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  1. And you also have to wait for N2 to increase up to 20% before injecting the fuel... In your screenshots N2 is at 0% and you already moved ENG 2 red lever and the throttle up....
  2. Sorry to hear that! Wish you a quick recovery.... BR, Gerald
  3. Hello @Hans Hartmann, I know about AS (and other DEVs) approach towards divulging release dates or even target dates, newertheless, asking never harmed someone (till now ). AFAIK the latest update has been released a while ago and you already wrote in the forums that you managed to track down some of the issues that are bugging the ACFT since release e.g: - AVAIL light - ACFT States - jumpy speedband - if I remember corectly you mentioned somewhere that also the FD had undergo some improvements (remember my posts about landing the plane manualy guided by the FD...) - you also mentioned fixing some odd turning issues - etc.... Would be great if it could be possible to release somekind of iterim versions since every fix is a step foreward....
  4. @Hans Hartmann the whole sim is about faking stuff so good that it almost feels real :).
  5. You again have ISOL VALVE at OPEN and source set to BOTH ENG Did you not read this?
  6. I asked about v4.4 not 4.5! I asked this because several users update Client only starting from 4.0 up to 4.5.12 and if I remember correctly, some of them started to have bad performance or something not working right. I can't tell if it's the CRJ, P3D or a "wrong" update procedure but the problems were gone with a full P3D uninstall / reinstall. Can you list some of your addons that are not aircraft? Can you say the display resolution you play? I repeat: I have realy no idea what could cause you those issues but since nobody jumps in this thread I would suggest you to start from scratch and find your culprit. 1. Disable all XML Addon's 2. Disable Scenery entries that are not in XML 3. Revert your textures / shaders / etc 4. Revert P3D Display config to default -Try out the CRJ- 5. If none of the above work, then you could try P3D "Delete generated files" option (but make backups of those files first) -Try out the CRJ- 6. If that didn't do the trick then nothing else remains but to uninstall P3D completely and try a full reinstall. ************************* Other things to take into account: Looking at some benchmarks it seams that your CPU is little less single core effective than mine. You say your CPU is in 40-50% load and I'm guessing you are talking about the overall load. If yes then this is perfectly normal! Be aware that Windows can display the load of every single Core and Logical Core in Task manager. Switching to that view you should see Core 1 mostly at 100%...
  7. This rules out that it's a P3D v4.5 issue... Well, I can only try to troubleshoot with you on this since IMHO you should be on par (or slightly above) with my config and I never get so bad FPS as you describe above (and also fly the FSL...). Also, unfortunately, I fly none of the ACFT you have so can't realy compare them but the FSL should be kind of a resource hog. Following things come in mind: 1. Have you tried to reinstall the CRJ? 2. What weather / cloud addons do you use? 3. Did you upgrade to 4.4 also with client only? Did you delete the CFG and the shaders after update?
  8. @Smokeywood some additional Q: 1. Did you had this issue also before upgrading to P3D v4.5? 2. Are you running 4.5.11 or 4.5.12? 3. What CRJ version do you have Your GPU is slightly better than mine and I think your CPU should also outperform mine.
  9. Hi Anja, ich glaube dass die Meisten hier bereits längst auf Windows 10 umgestiegen sind und somit womöglich nur schwer Dein Anliegen lösen können. Du könntest einige Dinge ausprobieren die Meistens zu der Lösung führen... 1. Überprüfe die Einstellung der Benutzerkontensteuerung (sollte auf Aus sein) 2. Wenn Du eine AV Software besitzt sollte diese ebenfalls temporär ausgeschaltet werden Du hast nichts über die Version deines SIM's gesagt... Gruß, Gerald
  10. I understand Hans BUT (and now the part nobody want's to read), the PB in other ACFT (e.g.: PMDG, FSL) does still work via buttons or keyboard. The problem is that in standard op you have to set the PB before loosing the chocks and it is exactly this point where you can't use your buttons... Maybe it's a quick fix related to animation cause even with chocks on, the PB can be engaged/disengaged with a mouse click. So let the PB animate also if triggered via button or KB control (the user won't feel any difference because the aircraft is not moving).
  11. Sorry mate but then either you don't find that the CRJ does do hard banks or you don't fly the CRJ ;). It was reported many times on this forum that the CRJ struggles to hold it's CRS. I also reported this a while ago. IIRC I wrote that the CRJ does not seem interpolate/anticipate a CRS change between two WP. It should take into account CRS angle + Speed + Wind + Bank angle and if the WP is a overfly or flyby. My CRJ seems to fly constantly very close to the WP, bank a little, realising "'s not enough", bank hard while the new CRS get's overshot, mostly overshots the new CRS again then banks back to the other side to get on CRS... I also made videos with this behaviour (also without wind component). I'm glad you still look into this. Thank you. I think he wants exactly that (basicaly an automation to somethimes override the "hands on" throttle). Would also find such an OPTION useful.
  12. I recently made a discovery regarding the PB when on chocks and can't recall reading about this issue in here. I have set up a Joystick Button Control for the PB which didn't seem to work with the CRJ. It was only later that I found out that the button is indeed working but not when the chocks are set!? Scenario A (CRJ on chocks): Assigned Button will not trigger PB On/Off --> clicking the PB with the Mouse does work Scenario B (CRJ off chocks): Assigned Button does switch PB On/Off. Find this behaviour weird and would call it an issue. Would somebody check this on your systems (I used the CRJ900 with LH NC livery). Thank you.
  13. Since I don't use the FSX version I can't provide you any help. Sorry! Newertheless there was a bug in first releases of the CRJ that affected the P3D version. The workaround can be found at the end of the topic you linked. The bug was sorted long time ago.
  14. @The Monch what version of the CRJ do you use and what SIM?
  15. @Hans Hartmann @mseder said he has having the issue only after updating the CRJ from a "realy old version". If you remember there was something wrong with the start logic in earlyer version: engines would start regardless of APU or GP state. You have corrected this issues and the logic works now correct (or as axpected). I suppose @mseder did constantly something wrong in the preparation for engine start but due to the wrong logic, they always worked. So I expect something in the BLEED air source....and if I'm not mistaken it could be the ISOL Valve to the OPEN state when the source is BOTH ENGINES. With ISOL VALVE OPEN the source must be set to APU With ISOL VALVE CLSD the source can be whatever
  16. Hello Mats, I think you don't get any answers because there is no known issue with the eng start. Those that reported such things had mostly missconfigured panel states. Since this issue is bothering you nearly half a year now, I could take a look at your starting procedure via TeamViewer if you like. Otherwise I realy suggest you to go through the tutorial flight step by step (careful..the last time I did it there were some minor steps that didn't had the explained results, the aircraft did work though).
  17. Exactly because without a connected flightdeck, one might want to turn only one dial instead of 3. Thanks.
  18. Great! Thank you Hans! What about the option to link them? Would this be possible?
  19. @wildeboer not sharing to much informations are you? Nevertheless, the CRJ works at my end (v4.5) like it was working in the prior version (v4.4). So the Q arises: How did you update v4.4? (It was a complete and clean install on my PC).
  20. Sweeeeet! Thank you! Just went for v4.5 with a clean Uninstall / Install of everything. Give me some time pls.
  21. Thank you @Hans Hartmann. Please understand that I only want to help. That's why I offered my time to "iron my PC down" to get to a Vanilla OS, P3D and CRJ installation. It will take time but I consider it worth spend if I could help you nail this issue down.
  22. This is why I proposed the test steps, since some of the testers (including Hans) start from a preset scenario ;) which we now that in some cases does interfere with the loading sates of some aircrafts. As Hans posted above, he always get's the AVAIL is your or my system damaged??? I know the clip and I always wait 3-4 sec for the right EICAS message to appear. On my system, when the APU lights work, also the ENG Start light works. @Hoffie3000 how do you load your CRJ? Would it be possible for you to go through the test steps? It's hard to say how many users do have the problem, but from the numerous reports, it should be enough to conclude that something is not stable. Your Q is not for me to answer and I'm sure that Hans will do anything to get this sorted. The only thing I could do is to offer my support in this matter, even if it means to start from scratch (that's more then some of the guys here would do) ;)
  23. I think you got this wrong. I have to scroll 3 "signals / inputs / clicks" because the altimeter DIAL (not the FD display) reads decimals. And it does not increment in .1 but in .3 as shown in the pictures above.
  24. Dear @Hans Hartmann, A. LIGHTS I posted this already in other topics but did not get any answer from you. Please try the following: 1. Go to your Documents and move all *.fxml and *.wx files located under Prepar3d v4 Files. 2. Fire up P3D If you moved all starting scenarios, P3D will show you the F22-Raptor located KVPS RW19 on the welcome screen. 3. Click "Change vehicle" and choose your CRJ then choose your favorite Airport and Gate --> click OK After the CRJ initializes succesfuly, take note of the PB position and if DAVE is ON or OFF 4. Go to DAVE and select Wheel Blocks ON and GP ON. Look on the OVH panel if AVAIL light is there 5. Close P3D Under your Documents -> Prepar3d v4 Files you will find 2 new files named Previous Flight.* -> LEAVE THEM THERE Now repeat step 2 to 5 10 times alway taking note of the PB position and DAVE state first, afterwards the steps for AVAIL light. If your panel states in regard to PB and DAVE are always the same and you will always get the green AVAIL light, then it must be something else (an Add-On) interfeering with the CRJ. If that is the case, I promise I will try help you to find that Add-On. I will uninstall all I have and will start with a fresh OS followed by vanilla P3D and ONLY the CRJ!
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