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  1. Bill, I replied to your issue. Have you checked your settings as I proposed. It should not work only randomly. If it does, you have another issue
  2. Justin, you are mixing things up and serve them to your liking (or the OPs liking)... The CRJ shares code with P3D and prior to SU5 everything worked just perfect or didn't it? Did SU5 change the interaction or did a CRJ update change it? --> you nailed it! It was the SIM that changed from one standard to another. And yes, we hear you (all) but did you ever think that it might be possible that recoding the interaction to the NEW standard would mean a quite bit of a work AND if there is this right click option (that works as provided BY the SIM), there are other priorities to attend to? Did you not get it that ASOBO provided a fix for the VR issue (not covered in this topic), fix that did not work? Also think about this....there are exactly 3 center push knobs that you have to press in the CRJ: 1. Altimeter --> has to be pressed ONLY twice a flight (Alt -> STD -> ALT) 2. Speed IAS/MACH --> since it changes automaticaly with the ALT, you don't realy have to ever press it...but if you do it would be again only 2 times per flight. 3. The HDG sync button --> this is one that you COULD press a lot (basicaly with each new leg of the FPLN -BUT- you can also rotate the knob for small HDG changes) So how much of an issue is it realy to press the right button first then the left one for e.g. 10x / flight?
  3. It realy is that simple if you don't fly in VR. 1. Check under Accesibility if your cockpit interraction is legacy (not locked) 2. Select the Standard Mouse profile under the Controlls menu
  4. @Akki did you try the same approach also with the C7 and it worked? Does it fail only with the C9?
  5. @CRJay both times I had the FD red box, I had the TO also (and I set the vspeeds through the EFB...I'm too lasy to dial them one by one manually ).
  6. @Bill Zarkov @CRJay in fact I had this happen exactly twice in "my life as a CRJ BETA tester for MSFS". Both happened on ground (before TO) and I also had the upper TO-TO (TOGA) anunciator striked through. I canceled my flight each time. The first time I encountered it, I said...maybe I did something wrong....the 2nd time I brought it up to our testing team and no one ever encountered it. Checking our internal log, I reported it on 18.08 and never seen it before. This happens so rare that it will be a needle in a hay stack to find.
  7. @Logan17 my answer probably won't help you (sorry for that). I have almost zero addons in MSFS and also don't use any Addon organizer or else. My Addons are the CRJ (obviously), the A32NX FBW, one livery for the A32NX (WizzAir) and 2 Airports. I also did not fiddle around with NAV database, textures, colors, you name it... What I want to tell you is that my MSFS is basically a Vanilla setup and I ran this setup on Win10 and also as an early adopter on Win11. MSFS CTD on me maybe 7 times in total (3 of which were somehow related to the internet browser). I fly the CRJ 80% of the time for 3 to 6 times a week (have a small kid at home which basicaly gets all my free time). My advice: 1. Try to rule out realy every single MOD that you have even if it means to start from scratch (hope you have a solid internet connection at home). 2. Try to rule out any system changes like OC or such stuff.
  8. Double topic also present here (by the same poster).
  9. @Logan17 my MSFS crashes (at random times) when I browse the Internet while flying. Happened to me 3 out of 3 times (randomly into the flight e.g. before TO / 20min ito the flight, etc). Since then, I don't use any internet browsers during flight...... If I'm not mistaking, I read severel reports in regard to this.
  10. Yes...it's used to sync your current heading quick just in case you have to switch to HDG mode.
  11. @StanTGM we know it's a PIA (I'm suffering myself from it but as explained, we need ASOBO to get this to work). I struggled with the waiting (delay) myself also until I realized that: 1. I have to press the altimeter knob only 2x in one flight. 2. I don't realy need to press the IAS knob because it basicaly changes automaticaly (and if its the wrong value then I rotate it "2 mouse wheel" clicks) 3. Pressing the HDG sync is indeed the only knob I would like to press a lot but that can also be done by waiting and rotating which works flawlessly. Basicaly neither of these knobs are essential in a "more hectic portion of a flight". So to speak...yeah... I would like to have it fixed and I'm "on it" (meaning...I stress Hans a lot with this) but...as described above, those buttons are IMHO not realy essential to a flight (more a convenience).
  12. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  13. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. I was told that RW CRJ pilots do the same (+1).
  15. @+++Alex+++ many topics already covered for this issue (a simple search could have done the trick): https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/166218-fix-for-cockpit-interaction-issues-introduced-in-sim-update-5-vr-fix/&do=findComment&comment=1061140 https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/166218-fix-for-cockpit-interaction-issues-introduced-in-sim-update-5-vr-fix/&do=findComment&comment=1061176 and many many others...
  16. If I'm not mistaking, AP can't be engaged without YD enabled an I think that Jonas wanted to see the ACFT configuration just before you try to engage the AP (so that he can observe if something is missing / missconfigured).
  17. It's a SIM BUG already reproduced by ASOBO (we hope for a fix)...meanwhile as a workaround: 1. Hower the pointer over the knob and let it disappear. 2. Slightly move the mouse for the pointer to reappear -then left click...the first action would be the push button action.
  18. The picture shows clearly that YAW DAMPERS are NOT engaged....
  19. 1. At what speed to you intercept the GS? 2. ILS Freq and CRS gets auto tuned.
  20. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  21. @Blood_Monarch I do fly the CRJ mostly (or only) in VR and do not have the feeling that the pointer floats above the buttons (except the EFB screen). I have a Quest 2.
  22. @Anibal A Martinez Torres 140kts is way too low of a speed to fly this ACFT IMHO. Depending on the loads 140kts is about VR... May I suggest you have a look to the videos in this Forum and also fly the tutorial?
  23. @Transair27 it is realy hard to understand what the issue is in your case... The C1000 has an error and some switches and rotating knobs do not work (issue identified / fixed / and will be available soon as an update) -> so please don't fly the C1000 right now. All other CRJ work fine. Depending on your view position (e.g. if your eye is aligned with the MFD range knob) and aircraft movement, it could be a bit difficult to hit the click spot for the range knob -we never encountered issues with that clickspot. The best way would be to show us a picture or link us a short video of your issue to fully understand it.
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