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  1. Hi, any updates to the LVARs document? Would be great to show off our CRJ cockpits with all the christmas lights working
  2. Hi I am building a mini crj cockpit, is it possible to pop out the radio screen, just the monitor screen as a 2D display. I know there was a trick to do it with the airbus not sure it can be done here without opening a new window with VC cockpit
  3. hi, is there an easy way to install this scenery into P3D v4 while waiting for the export version for V4 comes? kind regards Philip
  4. big question @Mathijs Kok will it include the singapore city and landscape?
  5. Hi Emanuel,


    just wanted to ask where did you buy the airbus bellow from?


    I believe this is yours:


    appreciate any info on where to buy these elusive things.



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