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  1. Such behaviour has not been reported yet. Would be great to see a video of this issue.
  2. We are aware of some issues that came up also to our testers.
  3. Also this is on the fix lists (tested already): Fixed: FLEX N1 overwritten by TO N1 after weight off wheels
  4. Honestly....you should try to read the entire reply before you LOL. Understand that all those over 100 community users provide bits and pieces and upload those every step of the way (in the DEV or EXP versions ONLY). Can you tell how many BUGS have been uploaded then unloaded then uploaded again etc? Did you notice that some of the uploaded versions didn't even work at all due to instant CTD? Have you tried a DIR TO in that NX, did you notice both MCDUS providing same informations? etc. Now don't get me wrong...those guys are doing a tremendous job for free (did you help them with a small donation already?) but comparing it (at this stage) with the CRJ...this makes me LOL. Now please get back on topic or this will be closed
  5. @sidfadc this is definately not normal. I 've read you have checked few things already so just for sannity: - create new empty profiles for your controllers (that is the only way to be sure no keybindings are there) --> if you checked then skip - empty community folder to check for interference with addons (like some pushback or other stuff) -> skip if already done - check another standard scenery (it could be that a 3rd party scenery has some issues with material of the taxi ways) -> skip if done I can't come up with other ideas but crazy ones e.g. check some of the options in MSFS like icing.....
  6. And also because they are working on adding and fixing issues as they go. So instead of saying...here you go with the full set of features, they add features bit by bit . (They only currently added VNAV as an example of that....). And it is also because (as the loading text says) over hunderd of community members actually provide code for it.
  7. Please make new profiles for ALL your controllers (do not assign any buttons).
  8. @thepilote78 Another thing I found: create new empty profiles for your controllers and see if the dashes dissapear .
  9. @thepilote78 how did you load the CRJ? I remeber seeing this reported a few times but I don't think we've been able to reproduce it. IIRC it had to do with aircraft switching from developer menu or something like that or starting from a saved scenario or in a wrong state etc. I never encountered this issue on my end! Does this happen consistently on your end? What startup state did you saved in the EFB?
  10. Don't have this sound either...(and I'm now using the pushback toolbar add on also).
  11. @Joe Markowski no need to apologise mate...there is no harm done.
  12. I will answer you (since you quoted me) but I'm unsure what to tell you. I'm not affiliated with AS in any way so this is purely my gues. AS offer a wide range of products and I think they focus to fix major issues as they arrise. Since MSFS is a "work in progress" most updates come with improvements but also issues. If AS will always hunt issues introduced with the sim, implement a workaround, wait till the workaround no longer works due to a fix from ASOBOs, then remove the workaround (or implement other workarounds for new issues)....they won't be able to do anything else . Now since: - we identified that this AC behaviour is sim related AND - since it can be overcome if you understand what happens (I even posted videos of perfectly smooth flights)- I suppose it is not top priority to generate a fix for it (PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS IS PURELY MY GUESS). I know other issues that are beeing worked on (not SIM related but CRJ related).
  13. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. @Tbo please select the default mouse profile then load the CRJ and test the right-left click.
  15. @StanTGM does it happen only with the 550 and a specific livery? I fly 99% of the time only with the 700 and LH livery and don't get this behaviour. Could you try your to use this one for the next flights?
  16. Well @StanTGM here you go. I took my time to record another video just for this matter (I have no idea how to capture only 1 of the 2 screens so the video is a bit small to perfectly recognize what is pressed...but sound is there). PLEASE NOTICE that the very FIRST time I tried to press the MCP SPD button I accidentaly right clicked so the zoom in function activated. https://youtu.be/mrYVGCEi1g4 @RemcoNL please check the video out and tell me if you see any of the things you mentioned.
  17. You must be doing something wrong or your VR setup has some issues as what the OP describes like loosing focus etc. I shared already videos showing that it works prety well....I agree with you (and all those reporting it) that it's a PIA. I'm also bringig the issue up to the DEV from time to time and there is hope that ASOBO will eventualy fix it.
  18. You have to do this 2 times a flight and the upper workaround will consume 6sec / flight......just saying. It is hard for customers to understand what is related to AS and what ios related to the SIM...e.g. the right left click that came WITH THE SIM after SU5. And yes...while it works in 2D, it does not work in VR AND it has been reproduced by ASOBO quite a while now. As you read prior sentence you will understand that this is not realy a AS issue so please be so kind and report it to ASOBO. We have already done it but....
  19. @RemcoNL please serach the forum for something called "Please don't send us lists" . A plethora of topics for this one: FIX -> let the mouse CRS dissapear when positioned over the pushbutton, wake it by a slight movement and as soon as it is visible just left click and the button will be pushed (search for topics and you will find answers). Not having this one because if I want to hit CLR, I will move my head in such a way that "my virtual hand...and finger" are clear of any conflicts. Just rotating your head is not sufficient because the 3D lever will block CLR button. Not having this one. Not having this one (using Quest 2) Nor this one. I actualy can do it because I position the CRS on the rotating knob and contionue rotating it even if I loose focus.
  20. Just by searching other topics using some keywords. There is no bugtracking list on the forum.
  21. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  22. @RemcoNL best way to start is to empty the entire Comunnity folder and renmove any other Addons like YourControl or any other that might interfere with the CRJ.
  23. The FLEX temp is taken into consideration BUT...the CRJ overshoots it then settles on the derated N1. This is a BUG already aquainted (in other threads). It is on the list and and we hope it gets fixed soon.
  24. @Tbo mate...this is soo old already and covered at least a dozen of times in this forum. There is even a FAQ about it....
  25. I know what you are talking about but I don't have any issues with it flying in VR and I will explain you why: If you jump into VR and have no saved custom views, you basicaly have your head "fixed" and zoom in to see things. In such a way, the spoiler lever (which is a 3D model) will most certanly be kind of in "your way" to hit buttons or keys beyond it. If you would move your head (as in real life) you would probably end up hitting your display or desk because you don't have the spare room of a cockpit environment. What I do is I set up custom views which I then bind to buttons on my controllers. In that way I kind of "emulate" where I think my head and point of view would be in the real aircraft. The FMC view is saved in such a way so that the spoiler lever is "far away" from the CLR key. Having those few special views set up, I never encounter any issues with the big click spot
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