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  1. maxropa


    Rainer, great shots, great job!!! ps: i see, Sabena is still flying in your sim
  2. Moin Oliver. my request is: Mega Scenery Zvartnots - Armenia 2008 for FS2004 1.00 or lufthansa cityline and austrian fly to Erevan from EDDM and LOWW vielen dank
  3. maxropa

    Budapest Charts

    take this one, real jeppesen charts, they are still ok:
  4. maxropa

    Aircraft With Built-in Stairs

    tnx a lot! Will try to figure it out.
  5. maxropa

    Release: European Football Stadiums 2008

    Mr. Mathijs Kok Can we expect FS9 version in future or FSX only? tnx
  6. maxropa

    New Afcad File For Lppt

    thanks a lot, Harpsi!
  7. maxropa

    Lppt Bridges
  8. maxropa

    Lisbon 2008 Afcad Problems...

    Thanks in advance Harpsi! I know u can do it! As well, maybe u can fix afcads for eddf and llbg, so we can finally use rwy 18 together with rwys 07l/r or 25l/r at eddf and make possible to use rwy26 and rwy12/30 at llbg in a same time. regards