mean that a value in between these 2 values will give a corresponding effect i.e if I entered a value of 0.5 would this have the effect of producing half the leaning effect of the value of 1. Hope you understand what I mean. Regards Richard
  7. Hi Peter, all is now sorted. I have even put the script files on another drive and configured CX to that drive and it all works fine with none of personal file path details showing. I have now completed all my tasks and am having them tested. I have even written some instructions on how to configure CX for those who have a drive other than C. Many thanks again Regards Richard
  8. OK I see what you mean Peter. I have now created a folder in C called script and in the CX path I now get C:\Script\ I think I'm almost there. Many thanks again Regards Richard
  9. Hi Peter, and many thanks although I have to confess I'm not 100% sure what you mean. I have attached a picture which shows the CCS2004 panel and settings (entered by my colleague) and CX panel and settings which I have entered after converting from imperial to metric. I have also entered into the CX panel the path to the CCS2004 script, but have not checked the CCS2004 compatibility box? I have then save these CX settings as a .cmx file and CX does go into competition mode. However I do not understand the following. 1. Why should you have to enter the ccs2004 script file as well and 2. Should I have the ccs2004 compatibility box checked or Unchecked. 3. Would it not just be easier in the long run to have 2 separate files. 1. ccs2004 script file for FS9 users and 1 CX .cmx file for FSX users? For your info I have found that CX will accept the path to the ccs2004 script file providing the script file is in the ccs2004 folder in programme files, which I have. One other point and that is when using CX in Competition mode and flying on line using either FSinn or SB should we be using real weather or clear weather. I can never understand the relationship between the different weathers,although I think you have explained it to me before, can't remember though. Regards Richard
  10. Hi all and hope someone can help with this. I wont go into all the details but suffice to say that with a colleague I am creating some tasks for both FS9 and FSX based on RW tasks. Now to try and be fair to all we decided to create the weather in CCS2004 and use the compatibility capability in CX so that users would have the same conditions. However I notice that when in script mode CX does not go into competition mode only when I create a CX .cmx file. Now is this normal? and How does using script mode affect CX users if CX does not go into competition mode. And any general advice regarding this is welcome. Regards Richard.
  11. OK thanks guys all duly noted. Richard
  12. Hello James and thanks for the speedy reply. My frame rates for a, say Wolfgang Piper glider are about 100FPS and this drops to about 50FPS for the Discus so I do not think this is the problem. I have a fairly good set up and rune the frames rates at unlimited as my system operates best like this. I have tried the realism settings at different points but that has not made a lot of difference. However I will try as you suggest by putting the glider into a slight nose down attitude on release. Richard Later, OK James that seems to work fine, many thanks.
  13. Hi all, I hope someone can help me. I have the Discus but find it difficult if not impossible to control especially on launch. When I release the tow the aircraft goes into a stall from which I cannot recover. I am using Winch X and Cumulus X and have the "realism" settings set to easy. I have calibrated my joystick. (Microsoft Sidewinder) Richard
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