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  1. I have reinstalled SODE and Malaga scenery. The result was the same. So I have reinstalled Malaga with standard jetways. As I have GSX installed I can control the jetways using it. When I had selected the SODE jetways GSX would not run. So I will forget about this. Thanks for your help. Regards, Domingos
  2. I didn't, should I? Not sute how to reinstall SODE without losing its support to other airports. Regards, Domigos
  3. I am performing a full reinstallation of my system. After have reinstalled Malaga X, with SODE jetways, I find that they do not operate at several locations. I have checked that the SODE related files are correctly installed in the SODE directory. According to my notes the jetways were working in my previous installation. What might be happening now? Regards, Domingos
  4. Hello! I think he was using the up to date airport data, such as shown on my Navigraph chart, as when I was at the entry point M6 (on the scenery) he confirmed that I was at M7. Regards, Domingos
  5. Hello! Thanks for your reply. I hope an update will be available soon... Are there any other errors in the scenery? Regards, Domingos
  6. Hello, On a flight out of Brandenburg the controller asked me to go to M7 (rwy25L). I followed the chart to go to M7. To my surprise the entry point was marked M6. I asked the controller to confirm whether I was at the right entry point and he confirmed. Today I checked M8 and the entry point shows M7. My scenery is updated, so I assume there are some errors in the scenery. Is this so? Should I expect a correction? Regards, Domingos
  7. After a computer problem I have been reinstalling all my software progressively. When I have downloaded and installed the A3XX everything was OK, I could start the sim (P3Dv4.5) and load the aircraft. The problem showed up when I have used the Updater to update the aircraft. Then, when starting the sim, the following message would show up: Sometimes, not always, ignoring this message results in the aircraft being loaded and operating normally. But normally P3D will shut down. I have tried the reinstallation a couple of times without success. What might be wrong with my installation? Regards, Domingos
  8. I have Toulouse running on P3Dv4.5 and have the same problem: jetways will not move either with GSX or with Ctrl+J. I hope someone will come with a solution! Regards, Domingos
  9. Hello Bob, I have reinstalled Vector, but this time I had a look at the "Configure, Airport Elevation Corrections, Auto Configuration". And it worked... Now I have Vector installed and Stuttgart Airport is correctly displayed. Thanks again, Domingos
  10. Hello Bob, I am running P3Dv4.5 and the airport scenery is German Airports Stuttgart Professional V1.10. I have not been using the OrbX tool as I have the Lorby Scenery Configurator where I can place the most adequate order for the scenery. Anyway I tried the OrbX tool as you have suggested. The result was the same. Meanwhile I realized that after my computer problem and starting the re-installation of all my software, I have added a new OrbX addon: Vector. I had made some tests and found that coast lines were really improved. This addon does not show on my Lorby tool, unlike other OrbX addons such as OpenLC Europe, England... So I cannot change its priority. So I tried to uninstall it, via OrbX Central. And then my Stuttgart airport is correctly displayed! I will try to use the P3D tools to change the priority of Vector. If that does not work I will contact OrbX. Thanks for your support. Kind Regards, Domingos
  11. After a major computer problem I have been reinstalling my software. Today I have reinstalled the Stuttgart (EDDS) scenery. My problem is that instead of seeing tarmac I see green terrain. I have been testing at stand 16. The jetways are there and work. Behind the aircraft I see level discontinuities in the ground. The default scenery is OK. I have disabled my OrbX open LC area but the problem persists. I have performed a P3D repair without any result. I have looked to my previous flights and have confirmed that the installation was correct until last December. What else can I do? Regards, Domingos
  12. Hello Rolf, So I have uninstalled the A32x and performed the re-installation. So far two normal takeoffs... I will see whether it stays that way. I now have followed Rolf's flowchart carefully and intend to do it for my next flights. Rolf, am I allowed to pass you flowchart to two of my BAV partners who are experiencing the same problem? Regards, Domingos
  13. Hello Rolf, Today I followed carefully your instructions. I got an up trim of .6 and everything seemed perfect. However my takeoff out of Heathrow was not the best... As it had happened sometimes before the aircraft refused to rotate after V2! So tomorrow I will follow Dave's advice and install a fresh copy of the bus. Regards, Domingos
  14. Thanks Rolf, it seems you have solved my problem (see my reply to Dave above). I will let you know if the problem happens again (I doubt!). Kind Regards, Domingos
  15. Thanks Dave for your information. However,after reading the post by Rolf, I am pretty sure he has provided a crucial input: I would usually accept the Trim value after pushing the Reset button. But his information about bringing the value to the green zone (which I didn't know it existed) seems to change completely the situation: for my usual load values it will result in an UP trim, whereas I would always get a DOWN trim.
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