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  1. Hi I am building a mini crj cockpit, is it possible to pop out the radio screen, just the monitor screen as a 2D display. I know there was a trick to do it with the airbus not sure it can be done here without opening a new window with VC cockpit
  2. THANK YOU! You made a lot of simmers happy with 2nd monitors!
  3. Philip_sim

    Bali P3D v4?

    hi, is there an easy way to install this scenery into P3D v4 while waiting for the export version for V4 comes? kind regards Philip
  4. Philip_sim

    Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    big question @Mathijs Kok will it include the singapore city and landscape?
  5. saw this image the other day, man the airbus cockpits get real dusty!
  6. Philip_sim

    ND as 2d pop - lag or crashing sim

    sorry but the new window view is quite terrible in fsx/p3d. 1. it behaves like a vc so when you brake or accelerate the camera moves. 2. it adds a lot more FPS than a 2D pop up would in most cases. 3. I am happy to post videos that also show the quality difference of a zoomed in airbus x 320 VC display vs the pop out display. its a lot sharper and does not have the fake glass panel affect that distorts the view. I really wish this is something Aerosoft would consider as it is something that a few people are requesting. Its cheap to get a 2nd monitor and move some displays over for easier reading...
  7. Philip_sim

    ND as 2d pop - lag or crashing sim

    ok understand, is this something with the next generation and a318 tests and a330 that will be possible? its just that ND is too small sometimes to read properly on final so a solution would be great for those looking for pop out displays. also it is only the ND once made to a 2d panel crashes the sim. all the others are fine
  8. Hi, I have been successful in creating 2d panels for the displays but the ND becomes very laggy or crashes the sim. is there any workaround to get this to not happen? PFD and ECAMS work fine.
  9. hi stephen, nothing I have changed personally. its with all routes. I have tried many times to uninstall and install it but no luck...
  10. when it was working 2 weeks ago it looked like this:
  11. unfortunately both suggestions did not help
  12. This happens every time I try and export, it only exports the airport codes but not the waypoints. I have no idea why this started a few days ago, but when I load into the bus the flightplan only shows the airport codes, I checked the text file and confirmed that it as the point of export the error exists. I deleted and reinstalled pfpx but still get this issue. is there a setting I have accidentally switched off? ivao/pmdg export normally
  13. totally agree with what your saying. I notice alot of ppl drop out of flightsim because they hit that envelope where they get bored or alone flying. I believe its that intial step to get onto vatsim/ivao that can be daunting for many... would be great if aerosoft would have some sort of web app to connect ppl who want to fly shared cockpit without having to find groups would be quite a cool feature.
  14. Hi Emanuel,


    just wanted to ask where did you buy the airbus bellow from?


    I believe this is yours:


    appreciate any info on where to buy these elusive things.