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  1. Thanks for your reply. I do use the EFB for wieght and balance and the numbers are the same as what the MSFS weight says. I'll make a video later and post it.
  2. I think this problem has been adressed here before. The plane behaves normal until I select Flaps 45 on final. Then I have to add 20 knots to have a normal approach AoA of 2.5 degrees and 7-800 f/m descent rate. There was no icing as it was 13 degrees and I had cowling anti ice on all the time just in case. This has been like this for the last week in the 700 and today I bought the 900/1000 and the same thing happened. Hope this gets solved as I really like this airplane.
  3. It's like the French, they keep the best wine for themselves.
  4. I know. I tried ordering from Fnac, but got an email after a week of anticipation that they were out of stock as well. So I guess there's no way of getting my hands on this one. Too bad! I really want those airports.
  5. Of course I have Aerosoft's excellent Nice Airport. I know the package I was talking about is by France VFR, but you can't order this package, which contains both Lyon and Bordeaux on their website. They're not even mentioned, only in their old products for FS9, not for FSX. So what I'm saying is that I can't understand that these airports(LFLL,LFBD), that I would really like to have on my hard disk, are only sold locally in France, not on FVFR's website, even though it's their work. I´d imagine they would like to make money on them.
  6. After intense googling I found out that a company in France named Micro Application released Aeroports Francais in 2008 only as a boxed version. I ordered it from Fnac, but it was sold out. This is Nice, Bordeaux, Lyon and more. Especially Lyon and Bordeaux are airports I really miss add on wise. Isn't there some way for Aerosoft to get a hold of the Bordeaux and Lyon files and release them as a download for this company.
  7. Thank you, and apologies excepted. Of course I was kidding about the bonus credits. I am wondering, though. I am only using FSX now. Some of the credits I bought were for sceneries not available for FSX like Malaga, Valencia, Barcelona, Sevilla etc. Is there any chance I could reuse those credits?
  8. Nothing changed today. Still no key. I expect some extra bonus credits
  9. Hi I just bought a creditpack for AES. In my account and order receipt it says no key will be required for this addon, now how do I add the credits?
  10. I merely use this plane to look at on the tarmac and then I switch to the default A321, at least I know what it's going to do. Autoflight is really bad on this machine. # one problem, no power settings. If I want to climb out at 160, the engine goes to idle. Don't like nose dives right after takeoff
  11. Open climb. To be able to climb the first 4500 feet at V2 + 10 at climb thrust. And then choose your climb speed.
  12. Will we ever be able to do an open climb, where the clb power is maintained and IAS as well?
  13. What i do is load the aircraft tail heavy, so you don't need too much up trim. So only economy class full and the aft cargo compartment. Now my landings don't dip anymore. Of course this is a temporary solution and I hope they will fix this automatic neutralising trim thing on final.
  14. I don't know if you are planning it. It is a nice little airport with lots of Ryanair. I like it, just flew from it a few times with Ryan
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