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  1. Does AO replaces Aerosoft updater? Also, I see that a number of addons from other than Aerosoft are included (for example, Gaya´s LOWW). What about if these are also updated from another application such as Orbx central? Thanks Ega
  2. Ok, thanks Mathijs. Best regards E. Azevedo
  3. HI, I am much enjoying the CRJ for MSFS! I would like to add an item to the checklists that we see at the EFB - is it possible? If so, which is the file name I should use to add the desired item? Thanks Edmundo Azevedo
  4. ega


    I fixed this issue - it seems that the installer named incorrectly the xml file (as_airport-eddk-cologne-bonn.xml instead of as_airport-eddk-cologne-bonn_msfs.xml). I made sure the correct name is called in the xml file. Works fine now. Thanks Edmundo
  5. ega


    Hello, I just bought Cologne-Bonn EDDK for MSFS and it installed OK. Yet every time I run the updater I got an error. I attach the relevant files for your appreciation. I believe the product xml is correct and therefore I have no idea what is wrong. I do also own for P3D4, EDDK, CRJ, Frankfurt , Madrid Oslo and also Paderborn-Lippstadt for MSFS. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all! Edmundo Azevedo ASUpdater_App_Log.txt as_airport-eddk-cologne-bonn.xml
  6. >>>those switches are on in the saved tutorial flight. I fixed the file. That file is OK as far as the morse codes are concerned. Thanks! I am having problems with EZCA3 - it seems the camera zooms are not saved. Will check further though. Is anyone having issues with EZCA? Ega
  7. >>>No, the yoke isn't hidden via the EFB. That's done by clicking the black plaque above the MFD: Yes, that´s it. Thanks! >>>>>And you can silence the morse code using the volume knobs on the audio panels: Aren´t they all off ( please see attached screenshot)? Many thanks and congratulations for this fine job. Ega
  8. Will look again more carefully into the EFB ....didn´t find that option on the first flight... Thanks Jude!
  9. I am really enjoying the brand new CRJ Pro! Two questions: 1. It is possible to hide the yoke? 2. On the tutorial flight there is a morse code likely from a NAV1 or NAV2 source. How can I silence it? Didn´t find the switches... Also, please note that for those with the PRO version only, the aircraft on the tutorial requires to be changed because it is the "CRJ700ER American Eagle N508AE" that is no longer available on the aircraft list - it should be "CRJ700 Pro American Eagle N508AE NC". Thanks Ega
  10. I just got the new CRJ Pro - nice job! But I am somehow ...confused...I wonder whether it makes sense to keep the previous version. Can I safely uninstall the older CRJ 700-900X version? Thanks and congratulations! Ega
  11. Thanks Emanuel and Shaun. After a re-installation everything is fine! Best Edmundo
  12. I have the Barcelona Mega Airport for FSX and I find that runway and taxiway signs are out of place - they are in the middle of the taxiways for example. Is there any solution to this problem? Shall I try the uninstall/install process? Thanks Edmundo
  13. I have the Barcelona Mega Airport for FSX and I find that runway and taxiway signs are out of place - they are in the middle of the taxiways for example. Is there any solution to this problem? Shall I try the uninstall/install process? Thanks Edmundo
  14. I do agree. In case a voucher is issued for early buyers (those who spread the news and induce others to get - or not - the product), please add the amount of my voucher to the same charity organization (in Ethyopia) involved in the Crowed Skies IVAO event. Merry Christmas to all. Edmundo
  15. I downloaded (european server) the latest full version for MadeiraX from my account and the 1.20GB file contains an exe dated october 7, 2011 named AS_MADEIRAX_FSX_V101. I believe this is not the updated version! I download it again from the server for Germany - the file is bigger, 1.25 GB - and its name is AS_MADEIRAX_FSX_V120 dated november 9, 2011. This means that the servers haven´t updated. Could you please fix this? Thanks Edmundo
  16. Thanks Matt! Edmundo
  17. I upgraded mu computer and reinstalled my DA Cheyenne on FSX. The version I have is AS_PIPERCHEYENNE_FSX_V400.exe. Is this the leatest version or do I need to install also the Cheyenne´s SP1 and/or SP2? Thanks! Edmundo
  18. Vincent, It is perfectly clear! Thanks for your time. Best Edmundo
  19. I am updating the F-16 textures and I have a question concerning the two "Fresnel Ramp Transparency" folders. I presume I have to select an option of each folder, such as, "New Green Gold fresnel" and "Clear Fresnel" and copy the corresponding files to the Texture folder of each aircraft I want to change. Could anyone please confirm if this is the correct procedure? Thanks! Edmundo
  20. Oliver, Many thanks for your clear information! Regards Edmundo
  21. I bought Paris Charles de Gaule airport for FSX. I noticed that upon its installation a folder is installed in the main FSX directory, for example, .....\FSX\VistaMare\ViMaCoreX.dll It has the ViMaCoreX.dll that shows up in the FSX menu. Could you please inform the purpose of this dll? What do I loose if I disable it? Thank you! Edmundo
  22. Thanks Dan! Regards Edmundo
  23. Just bought Heathrow for FSX. Upon the installation there are several warnings concerning FSX Sp1 and Acceleration. In my case I dont´have Acceleration installed but I do have FSX Sp2. This is not an option in the installation. Should I select as I have "Acceleration"? Also I downloaded 2 files: "AS_MEGAAIRPORTLONDONX" and "AS_LONDONHEATHROW2008". I presume that the second file is to install in FS9. But its Readme.txt mentions that it is for Fs9 and FsX. Is this an update to version 1.1? Do I need to install both files to have the latest version in FSX? Thanks! Edmundo
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