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  1. djones1149

    PFPX 1.28.9i Hotfix etc

    Thanks Tom - with your links I found the 24215 versions of the VC++redist - where ...212 was the highest I could get from "official" MS website and MS updates. I note others say ...212 was the working version - thnaks for that info Stephen. With your help I reinstalled PFPX Ver 1.26 which is stable again -- I will leave it alone for a while as it is working and I hv a task to achieve with it - then try the newer versions again with the new redistributables. I have not heard yet whether activation count could be working against me also (Judith). Mystery remains .... DJ
  2. djones1149

    PFPX 1.28.9i Hotfix etc

    TOM: thanks, updating ... 1. Your suggestion for getting an older version worked fine (better than Judith's dropbox link - as they came up with different .exe files) 2. Using that earlier Ver 1.26, updated by AS_PFPX_UPD_V128.exe, I regained ability to Add Flight and save it (ie the "Save" button reappeared top left corner) 3. ... only to have PFPX crash/close down further on during planning. [I haven't examined EventLogs yet - not too familiar with what to look for in them]. 4. Going beyond there with Hotfixes ( .9c or .9i) loses the buttons again - varies between NO Save/Close buttons at all OR Close button active but Save button greyed out. 5. vcred 2015 versions: tried your suggestion to get later versions, but none found from MS website (14.0.24123 in Win7 and 14.0.21212 in Win10 are the highest versions between my laptop and Desktop PC. Q: Is it possible they are region specific - like different for Europe, other languages etc? In summary: variable results with some functions regained, but crashing later anyway, hotfixes not solving, and different vcred 2015 versions to yours. 2 steps forward, one back. Cheers, david
  3. djones1149

    PFPX 1.28.9i Hotfix etc

    Thanks - understood now. BUT ... Judith has sent me a dropbox download link for Ver1.26... which also shows exactly the same problem! And other crashes. She suggests my system must have a problem, BUT - that sounds illogical - I have 3 computers - "Old"desktop (Win7) and Laptop (Win10) on which it ran fine. A new PC Build (higher spec hardware but refused Win10 - ie Win7 again) is in the process of transfering/reinstalling programs etc. Old PC still used till new one fully established. The exact same problems occur if PFPX is uninstalled then reinstalled on any one of the 3, including the 1.26 version just sent. I tried installing on a different HDD in same PC ... no change. That can't be "my system" because 2 of them with no hardware or software changes were proven to work in past. I asked Judith about multiple installations/activations - in case that was inhibiting the program ... no answer but intend to reset my activation count. Stumped ...! But still gratefu,l for your help. DJ
  4. djones1149

    PFPX 1.28.9i Hotfix etc

    Sorry Tom - I thought you were referring to Ver1.28 or the Hotfix Ver1.28.9i (both of which show during opening them). Possibly you were asking for the Version from the properties menu ... in the attached ... Thanks, david.
  5. djones1149

    PFPX 1.28.9i Hotfix etc

    Thanks Christian. New screenshot - no red boxes, AND NOT EVEN the "Close" button top right corner this time - another change! Being so frustrated with loosing what was a working program (Ver 1.26) until the 1.28 updates/hotfixes - I have gone around the house uninstalling/reinstalling on 3 different computers (Win7 and Win10) to see if something local/hardware causing this. All have same problem. Left TOPCAT alone as it seems unlikley culprit. Q: Have seen "Installed on 3 machines" and "Running on ... computers" (or similar) messages - could anything to do with that be inhibiting? Can I get from any archive Ver 1.26, which worked fine for me? I have studied changelogs but cannot spot anything suggestive of this problem. Thanks for help - its amazing - we are on opposite sides of the world and still help comes! David.
  6. djones1149

    PFPX 1.28.9i Hotfix etc

    PS: also tried the rename executable to PFPX1 as suggested elsewhere, DJ
  7. djones1149

    PFPX 1.28.9i Hotfix etc

    Thankyou for reply. Hopefully the image shows "Save" button top left corner is greyed out; "Close" without save is normal. Cannot get past this screen. VC Redistributables - there is a long list of past installations, only last 2 are shown in snapshot. That not an issue in the past. I have tried reinstalling PFPX 1.28 and 1.28.9i program between laptop (Win10) and desktop (Win7) - identical problem. 1.26 worked fine on either machine - anywhere I can get the older version back?? Thanks, DJ
  8. Despite accolades that the Hotfix resolved problems, not true for me. Cannot Add Flights, as the "Save" button is greyed out. The last version that worked was 1.26. Windows 10, and updated the redistributables (both 2015 and 2017 versions as suggested in the now closed forum threat). And done the fix for .Net suggestion. Formerly functioning PFPX and TOPCAT programs have not worked since the 1.28/1.28.9i updates. Ideas please. DJ