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  1. @ GSalden: This is what Mathijs said: @ Mathijs: Thanks for sharing. Well, I tried to get into contact with them to bring this up, but did not succeed. Should you have another talk with the devs, bringing this to heir attention would be much appreciated. Loving hard core flight simming does not per se mean being into cockpit building. Best regards JWS
  2. Mathijs, I understand you had some serious talks with the devs of Asobo. Have you discussed the possibilities for (serious) cockpit builders and can you reveal what's in store for them?? Multiple screens (or projectors) are not available yet but are they considering to support this side of the market? What about supporting IO cards like Bodnar, Phidgets and Pokeys? Best regards, JWS
  3. The new version of AES is a great step fowards to AES NG and my FS9 is unthinkable without it. I realize that this may not be the correct place for requests concerning AES NG, but anyway, if possible I would welcome the opportunity to be able to ask groundservice for electrical power (when starting cold & dark). Thanks for this wonderful product. JWS
  4. I have the same issue with the fonts. Copied the file to my networked pc, which is an XP machine; right clicking however does not give me the option to "install" the file. Any ideas? Thanks, JWS
  5. To all the members of the Aerosoft team: Happy birthday and thank you for years of fantastic sceneries and good service. And still so many nice FS9 add-ons JWS
  6. OK Shaun, does this mean that I have to re-install the box version 3.0?? And is there going to be a new AFCAD file in order to update the ILS frequencies? Best regards, JWS
  7. To be honest, I don't use FSX because it's too heavy for my PC that runs FS9 very well. What I would like to see is a simulation that gives more credits to the aerodynamics. Although I fly on line (IVAO) a more realistic ATC (including a local tongue: when I fly in Germany I'd like a terrible German accent instead of a terrible US accent; no offence guys in either way) would be nice. I'd rather see a scenery datatbase that is more realistic (airports and surroundings) than 40.000 airports that look the same. Maybe it is possible to let people choose which part of the world they are interested in (never fly in Africa or Asia). And yes, when you are on final and there is a motorway next to the runway, it's a winner to see some realistic traffic there as well (like the Leipzig scenery). Nav frequencies etc. should be adjustable easily so whenever a VOR or ILS changes in the real world, you can adjust that yourself. But above all, I have a lot off additional software (e.g. Project Magenta) and hardware (e.g. CPFlight MCP and radio's) for my flightdeck. The next simulator should be able to support them as well. Just some thoughts, JWS
  8. I installed the update over the boxed version of MAF 3.0 (for FS9). Now I get a stand assignment F252 but there is no F252 in AES (only a V252). And why am I always directed to this %$#@ remote location instead of the gates at terminal 1? Best regards, JWS
  9. Funny thing happened to me on the way to the terminal Using the latest GA2 for FS9 I discovered Leipzig - Halle. What a beautiful place to arrive (with lots of traffic around the airport and even a railway!). A stunning approach when you look around (one forgets to fly, rather tricky). Following the AES follow-me car from Rw8R to the apron one crosses a bridge where trains and highways go underneath. Aerosoft succeeded in building a real bridge for the aircraft, but .... the follow-me car sinks into the concrete (must be heavier than the Fokker 100 I used ) and reappears after the bridge has been crossed. Is this a known bug? JWS
  10. Hi, I'm using New Spanish airports for FS9 which I bought about a year ago. Have been around Madrid (LEMD) lately and noticed a "third" runway (36) in the middle of nowhere and FS Navigator that gives strange readings of runways. Also missing runways markings and a grey square in the middle of Madrid. I've seen a Google map image of Madrid and it appears that there are 4 runways now. I've looked at the FAQ/Updates pages but I can't find any updates there. I dont know if there have been any in the past. I found on the Spanish IVAO site some files to fix bugs but they are to be found in the AVSIM library (which is down). Can someone help me out on this? Regards, JWS
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