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  1. Why isn't the latest update and changelog posted in "Latest Version and Updates"?
  2. Oh what a pitty that we don't have anything to engage those targets with 😃
  3. Just curious, do the CRJ actually have a ground radar or is it, like in the 737, an built-in terrain database?
  4. That sounds plausible, but I'm still struggling to understand why a developer shouldn't be able to control the animation speed and delay between inner and outer spoilers. I've seen some pretty neat landing gear animations with slight differences between left and right main gear doors so why shouldn't AS be able to do the same thing on the spoilers? But apparently they can't and if they say so I have to believe it. I'm a guy that get a bit itchy when someone tells me that something is impossible. I've found that it most often just takes a bit longer and requires some out of the box thinking 🙂
  5. Just out of curiosity, is the spoiler animation a feature within MSFS? Does that mean all spoilers move the same way/with the same rate on all aircraft? I find that really hard to believe but since I don't know the inner workings of these things I'm curious to know. I would have thought all animations are modeled by the developer, especially since there are a lot of different animations out there.
  6. Now that isn't entirely true is it? Wouldn't you agree that the Hornet have received quite a few updates over the years just to take one example?
  7. I don't know what kind of industries you are involved in, but from what you write it's quite obvious neither you or those industries are working with software development on any kind of serious level. Having a "list of issues" that should be solved in the next release is very common and in fact even got a name, Scrum. And there are softwares you can install on a server that can manage that list for you! Isn't that awesome? 😀
  8. Because we believe this topic has been answered by Crabby it could now be closed. If you have any more questions feel free to read the documentation, do not open a new topic because that will most likely upset him even more. 😉
  9. I have this problem as well! Very annoying and it would be great if someone knew if there's a workaround
  10. I had the same issue a while back ago. Added a published hold to my flight plan, noticed that the entry course was a bit off and tried to correct it. It was however reverted back to the original course (which was only a couple of degrees off). As for deleting a hold you go to the legs page and there you'll find two instances of the waypoint where the hold is. The second one should say "hold at <waypoint name>", just delete that one just as you delete any other waypoint on your flight plan.
  11. How come? That's the only documents I have and I assume they modeled the aircraft based on those numbers? I don't know what the pressure altitude was at FL380, but since ISA was around -5 degrees it shouldn't have been any problem to fly at that level if I interpret your table correctly.
  12. I just looked it up in the quick reference and according to the cruise table for CRJ-900 FL380 shouldn't be a problem even if I was as heavy as 39000kg.
  13. I filed a ticket and this was the answer I got: This probably means that you are too heavy for FL380 - did you check this with lower weights and in accordance with your MAX FL? I don't have access to the documentation at the moment so I can't check, but according to SimBrief my TOW was approximately 32.6 tons. Perhaps that was too much for FL380? I will check as soons as I can but @KuntaKinte or @CRJay maybe know?
  14. I have no issues with wrong fonts on certain displays etc, this is not a level D simulation. However, I do not like when a developer implements a function/feature and then refrain from completing it. That's not fair to the customers that bought the product assuming that feature was included. In volume 1 of the documents they state the following: Accurate systems programming reflects behaviour of the real CRJ within normal operations. Since I'm not a RW CRJ pilot I don't know if FL380 is outside of "normal operations" but I doubt it, so by ignoring this and other similar bugs they don't stick to what they promise. That's somewhat surprising to me.
  15. I really hope we get that update they've been talking about soon. This bird is a joy to fly but there're just too many annoying bugs that have a negative impact on the experience.
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