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  1. Started to use today and It is very well built. The only problem I have is it makes a folder in C:\Users\D****\ which is not good for me. My C drive has not much room left. So how can I request AO to go to another location? Thanks, David
  2. Will there be a function to use GTN650 or GTN750 in the cockpit panel?
  3. Knowing Aerosoft for almost 20 years now, it will be out only if it is perfect or close to that. Bye, David
  4. This plane is one of the most iconic Aerosoft built in the past and now for MSFS.
  5. Hi Guys Having a problem loading the game, it just stops after the Aerosoft logo. When checking Task manager the game is not responding. Thanks, David
  6. One of the most iconic planes in flight simulation for over a decade.
  7. david_wi

    P3D V5

    In C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Add-ons Added this text [Package.17] PATH=G:\P3D V5 Addons\Aerosoft F-14 Extended TITLE=Aerosoft F-14 Extended ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false
  8. david_wi

    P3D V5

    Added a line in Addons folder and now the plane is seen
  9. david_wi

    P3D V5

    Yes the updater shows version but still will not show up in sim. I installed it to G:\P3D V5 Addons
  10. david_wi

    P3D V5

    By me it is not working after installing to P3D v5.1
  11. Hi Guys Have problems when loading inside the game. The is no information on screen what so ever. Bye, David
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