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  1. I'm reading this topic for the first time, stupid I didn't read it earlier This is some great stuff Horten, I'm going to try it out asap.
  2. Happy new year to all Yep, you're really getting old Dag, falling asleep before midnight... We had plenty of new year scuds over here in Holland.
  3. Wow Dag, sweet picture SAS MD-80 taking off there? To all a merry christmas and a happy 2009
  4. Yes, soundpack is included in the Aerosoft F-16 product. Made by TSS, that also sells its product at simmarket. But I believe that the soundpack in the Aerosoft F-16 is even better than the one you can buy on simmarket.
  5. Yeah, they work now. Sweet
  6. Yes, they're all for FS2004. However I tried a few in FSX (Lakenheath, Coningsby) and they kind of worked, but with impact on fps and some weird texture issues. All I can say is download them and try them out.
  7. Dag, the links are dead I really would like to see it. Is it viewable for people outside Norway?
  8. From the F-16 support forum: So yes
  9. Thanks Dag, I was looking for some scenery up north. It's a bit heavy on the fps but it's nice I loaded the scenery up with local time around 13:00, and I saw a sunset They don't get much daylight up there around this time of year do they?
  10. The idea sounds great to me. You should talk to Scott (aka saprintz) about this, he's to one who did the HUD and MDF stuff. I don't own the HOTAS Cougar, but would it also work on the Saitek X52?
  11. That's some awesome work you did there Cody. That voice over in the beginning and end sounds familiar, I believe it's from an early '80s promo video or document of the F-16. I think I have that somewhere on DVD.
  12. The light issue is probably because it has the wrong entry for the tail light, I think it's using the tail light position from the AM F-16s with the chute house. Use the tail light entry of a C model which doesn't has this problem the canopy issue could be caused by clicking the canopy switch more than once quickly. It then opens and closes and the sound keeps on playing. What you could do to stop it is to open it again. Usually it stops then.
  13. I have the AlphaSim Cold Lake scenery, not really great quality and pretty hard on the fps but it comes with quite some military AI. Aside from that and the Accel Edwards there isn't much military scenery available (yet). Cloud9 made some nice military scenery for FS9 some while ago, unfortunately that won't work in FSX.
  14. I think it's a texture issue. This texture was updated in the last update because of the wrong airspeed indicator images. When it was saved it most likely was saved with mipmaps which can cause these blurry textures. Although I don't seem to have this problem. But do try Finn's suggestion to set the Global Resolution Texture slider to Very High, that might solve the problem.
  15. There's no GPS as in the GPS pop-up in the default FSX aircraft. But when you plan a flightplan in FSX it will show up on your right MDF and with the ICP you can browse through the waypoints.
  16. Indeed, i haven't notice that before. Won't be hard to fix, hopefully it can make the SP1
  17. Looks like this is a modified texture of the Thunderbirds, it's not the one I made. I don't know how the maker of these modified textures saved these textures but could be that's bmp instead of dds. Or that the specular textures where left out.
  18. Indeed, so no bug there. As for the canopy sound being backwards, that will be fixed in next SP as Finn points out. But it's easy to fix yourself. Just rename TSS Canopy close.wav to TSS Canopy.wav and rename TSS Canopy.wav to TSS Canopy close.wav. These sounds can be found in the folder Aerosoft F-16C Clean\Sound
  19. I've send mine to the boss a week ago, I don't know what is taking him so long. Probably busy with other stuff...
  20. Sweet. James, you need to edit your links, they don't work. Site:,10603 and video here
  21. You sure Ray? At the UHF panel, it's labeled ADF only it's not operational in the (real) F-16:
  22. Oh man, I had tons of landings like that in the beginning, destroying the elevators Not a bug, just a too hard landing. Keeping the right speed and AoA and you'll be fine.
  23. Yes, the VC has reflections on the inside but it is very faint right now. There's a discussion going on on weather to make it more reflective or not. Anyway we're working on that, but in my opinion reflection should be kept to a minimum. And yes, speedbrakes open mean deployed.
  24. That's quite a collection if you put it all together like this. Man, that must have been a work to paint all that Thanks Nick.
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