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  1. @TomAce While I'm not able to reproduce this, as @key-z659 link shows, if this happens then it happens on all ACFT not just the CRJ. Therefore I realy think it's not product but sim related.
  2. He / you just have to record ~1min after capturing the LOC and just before capturing the GS. Upload it to YT for example (unlisted) and share us the link. Unfortunately those pictures don't tell me much. He also does not have to fly the entire FPLN, just go to the ARP and make a circuit (TO and land on the same RWY). May I ask if your friend followed the tutorial flight and if he had issues with it?
  3. So I spend like 2h to play with this so here it comes: I'm unfamiliar with that area and the STARs at EPMO are acc to charts are "crazy" for a simming guy as me (not a pilot). That STAR would circle you 2 times around the ARP until you get on final OMG. I could reproduce the crash also in a normal FPLN (not using SEC FPLN) but....I managed to get around it by going to the LEGS page and COPY the last M0823 to the position before the DISCO. I think the VECT creates the issue. In the initial LEGS page (if I can recall it correctly) you have GODIL -> M0823 -> DISCO -> VECT -> (then again) GODIL -> M0823....
  4. But can you reproduce the crash with the HOP livery? I'm not realy sure how livery could affect FMS...but if you can reproduce it, I would raise the Q into the team.
  5. You would have the same issue for all rotating + pressing knobs (SPEED, CRS, etc).
  6. Don't look at MSFS W&B screen! Just leave it as it is and load the CRJ through the EFB -please-.
  7. Can you record a video for us for e.g. ILS 26R?
  8. That seems to be another thing that changed with SU5. Just don't touch it and leave it at default! PS: It is called EMPTY CG POSITION so you don't have to change anything there (better...forget the Weight and Balance window in MSFS - all loading is done through the FMS)
  9. @dedykjp moved it for you. Will have a look later this day.
  10. @DGH thank you for the explanation. As you wrote you have made 60+ flights and only once encountered the issue. I know these numbers are just figures and not accurate but enough for you (and others) to see how hard it is to reproduce it. None of the testers have had this issue! Your case, since it happened only 1 time out of many flights, is different than the case of those complaining it happens ALL the time. Just look at all the postings from this thread and the one I linked you + other threads you can find on the forum, and you will find no recording of the issue. All recordings we have seen so far were (as you saw in the other video) piloting errors or something that triggered the spoiler axis (in another video you could clearly see in a ext shot that the spoilers were a bit open -not much but a bit and anough for the CRJ to loose speed at CRZ). We have also already seen some strange weather behaviours like wind shifting, or strange temps,...all of which could lead to a sudden or slow speed loss at that CRZ level. PS: Yesterday I checked the CRJ900 Air Nostrum Livery for something reported on the forum and I had 84PAX, 1.700Kg PL and 5000Fuel. I flown out of LOWI to the East. Simbrief gave me with these numbers a FL of 370 and I could barely make FL350 because ~30Kts tail wind. I still think that (depending on load and conditions) FL above 370 are a bit critical. A small change in atm cond and the CRJ will get out of balance. So yeah...we are here and listen to you but we are unable to reproduce this thing.
  11. Just tested that exact livery but on LOWI (since I don't own LFVR LEBL) and did not notice any flicker at all (neither on EXT view nor from the cockpit)
  12. VR can't be used with the new cockpit interaction system. It's been worked at.
  13. Thank you @KuntaKinte for this nice explanation! Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. I read that and thats why I mentioned that I didn't install any other NAV Data into the sim or CRJ to try to find out if maybe the new Nav Data has an issue or the CRJ beeing incopatible with it. If you can replicate the crash, it would be interesting to know if it crashes also with "vanilla" NAv Data.
  15. Dear @DGH, up to this date we have not seen a valid proof of the fact that the CRJ looses speed at CRZ or can't climb. It was always either ICE, or weight and balance, or way to high CRZ ALT, or a binding which triggered the speed brake, or simply piloting error. Please look in this topic where the same is discussed and also a video is shown (you can read my reply in that topic a bit further down).
  16. @CRJay roger that, I think I understood your first post now. I will raise the Q in the team. It was confusing because IIRC, a RLP told us that the VNAV values should be taken into consideration for the switch. I will check again in our BETA team.
  17. Again...the thread is about "Loosing speed midflight" and not about the high pitch up when enabling AP! Back to topic: FL390 is way to high for a loaded CRJ.
  18. Did you do something specific to sneak past the CTDs? What CPU do you have?
  19. Can you try to enter the FPLN by hand (without importing it from SimBrief)? If it crashes can you please write your step by step FMS setup? If it does not crash: might it somehow be related to the SimBrief Import (e.g. incomplete FPLN - missing DEP RWY and SID / ARR RWY and STAR)
  20. @Moridin I have entered the FPLN manualy into the FMS and did not encounter any issues. I'm on default nav data where the SID is called TUSI3J (RW25). I choose MIKO7W STAR with ILS APPR RW29 and VECT transition. The first DISCO / double entry was MIKOV - disco - MIKOV where I simply clicked the last MIKOV WP and pasted it over the first MIKOV entry. Another DISCO was due to the vect transition which I removed by copying the next WP in the boxes. I did not do the flight but up to this point nothing weird has happened. I did create another .PLN and comapred it with yours (there are some differences due to nav data I think). Here the file. EPKKLOWW_MFS_18Aug21.pln
  21. No. We are investing this because the VNAV data entered into the FMS for CLB (e.g. 290/.74) does not affect the transition nor SPD in CLB (it should transition from IAS to Mach acc to the settings in FMS ---and it is not doing it). So yeah...it is on the watch list for fine tuning.
  22. Would have scared the sh.. out of me flying in there (Pic 1). (and voted)
  23. I took the freedom to lock this thread since all parties have made their point of view absolutely clear and there is not much more to add.
  24. You seem to forgot that this is how the CRJ 1.0.5 used to work prior SU5 Then you seem to forgot that after SU5 and prior CRJ 1.0.6 (so still in the same 1.0.5) this functionality stopped. You again forget that I replied 3 times already THAT IT IS BEING LOOKED AT (because it's not functioning in VR).
  25. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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