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  1. From what I remember from the old threads. Mathijs said that there wouldn't be auto step climb. I don't know if they have changed their minds but I would guess that they haven't.
  2. I think this have been asked many times before and if I recall correctly Aerosoft have not mentioned such plans. I think they are more then fully occupied with the A318-21 + A330 at the moment. Anyway if you want to discuss potential future projects I would suggest this thread:
  3. I recommend this thread for discussions (speculations) about what Airbus might be. There is also this thread for requesting an aircraft or airport or any other product.
  4. IIRC @Mathijs Kok have previously said that Aerosoft won't do paid betas and I would assume that it still stands.
  5. Still with FSX although I don't fly that much at the much at the moment. Unlikely that I'll upgrade to P3D as well. It would cost too much and P3D is still based on the same code as FSX. It is 64-bit which is a very good improvement and I don't doubt that is better but I probably won't be spend that much money on older code.
  6. Well they look very similar on the inside though. so I assumed that it was an A320/21 (before he switched to outside view). Anyway it looked nice except for some "small things". If I assume things correctly, @DaveCT2003 was the streamer right?
  7. Online Virtual Pilots Association is flying the A320/21 Beta on twitch (sorry if this is against the rules) https://www.twitch.tv/ovpa
  8. I agree with @DaveCT2003. If you are going to spend money on buying a flightsim and then add-on aircraft for it then you need to have a joystick. Good quality add-on aircraft like AS, FSL. PMDG, Qualitywings and A2A aren't supposed to be flown with mouse/keyboard but a joystick or yoke. Even if it would be technically possible (implemented by the devs) you won't even remotely get anything out from it compared to flying with even a basic joystick.
  9. @Mathijs Kok Explained it a few days ago " The 'Professional' in the title indicates that the product is developed for P3d V4 and partly for the professional market (did you know we sold over 75 educational licenses? "
  10. Well you have to consider the possibility that they might not know themselves and even if they do give out a date, the complaints would be huge if/when it would become delayed/not released at the give date.
  11. I knew you would break this thread eventually. On a more serious note, I don't know either but from an outside perspective there was allot of talk about the upcoming A320:s long before the thread was renamed. Users asked about A320 stuff and A320 threads on a regular basis so AS perhaps thought could just use the thread for both projects since they, like real world airbuses (?), shares some components.
  12. They have said that the A330 MCDUs will be independent where the 3rd one will have the same function as the right MCDU in the current A320 series. I don't know about the rest.
  13. yes, I have mentioned it before. Aerosoft bought an A330 and parked it at their secret HQ.
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