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  1. How come? That's the only documents I have and I assume they modeled the aircraft based on those numbers? I don't know what the pressure altitude was at FL380, but since ISA was around -5 degrees it shouldn't have been any problem to fly at that level if I interpret your table correctly.
  2. I just looked it up in the quick reference and according to the cruise table for CRJ-900 FL380 shouldn't be a problem even if I was as heavy as 39000kg.
  3. I filed a ticket and this was the answer I got: This probably means that you are too heavy for FL380 - did you check this with lower weights and in accordance with your MAX FL? I don't have access to the documentation at the moment so I can't check, but according to SimBrief my TOW was approximately 32.6 tons. Perhaps that was too much for FL380? I will check as soons as I can but @KuntaKinte or @CRJay maybe know?
  4. I have no issues with wrong fonts on certain displays etc, this is not a level D simulation. However, I do not like when a developer implements a function/feature and then refrain from completing it. That's not fair to the customers that bought the product assuming that feature was included. In volume 1 of the documents they state the following: Accurate systems programming reflects behaviour of the real CRJ within normal operations. Since I'm not a RW CRJ pilot I don't know if FL380 is outside of "normal operations" but I doubt it, so by ignoring this and other similar bugs they don't stick to what they promise. That's somewhat surprising to me.
  5. I really hope we get that update they've been talking about soon. This bird is a joy to fly but there're just too many annoying bugs that have a negative impact on the experience.
  6. I'm currently enroute on my second flight today and just spotted an anomaly that I can't explain. As you can see on my pictures I planned for FL380, but both LEGS and DIR INTC pages indicate that I should be at FL370. Why is that?
  7. I'm really sorry to hear that. I tagged Mr. Kok in my previous post since I know that doing so would give him a notification about it, but perhaps he has turned that off or something. I don't want to believe he deliberately ignored it.
  8. I know, I meant that if the lack of response from AS has to do with they wanting bugs to be reported on Zendesk they could at least respond on the forum with that info. I hope @Mathijs Kok or someone else in the staff read this and take it as the constructive criticism that it is.
  9. And another thing that I just come to think of and this have been raised several times on the forum. If they prefer Zendesk for these kinds of reports it would be very useful if they published the list of known issues. I understand that one could argue that it's not beneficial from a business perspective to have a list of everything that's wrong with their product, but I firmly believe that such transparency would be positive in the long run. Everyone knows (or should at least know) that there are no such thing as a bug free software.
  10. If they want you to file your reports on Zendesk they could at least have replied here with that info.
  11. I have been keeping an eye on your posts on this forum and have been wondering why you don't get any attention from AS. Your posts are always spot on and backed up by your apparent professional experience. Not acknowledging this by at least a short response that it has been added to the famous "list" is really a shame. For how long do you want to continue reporting these issues under those circumstances? Meanwhile the mods and various AS representatives are responding to other forum posts several times a day. Thia statement can be found in vol 1 of the documentation: Accurate systems programming reflects behaviour of the real CRJ within normal operations. Most, if not all of the issues you have reported feels like things very much related to normal operations. This alone should render you at least some attention from AS!
  12. I did just that and was positively rewarded 🙂
  13. Didn't know that, but I tried it and there are some caveats with that method: 1. It takes quite some time to navigate to the forum of interest. Everytime I tap on a forum it shows a loading animation before it shows the child forums 2. Once I've reached the CRJ forum it turns out I can't choose that as the topic to search in. So if I want to search for something regarding the CRJ I have to choose every single section.
  14. This is a small request about the forum itself and I hope it's ok to post it here. Before we post a question it's more or less mandatory to search the relevant forum section to see if anyone has asked it before. However, that's easier said than done on a mobile phone and 98.9% of the time I spend on this forum I do it on my mobile and I guess I'm not the only one. On the desktop version of the forum there's an option to choose where you want to search. I find the option "search in this forum" particularly useful since I'm usually only interested in posts regarding a certain product. However, on the mobile version of the forum this option isn't available for some reason. That makes it unnecessary hard to find related posts and may be why we see so many re-posts about things that has been already answered. I've attached two screenshots that shows the desktop vs mobile version. I was hoping you could add the "search in" option on the mobile version, that would make life much easier for all of us 🙂
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