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  1. Hi. I have MA ENGM (Oslo) version and I want to turn it off on my addon scenery list. How do I do this, uncheck it, right? no, because it keeps turning on after P3D load the scenery list over and over again. Same thing with Aerosoft's ENVA.
  2. So it's solved. Thanks @masterhawk For example, a simple change in EHAM runway configuration (via developer configurator). It's not a usual thing but happen.
  3. I do not use it regularly. Only when I change anything in the scenery library... Does anyone else have this problem? PS: right now LPPS and GSX are fine, but: But this is better.
  4. If I make a change in the scenery livrary and not run FTX Vector Configurator GSX does not work.It does not even appear on P3D menu.
  5. Found the problem. This: What we observed running "FTX Vector Configurator" doesn't solve the problem as two filesABP_LPMA_Default.bgl and ABP_LPPS_Default.bgl remain unchanged after using the program. So it's required to remove/renameit manually every time you use "FTX Vector Configurator" (!). God How we use GSX in Madeira and Porto Santo? in my case, because of GSX, I have to run FTX Vector Configurator every time after make a change in the scenery library. So now, I turn off these two files and GSX wont work until I run FTX Vector Configurator again I miss something? PS: thank you @masterhawk
  6. Hello. Any solution to this problem in Porto Santo? I have the "Madeira X EVO 1.05a fixes all-in-one" applied on my P3D v4.3.
  7. Hello all and thank you for these update. Today my unique concern is the ground ilumination: Funchal area is normal? On the other hand, GSX is OK ...and finally São Lourenço mesh was corrected! And, at least on my system, full compatibity with FTX Global Vector! great news!!!! I think so far this was the best update. Again, thank you! (but check that ground lights in LPMA).
  8. Olá I know that the orography of the island is very complicated to imitate, but I think that all the approach zone (namely Gelo and Rosario zone) should be better reproduced. These images were taken before editing the 4320s files: Yesterday I flown there and said "OMG, this is awful!" These images were taken after edit those 4320s files: It's better! but I think it could be better than that. I like the "Machico" or runway 23 solution: This is Gelo and Rosario in reality Does someone have a better photo? I almost forgot, I have this problem at 05:
  9. Porto é uma cidade portuguesa. A Aerosoft devia ter mais atenção nestes pormenores. (In portuguese. Not spanish).
  10. Sorry for off-topic, but I in fact I prefer Vista over Windows Seven.
  11. It works! ...but I need Aircraft Cast Shadows for landings and... eyecandy . Maybe we need an Aerosoft patch for these and other problems? Thank you for your help, Shaun Fletcher.
  12. Hi Yes I have all settings just like indicated in the .pdf, but look at these images: LPMA, 12:00 LPMA, 17:00 LPMA, 00:00 LPMA, 07:00 In the afternoon and night AI Traffic appears. At day not. Is not because a "timetable" thing... but because the Sun?!? Another "bridge" photo. A small problem but better...
  13. Hi I have a couple of sceneries: Victoria International (CYYJ), "Descobrir Portugal" (with some small portuguese airports) and FSGlobal 2008. Disabling all these sceneries don't show any results. My Scenery Livrary: Thank you for your help and sorry for my english.
  14. Hi, thanks for your help. Before Madeira X I doesn't have any scenery in this region, but I have FSGlobal 2008 X... More pics (Lisbon, Los Rodeos in Canary Islands, Azores and Madeira X) ...as you see Madeira X it's the only that don't show AI Traffic (except the Beechcraft, who was there because I create an AI Traffic with FSX default planes). But you can see the AI Airbus A320-200 red indication!!
  15. Hi, first of all sorry for my english but I need your help. I have two problems with Madeira X. One, the famous mesh problem (with PDF instructions 22FPS and all the rest): ...and two, surreal transparent AI traffic only in this scenery (in all others airports AI was OK). Traffic are World of AI. Thanks.
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