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  1. Most certainly. Most of which you should have no problems with. Though with the eagerly awaited FSX England we cant say how VFR London will work. Though Im sure with some adjustments the two should happily coexist together.

    I'm sure ACG will make whatever tweaks are necessary to Duxford to make it blend in nicely with FTX England. However, as for VFR London, Horizon Simulation's phone seems to be is off the hook at the moment...

  2. If you have any troubles with it just hollar :lol:

    Oh I will ! This whole process is going to take a while, very much one step at a time. In fact it may be some time before I get round to Hong Kong, because initially what I would like to do is get used to P3D, then get Orbx FTX England, which allegedly is due out before the year's end, then add in things like ACG's Duxford, Dave Garwoods Auster and Rapide, and Anthony Lynch's Tiger Moth. Then will come VFR London and some of the Aerosoft planes, followed by FTX Australia and Pacific North West. Its going to be a major exercise, but worth it I think.

  3. Matt, this is a hugely helpful thread. I'm just about ready to take the plunge with P3D and I'm rather relieved to see that Fly Tampa's Hong Kong is covered in your instructions.

    Do you have VFR London by any chance ? Thats the only other scenery product I am concerned about.

    Thanks again for your efforts, very well done.


  4. And again it is a clear confirmation that Microsoft is just not a reliable partner at this moment. I know of some people who dropped other work after talking to Microsoft to do add-ons for FLIGHT (not us, btw)

    I think the poll you did a while back as to who was using Flight, who had it installed but no longer using it etc etc confirmed Aerosoft's forum membership to be a microcosm of the flight simming community as a whole, Mathijs. Flight just wasn't floating enough people's boats.

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  5. Thanks for the reply, Mathijs. I eventually found the program when I reinstalled VFR London - its placed in the EGCL folder, not the London one. Anyway, I've tried it out and it makes no difference, so I assume its relevant to London City airport alone.

    I'm now having problems at that airport with two sets of runway markings showing, and out in London itself, a number of buildings hovering just above the ground. I'm pretty sure the doubled-up runway markings are a known problem, so I'll search the various forums on that one . As for the floating buildings, haven't found anything yet

    One day I will actually get to fly in FSX, rather than spending hour after hour fiddling with it. My patience is wearing a bit thin, I can tell you. ;)

  6. ( EDITED because I have now found v1.2 patch )

    I am running FSX in DX10 preview, the reasons for which I won't go into. There are graphics problems with it, and so I started searching the web for a possible solution. I came across this review at Avsim...


    ...and scrolling to the bottom of it, found this...( my emphasis )

    When you install the 1.20 patch it recommends that you do not use the DirectX 10 Preview, but if you want to, you can use the included program to change the textures for the DirectX 10 Preview.

    I have found patch 1.2 ( and 1.3 which I never knew existed ) in the product support section, but I'm having a problem installing it as it wont accept my email or product key. That aside, has anyone tried the 'included program' mentioned above or can anyone even verify there is such a program ?

    Here is a screenshot, with the graphics problems arrowed. The trees shimmer too, though that is not apparent in the picture.


    Thanks for any help :)

  7. This actually works. I tested before and after at Edwards AB, and after applying the tweak, no more flickering at the intersections :)

    I'm now flying in DX10 preview mode permanently, and the frame rates are wonderful.

    Here's the thread at Avsim...


    However, its best to go straight to his blog, where you can copy the required modification for pasting


    Guys, if you have FSX and a DX10-compatible card, you simply MUST do this!


  8. NO time frame, will be here when its here. My prediction seeing as you want wild speculation 12/12/12 :lol:

    Ah okay. I thought some time frame had been announced or at least hinted at. Perhaps that Mayan calendar has it marked down.

  9. I'm still watching the rise of P3D with great interest. Version 2 has been mentioned a number of times, and I wonder if there is a time frame for its development and release.

    Has anyone heard anything official ( or even semi-official ) from LM ? If not, wild speculation and groundless rumour will suffice. ;)

  10. Okay, well I would think there are a lot more simmers with two PCs than one PC and an Ipad. A number of people I've talked to on various forums have things like Plan G and Airhauler running on a second, older or less powerful PC. I love running Plan G that way as you can constantly refer to the terrain shown on Google Earth and how it compares to FSX ( remarkably well, even the default scenery! ). The main thing is not having to swap screens of course.

    Thanks anyway, Shaun. I might start a poll to see who owns two PCs...

  11. Notable as a technical achievement and anything that pushes FSX limits is to be applauded. Very interesting to explore using the Orbx BOB add-on, I'm sure. And with some HD textures on an aircraft, it will be the setting for some incredibly real looking screenshots no doubt.

    However, once you are flying in an aircraft ( FSX's raison d'ĂȘtre), all that fine detail is lost and its just another airstrip from above.

    EDIT: Actually, thinking about it a bit further, starting a flight in a high-end aircraft ( Catalina, Bronco etc ) from there would probably ramp up the immersion considerably, and that might carry over into the rest of the flight. So maybe there is an advantage to owning it that I had not considered.

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  12. She's fast becoming the best $20 dollars I've spent for a long time.

    Indeed! The Aerosoft Catalina is a classic; one of the best add-ons ever produced for the MSFS series. By the way, just getting to grips with FSUIPC and LINDA myself , but I'm sticking with the default Cessna as my 'experimental' aircraft for now.

  13. Erm...yes Matt, but do those camo schemes blend the aircraft into the ground below, as shown with the F-16s and Me-109 above ? That's the jist of the thread. I can see your Me-110 quite clearly - it doesn't blend in with the background at all ! ;)

  14. No no no, don't compare MS Flight to anything at all ! Hmmm...okay, compare it to Super Mario if you absolutely must...

    Anyway...Matt, I'm very much watching the P3D conversations here and elsewhere. Is this really the future of flight sim as we know it ? Is P3D V.2 with DX11 going to render your entire collection of FSX add-ons unusable ? Someone else is going to have to go over the parapet brandishing his credit card on this one.

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