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  1. Hi, your message is in French so I imagine you are, ask for help on the French forum "Flight pilote" there are FS2020 specialists
  2. Hello Chrislux To activate the autopilot the following requirements need to be fulfilled: • All flight control computers (FCC) are operative • At least one channel of horizontal trim is available • At least one yaw damper is engaged • At least one IRS system is available • At least one air data computer (ADC) is available • No significant instability of the aircraft
  3. hi Chrislux is the flight director engaged?
  4. hi there are always discontinuity in a flight plan, this is normal, you have to delete them manually
  5. Thank you for your reply👍
  6. I confirm the same problem for me
  7. hallo Marcel, ich sehe keine Route auf deiner ND, hast du einen Flugplan eingegeben?
  8. Hello I confirm I have the same problem
  9. Hello Dude

    Are the displays in the cockpit of the crj 900/1000 cathode ray tubes like on the 700/550?



  10. hi everyone Will it be possible in a future update of the Crj550 / 700 to use directly via the tablet Navigraph and Simbrief?
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