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  1. I'm extremely disappointed to hear that you aren't doing any other A330-300 variants. This means we are stuck with one engine type, what's the use in that????? I admit you don't charge as much as PMDG & QW..........but you get all the engine variants for the relevant aircraft. At the end of the day you have the base model for the A330-300 why can't you just adapt any changes needed. Even if it mean't we had to wait, I'd be more than happy waiting. I would happily pay for them. Had I off knew this first hand I wouldn't of wasted my money. I just feel like we have been Shafted !!. I appreciate your a business and your time & effort is pain staking long plus you need to make money. As for P3Dv5 who knows if half the scenery shall work for it! Thanks
  2. Tom, I wasn't quite expecting a sarcastic answer, I mean't in the terms of are they just temporary updates,and then you would release a new install in the future? Thanks for your quick reply. Jason
  3. Hi, I did read and change the lighting for the EFB as it said from looking at page 37 for Vol 1 ? Is this where you mean also for the panels? Thanks Jason
  4. Hi, I've just done a flight but was struggling to get the lighting on how it should? As you can see both the panels are so bright and I can't find where I can changer the lights to make them how the panel should be during a night flight. Also where I change my ALT and various bits is impossible to read. I'd appreciate any help or advice on this matter Not sure If I've posted this into the right Forum section for the A330 Thanks Jason
  5. Mathijs, I've had this issue with flight I've just done from TBPB-EGKK loaded 57,200kg fuel even thought Simbrief said 57,182kg. FMGS show me having 8.4kg left before I took off. Then got airborne heading to wards my first point FISST and the fuel was showing -0.9, I was flying FL350 with a moderate Tailwind, so when I landed at EGKK the fuel left shown 8.0kg. I've not got unlimited fuel selected but its quite confusing as, it did make me want to divert. I've read several posts regarding the fuel issue also. I presume this is an issue you are trying to sort out? Thanks Jason
  6. Hi, I've just got a quick question regarding the above? Due to being unsure? I've selected the above and it's shown an update for A318/A319/A320/A321 Professional am I best to install these? Thanks Jason
  7. Hi, I know the Tropical Sim scenery for SBGL / SBGR / SBRJ / SBSP works for AES but will this product work due to it being a package of all four airports together ? Or will I need to purchase each airport separately for AES to work for these airports? I'm sorry If I've posted this in wrong section of forum , but would be grateful for any help or clarification of the below working in AES. http://secure.simmar...ge-rio-sp.phtml Kind Regards Jason Thompson
  8. Hi, I've just updated to version 2.02 for FS9 but notice I've not got the new runway showing just the grass and the signs with ILS approach lights. I have noticed on the support page there was a update version 2.01 for fs2004 which I haven't downloaded and installed could this be why I'm not seeing the new runway as I've not installed update 2.01? Just gone and done update 2.02 Can I install the update 2.01 and the re-run update 2.02? Or should I uninstall Mega airport frankfurt X and then reinstall and then do the updates? I hope I've aded pics ok and there not to big didn't now any other way? Thanks Jason Thompson
  9. Hi, I was just curious to know when there is going to be a planned update for Heathrow as there has been some major changes around Terminal one and the taxiways. I couldn't find if anything had been posted asking the same question. Thanks Jason
  10. Hi Folks, I have the old GAP 1 scenery installed and was just checking some files and noticed in the texture folder seen some files called Inns. Know do these relate to the Innsbruck Airport? As do those texture files starting Inns need to be removed? With me having Approaching Innsbruck installed? ThaNKS Jason Thompson
  11. Mathijas, Will they release the FSX version first then the FS9 after or has that not been decided yet? And sorry for spelling your name wrong. Like all here I'm looking forward to a descent Anchorage scenery especially belonging to few virtual airlines that use PANC. Rgds Jason
  12. Hi Will, Thank you for answering my questions. When you say about works fine with 32 bit and privileges what do you mean regarding this one? Thanks Jason
  13. Hi, With the new version 1.20 I can't find in the forum or product page if it mentions the SID / STAR function has been added? Or will this be implemented using Navigraph at a later date? Secondly will this work fine on Windows 7 32 bit? Also from reading various messages are you best to use a proper throttle gauge like saitek rather than a normal joystick? hope somebody doesn't mind answering my few questions? Thanks Jason
  14. Hi Shaun, I'd not thought of that , cheers for your reply Rgds Jason
  15. Hi folks, I just wanted somebody to clairfy this is what I need to do to deacivate EDDM in German Airports 1 is set all the BGL Files to off? Or is that totally wrong and I need to do something else? Thanks Jason
  16. Hi Guys, Thanks for your replies. Kind Regards Jason
  17. Hi Aerosoft, I noticed that some of the scenery isn't compatible with Windows 7? They are as follows Balearic Island X , German Airports 3 and Nice X? However I have installed Nice X onto my PC which has Windows 7 32 bit. So I'm wondering would the other 2 work fine with W7 Many Thanks Jason
  18. Hi, I've not purchased this product yet due to problems with FSX but from reading the posts I thought I'd mention something about some people's attitudes. Ertan I think your attitude towards Aerosoft is quite demanding and rather rude........,I'm sure the guys at Aerosoft have a life & familes outside of flight sim so why don't you just have a little patients. The support for the Airbus X is far better than one particular Airbus product and also the patches that have been produced I think have been very quick and "I think what balus posted was spot on" I appreciate your a paying customer and that's what I am to one Airbus company but I don't keep pestering them all the time.....We all have to wait for things from time to time....So I say let Aerosoft do what they have to do for the next version 1.20 and have some patients at least,well that's my pennies worth also why can't people add there name when they send a post.....Is it so difficult.....I think the support provided by Aerosoft is second to none. Again I may not have a right to comment with not having this product just yet but thought some people!!!!! I wait to see If I get slatted for my comments lol Rgds Jason
  19. Hi, I've been looking for the above in the FS2004 section in european section but can't find it. I can find it on the German page ok. If I was to order it from the German section would it make any difference when paying and all the neccesary details. Thanks Jason
  20. Rafal, I done it by accident....I suddenly realised after I'd posted the message. Jason
  21. Hi jtanabodee, This one is the same as VTBS it's a rar file? How does this one also get convertd into zipped file? Thanks Jason
  22. Hi jtanabodee, The screenshots for VTBS look outstanding,and you've done an amazing job . But when I download the file it comes up as a rar.file instead of a zipped file? How do you get it to become a zipped file so I can install it correctly?? Thanks Jason
  23. Joost, I can see where your coming from, I'm like you i want this scenery to be released....but we don't want to keep annoying Christof gjhghghg
  24. Why are some people impatient...... We all are wanting and waiting anxiously for ELLX but keep posting the same questions, all the time isn't going to make it come any quicker. I think we need to be patient. They know we are all excited and to have a good ELLX scenery is like the best but let's be alittle bit patient. And my post wasn't intended to be rude or anything just merley putting my point of view across. Kind Regards Jason
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