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  1. The tutorial will no longer be relevant
  2. ErichB

    Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    You've gotta love the scenery development waiting room for new airports.. Each seat has a refresh button and the magazines have all been read 1.6 million times. There are some people in the waiting room who have been here for literally years. They've never gone home. Their refresh buttons no longer work. But they wait. They're good at waiting. Waiting is awesome.
  3. ErichB

    Köln/Bonn airport - released

    This looks absolutely superb. This is next level awesome (a word I generally hate)..
  4. ErichB

    So how good a pilot are you?

    I would say unable. Not reasonable to commit to something you doubt you will be able to achieve. Interestingly, this happens quite often on VATSIM. Controllers clearing and vectoring straight to the ILS, when the aircraft is too high and too close to make the procedure 'standard'
  5. I've never understood why buying a product covering airports in a region entitles one to a discount on another (completely new) airport just because it's in the same region.
  6. This thread is almost as old as simming itself.
  7. ErichB

    Köln/Bonn airport - released

    Those lights look so amazing, I'll just want to taxi around the airport all night.
  8. ErichB

    Köln/Bonn airport - released

    Aerosoft are definitely producing/publishing the best P3dv4 specific airports so far - especially in relation to lighting. The detail here is really amazing and will set the bar higher again.
  9. ErichB

    Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    When designers sign Aerosoft up to be their publisher, or even for internal projects, do they not have predetermined deadlines by which they have to deliver the project? Some of these scenery projects float around for years.
  10. ErichB

    Heathrow for P3D V4

    Great news.
  11. I know it is not officially supported for V4, but is anyone using it successfully in V4? thanks
  12. As the flightsim platforms are advancing, people are becoming more aware of what is possible and therefore more demanding of quality and realistic features. I'm not sure what your turnover on something like the Airbus A330 would be, but I am pretty sure it is one aircraft many will be willing to splash the (extra) cash for an enhanced feature list. However, I can also see that this aircraft will be bought by many - regardless - so maybe its not worth the (extra) development time. looking forward to it.
  13. ErichB

    Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    I hope it's close enough so that we won't be asking 'is there any more news'? in two years time. (Johannesburg) **cough** Having said that, it looks superb.
  14. ErichB

    Manchester X refund

    I do not view Aerosoft as an unethical company - not buy a long shot. However, when a long standing member of the flightsim community asks for a refund due to obvious quality issues, the last thing I would expect Aerosoft to do is throw legal mumbo jumbo back at the user, basically saying, 'you can't (really) have your money back dummy because you've waived your right to it - when you clicked the buy button'. That is very damaging to your business and does not set a good precedent at all. Any reasonable user would expect the downloaded product to work as expected (like the majority of Aerosoft published products). To expect any user to accept this particular release for the price, is not a (reasonable) expection from a business persective - and nor should it be. Disappointing responses with potentially damaging results. Far less damaging to grab your developer by the scruff and say, 'we're not putting up with this' with an accompanying statement to users with intended actions. All the forums are ablaze with this PR mess. It isn't necessary