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  1. The product is updated to the correct version via manual reinstallation, but ASUpdater was not able to update the product.
  2. The update button was greyed out. Needed to reinstall the CRJ-package from the Aerosoft webpage/download section to get the CRJ up to date.
  3. Are you referring to this? "Well, as the window to the right say, there os a new installer available. That‘s why the update button is greyed out. Flightsim.com has to provide you with. fresh installer."
  4. I have the same problem, ASUpdater won't update the product (CRJ). Update option is greyed out.
  5. Thats pretty insane/absurd/stupido. I uninstalled the FBW a320 as the reverse-engine sound was totally unrealistic from the cockpit. What about an option in the EFB, to change over to realistic sound levels for the purists?
  6. ...any more information on this update?
  7. Or they need more core-sim people to keep up with the progress of the 3D-modellers and texture painters? I think a pinned feedback-snapshot on each of the products with some road-map information like MS/Asobo does, would be very helpful in avoiding the feeling of previous products being abandoned or left 'unfinished' (whatever that means?).
  8. Except for ORBX or Aerosoft, I buy everything from MSFS marketplace, as I have a life and MSFS is the worst configuration time thief I've ever come across, and can only hope that the ecosystem matures and let us use less time configuring, downloading and updating, and more time to fly. The marked place is a nice bid for this utopia. I would just like to add this point of view, since there are so many people just complaining about the Marked Place. Side note: I'm mostly using Apple products, so to spend so much time hacking and configuring products that should work together in the first place, is totally alien to me.
  9. With all the new scenery development going on inside airport terminals, it would be nice with a decent 'Luggage trolley simulator' as a MSFS add-on. I guess we could use our pedals for braking, and the yoke for turning, and load could be changed trough the normal aircraft payload menu? Not all of us can afford or have a health situation that let us travel much these days, so why not utilise all the decent work being done on airport interiors with a proper 'Luggage trolley' add-on to bring us some realistic flight simulation?
  10. Nice, and is it just an on/off situation at about 135 kts, or is it something gradual that happens around then?
  11. And beyond seeing all these annoying posts, it's also something with the 'Signal-to-noise ratio' these inflict, making the forum a lot less useful.
  12. Hmm, I have the opposite problem. The knobs are not accelerating at all on my Spad setup.
  13. I really think it's about time for AS to ban this user.
  14. Interesting, may I ask where you have this information from?
  15. Ok, thanks. Hope Aerosoft can update the manuals with DME arc functionality explainations.
  16. I don't think it were included in the manual, but it seems like the add-on supports DME arc's. For me at least, I guess there are four issues that it would be interesting to understand: - Can a DME circles be entered on the map display as a visual reference? - Can you make the autopilot follow a DME arc without it being a part of the FMS route? - It seems like a DME arc can be entered into the FMS, but how? - Can a DME arc approach be combined with an ILS approach in the FMS-system?
  17. Ok, how is it with flights were it's uncertain what STAR or runway direction to use? Do you often set up two flight plans, one secondary with an 'opposite approach'? Also, how do you handle last minutes changes to takeoff runway, maybe change of windspeed and direction?
  18. I'm also curious as to how this is done in real operations.
  19. Yes, the tutorial is probably from an earlier release of the CRJ, but it's still an interesting flight. Except this DME arc mentioning, it's easy to follow. On FMS setup: I'm pretty sure I did not have any vectoring entries on the legs page, at least I had no discontinuities. Looking forward to flying the tutorial flight again once I get some feedback on how to handle DME arcs.
  20. May anyone working on the documentation at Aerosoft perhaps give some advice here?
  21. When using the knobs on my Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant, it takes quite many turns on the autopilot knobs, as an example to move an autopilot heading or course bug 360 degrees. How is this on the real aircraft, are there any kind of acceleration when turning the knobs?
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