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  1. Thanks Michael I've seen this kind of issue described on FS developer forum. Do you think it may be possible in the future to let the user choose between standard and 3d lights? It's just a suggestion, the aircraft is pure beauty and a joy to fly.
  2. I think I've found the culprit (on my system, of course). It is the minimum surface visibility slider in AS16. Here is a shot with the slider set at 0SM: here the slider is set at 25SM:
  3. Hi Michael I have no shader mods, nor DX10, but I've seen right now that reloading the aircraft fixed the issue. Edit: tried to start a new flight, but the issue persists even after reloading the aircraft. I'm at a loss here. Edit 2: disabling AS16 fixed the issue, maybe something with AS16 visual fixes? With AS16 enabled, the issue appeared again.
  4. Hi I'm really enjoying this aircraft, an immersive simulation, great work! The only issue I have is with the lights, showing a rectangle on ground. This is also noticeable with the beacon light. This is FSX-SE on W10-64. Thanks in advance for any help
  5. Hi Damocles and thanks for your reply. I took a look at google earth and it is as it should be. Looking so strange, but I will live with that. Thanks again, have a great new year.
  6. Hello friends! I have a little problem, look at the shot below: Looks like some textures are missing. This happens in almost the whole airport, as you can see: May anybody please help? Happy new year all!
  7. Hello! The issue persists in version 1.20. May you please try to reproduce this? I have loaded this FS flightplan in the MCDU, I have used the A320 IAE: YBBN LAV GAMBL CFS YSCH The insertion of the points for the SID led to an overwrite of the waypoints LAV, GAMBL and CFS. Thanks in advance. Rosario Manzo, IT
  8. Just as an update, I did a couple of flights and had no problems at all. This kind of issue seems to appear randomly. Thanks again for your interest. Regards
  9. Hi First, let me say that, even if I consider myself an hardcore simmer, i'm really enjoying ABusX. It's nice to concentrate on the left seat only. The visual model, the VC and sounds are an unparalled quality, really easy on frames, so thanks to all team for the great work. I have some problems when inserting new waypoints (for a sid or a star, generally). Sometimes happens that the new waypoint overwrites the one i click on. Example: LIRN/LIRF LIRN ISKIA PNZ CIRCE LAT LIRF If I try to insert SOR before ISKIA, ISKIA is deleted and substituted by SOR. It doesn't happen sis
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