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  1. Quick followup: I uninstalled both EDDB versions (the previous one and the one through AerosoftOne), and re-installed it with AerosoftOne. Strangely enough, this time I did not get an option in AerosoftOne to install the OrbX patch. Okay, whatever, I installed it and now the config too is working without errors and so is apparently the the scenery. I don't know if I'm now missing something that is necessary if you have OrbX stuff installed, but everything seems to be in order. Nonetheless, it leaves a bit of a sour taste and I think I'll refrain from using AerosoftOne for now.
  2. Just started the installation of SimWings Munich, once again it did not call the uninstaller. I have everything installed in the LM Ecosystem folder, Prepar3D v5 is correctly recognized by Aerosoft One.
  3. Hi Tom, I'm sorry, but this did not work the way you described. The uninstaller was not called, I now seem to have installed the scenery (in this case EDDB Pro) twice: One is in C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Berlin Brandenburg Professional V5 (the default install path of the initial installation), the other one apparently in C:\Users\...\Aerosoft One Library Also, I got the following error after installation: So I hesitate to just hin "install" on all my other scenery, seems like it will create a big mess. Did I do something wrong here? I this maybe only advisable if you don't have the scenery already installed? Thanks Stu
  4. Yeah I'm pretty happy with that, much faster. Forget the App
  5. Tbh, I never used the web app before, but now that I do, I find it actually slightly more performant... I'll probably stay with it...
  6. Don‘t know if this is related but apparently Fs2Crew and Simbrief/Navigraph are also experiencing problems with their apps/licensing systems.
  7. Thanks Tom, but this didn't work either. Actually, no matter what I enter (even with wrong info), the app behaves the same. It just flashes and nothing happens.
  8. As of today, I can't access charts via the Windows App anymore (Windows 10). I first thought maybe my sub ran out, so I just bought a fresh one year sub, but the problem remains. I'm seeing the login page and enter my credentials and the serial, I hit "Activate" but the screen just flashes for a fraction of a second (I briefly see a gear an "verifying account") and returns to the login page. Un- and Re-Installing the app didn't solve it. I am however able to access the charts via the web app. Any suggestions? It worked perfectly until today. Thanks Stu
  9. Hi guys, Aerosoft One is showing three of my purchased airports as "available" with a "install" button, but I have all of them already installed. I generally install everything via the installers and always into default locations, so no "special" or manual installation process here. Should I just hit "install" or will this mess up something? (I'm using P3Dv5.2, airports in question are Berlin Brandenburg Pro, Munich (simwings) and Zurich Pro). Thanks!
  10. Sounds interesting. And which one would that be? Thanks!
  11. Hope he does. You wrote something similar (that he’ll be back next week & will take a look) on the „Seasons Color/Texture Issue“ I documented and seeked support for some time ago, but unfortunately I never got any further response after that.
  12. Pretty much the same imo. Envshade Off:
  13. I know, you guys have probably only M$F$ on your minds but could the developer or distributor could at least be so nice and comment on this? I'd rather have no rain effect on the runways than not seeing markings etc. .. Is there something I can turn .off to get rid of this? Thanks!
  14. Still hoping for some kind of response. Is this something on my end, P3D related or have SimWings just overdone it? No rain: Rain:
  15. Hi, when it's raining, I can't see barely any runway or taxiway/apron ground markings, especially on approaches. The water texture it just overlaying everything. I there a way to reduce or erase this? Thanks (P3Dv5.2 HF1, ActiveSky, Envshade)
  16. Hi! As of last evening, I can't access any of the charts anymore (desktop- as well as web-app). I can see all the sections etc. but the charts won't display. Other users on Discord seem to have the same issue. Can you please take a look? Thanks!
  17. Thanks! I suppose there‘s no timeframe known yet for 5.2, right?…
  18. Hi, I don‘t get this error often, but when I do, it‘s always at SimWings EDDM. I already switched off all airport traffic etc., but it keeps happening. After I land, I have about 10min in which the vram gets bigger and bigger until it crahses with above error. Is there something you can recommend to set in order to save vRam at that specific scenery? Thanks! INTEL i7 9700k @4.8 GHz (8-CORE; NO HT) | 32 GB DDR4 RAM | NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2070 8GB | SSD | 4K MONITOR @60Hz | Windows 10 | P3D v5.1 HF 1 | ACTIVE SKY | REX SKYFORCE | ENVSHADE
  19. Well, to be on the safe side, I de-installed and re-installed the whole scenery and updated via the ASUPdater to version I found that turning on or off the FTX GES Seasons switch doesn't change a thing now (except some very minor water reflections so it seems). FTX GES Seasons checked: FTX GES Seasons unchecked:
  20. Yeah, my OP is a couple of weeks old now. My FTX might have spring textures as well now. This is how it looks now on my system, v5.1 HF1. The integration works a bit better in spring now, that's something I could actually live with, even if you can still see where the scenery starts. I also deleted all the photo-BGLs for a test, after someone on discord suggested this to me, which made the integration even better. But I'd like to keep the intended textures tbh, so I put them back in. The grass on the airport itself however is still very "dry" compared to nature outside of the airport, it looks like it hasn't been raining for months...
  21. Otto, of course, no problem. Sorry for doing it via link, other forums encourage to use external links for screenshots so I thought I was doing you a favor Will upload directly here next time. Stu
  22. Sorry, maybe I posted in the wrong section/forum. Can someone tell me how to get support or at least a response from the developer? Thanks
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