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  1. Thanks Otto! It worked nicely without any problem. I am also aware that the distance has to be corrected (the values from SimBrief show that), but I like the Aerosoft Fuel Planner as it generates the Load Sheet. Regards, Domingos
  2. Thanks for the clarification. My NavData is provided by Navigraph, so I can see why a new airport is not visible in the Fuel Planner.
  3. I have found that, when planning a flight from Heathrow to Istanbul new airport (LTFM) the Fuel Planner would not recognise this airport. Is there a way of updating the Fuel Planner to include this rather new airport? Regards, Domingos
  4. With the new version Cargo is not loaded as usual. The only way to get it loaded is to wait until everything else is completed and then use Instant. This didn't happen with the previous (experimental) version. What am I missing? Regards, Domingos
  5. Hello! Yesterday, for the first time in many years of flightsimming, I experienced a total power loss. The batteries still showed a normal voltage, but I was not able to start the APU. Here are my system specs/configuration: Windows 10 Home, version 10.0.17763 P3DV4.4 Airbus version A320 Taxi2Gate Munich scenery OrbX Europe Active Sky/Cloud Art Navigraph charts vPilot BAV Merlin System specs: Intel i7-6700K 4.0GHz 16GB RAM GForce GTX 970 SSD disks The loss of power occurred on the final approach to EDDM rwy26R So I think this all the required information. I intend to take the same flight later today. Regards, Domingos
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