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  1. Hi Oliver! The portuguese accent sounds were sent. Best!
  2. I will send them to Oliver and hopefully, in a near future version of AES, the sounds could be implemented in Portuguese airports. Best regards
  3. Hi. Yeap, the marshall is still a spanish buddy! This is the 2nd request that I make regarding this issue. Hope to see it fixed in a future version. By the way, I recorded portuguese sounds to use on my system. I can provide these sounds to the AES team for a xxxxPT.wav ground sounds. Let me know if you are interested in these sounds to be integrated in a future version of the AES software. Best Regards Pedro Lima Portugal
  4. The Marshall speaks spanish? ehehe Porto is close to Spain but it's in Portugal. Thank you
  5. I'd love to see some female marshallers! In a random appeareance, or by selecting on AESconfig 'just female marshalls please'. hehehe Just my 2 cents. Best,
  6. Hi Rafal! Thank you for your helpful reply and the portuguese salute! ehehehe Maybe this weekend I'll try some flying with ATPro. Thanks again (Dziękuję bardzo) Best,
  7. Hi. I'm thinking of buying AT Pro 2004 but I have UTE+GEPro installed. Are these 2 products directly compatible? I'm asking because UT are landclasses and ATPro scenery has also landclass. So could be a problem I guess? If someone has UTE and ATPro2004 installed and has no problems, please just give a note. Thanks in advance. Best, Pedro Lima
  8. Hi Gianni! I renamed all those bgl to .off and yes, I had a substancial increment on FPS, using 2D panel. If I switch to VC though (only on short-final for a more accurate visual preception), they remain a bit low for my interest. But, anyway... I'm happy! The results were good! Thanks for the tip! Best regards,
  9. Hi! I subscribe all of what Rafal wrote. I did my maiden flight to the new scenery using the PMDG736 Lauda 'Innsbruck' repaint (it had to be!), by Rudd Joosten. The only issue were the FPS going to 1/2 on final, short-final and taxi - even with 2D panel. I also use UTE, GEPro, mesh and ASA injecting weather. Considering that I have 25-30FPS on short final to Mega Airport Frankfurt 2008 or FSDT Zurich, in the same conditions. Apart from that, just great! Thanks for this long-awaited scenery. It is a must! My specs: Q6600@3GHz GTX 260 896Mb core 216 2Gb RAM WinXP Pro SP3 Best regards
  10. Ok Peter, thanks for the update. Best regards,
  11. I confirm. Just instaled the update but the airport didn't change at all.
  12. Thanks Bruce! You are right! I'm such a dork and probably need glasses... Regards
  13. Hi! I've just downloaded the new version of Lisbon scenery. After entering the email and serial, the installer inform that 'cannot find FS instalation' and points me to indicate it manually. Well, I do that, pointing to my X:\FS2004 folder, but still have the message that 'cannot find FS' and the installer must be ended. I only have FS9.1 installed. Is it necessary to have FSX instaled to update the 1st version of Lisbon 2008? My system: WinXP Pro SP3 FS9.1 installed in its own partition Never had any problem installing other scenery whatsoever.... Waiting for rescue!! Best regards,
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