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  2. mate we appreciate that you at least got us a CRJ! I know its 10+ years. If all else, I will try and make a simple program that just reads the first screen numbers as programming more than that is out of my realm.
  3. I have understood from @A_Pilot that Hans is looking at solutions. There will be a fix eventually. Best is to line her up and fly her manually down with the guidance of the MFD
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  5. I realized I might have spotted an error. I went back to the default FMS type from the tablet selection then went and tried to change the rwy from Dep/Arr page: At EKCH, RWY 30 is not seen as its on page 2 page and this is a problem when trying to select another runway, one RWY always goes to the next page and I cannot go to the next page because it won't let me. However if no RWYs and SIDs are selected than you can. If anyone can verify they have this issue to would be great. Probably a small error with the FMS. @Hans Hartmann
  6. noticed on a turnaround something must have reset and when I enter a new flight plan back to our origin it suddenly lets me change the SIDs and runways. workaround is it does not work, go to flight-plan page and enter the runway in manually, then back to Dep/Arr page and choose the sid/star.
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  8. haha it drove me nuts. will try and do the same flights and see if this help solve it. cheers!
  9. one thing to add before I clock off, simbrief preloads all the SIDS and RWYs, could this be causing the error?
  10. Quick video to show it doesn’t disappear when resetting the FD IMG_6660.MOV
  11. Hi @Hans Hartmann sorry to add a few of these support tickets, I have done 4-5 quick turnaround flights today so I picked up on numerous things. One thing that happened on a 3rd turnaround is when trying to load a flight plan back to EKCH I was given this message on the FMS that prevented me from loading the flight plan: "xside edit in progress". How can that be dealt with so the user can then proceed to load a flight plan into the FMS?
  12. the only thing that works, and I am not sure if this is what is done in the RW, is going to the Flight Plan page and entering in the runway. Then I have the option to choose a new SID. For situations when runway change is made by ATC or requested.
  13. I did a quick video to demonstrate at EKCH, RWY 22R is not even showing up and the SIDs are not present except for RWY selected. IMG_6659.MOV
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