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  1. Good morning,
      Before the last update my CRJ's accelerator was operational but now after the update it doesn't work anymore. I use an AV8R-03 joystick and a Playstation controller. The levers move but there is no reaction on the engines. I can only use the default settings. When I try to adjust the detent via EFB all axes go to -16384. I already removed and reinstalled the aircraft after the correction pacht was launched. The following indications appear on the PFD: MAX-TOGA-CLB-MAN and also the indication TO and TO cut by a yellow line. The motors spin with the following indications regardless of the throttle position: N293.2-ITT907-N296.5-FF6030. Thanks

  2. I have been having problems with pressurization at the CRJ. The cabin continues to climb 300 f / m even with auto pressurization, and normal packs. The cabin rises until the cabin altitude warning light comes on
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