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  1. The night textures have no function (unfortunately). It was used in beta to show light reflected on the fuselage when the nose wheel light was on. But I believe it was demanding to much of the fps. So it was skipped in the end. The only night-texture that work is for the tail (F-16C_8_NIGHT). Why the others where kept in I'm not sure of, perhaps waiting for an eventual update with working nose wheel light (if it will ever come...)
  2. Wingview from the Aerosoft F-16. A formation of 3 RNLAF F-16AM flying over the Netherlands (NL2000 scenery).
  3. Not at your FSX directory: Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Aerosoft\Falcon X ? Should be there.
  4. Fantastic paint Ray. Any chance of the 311 as well?
  5. Do you mean you can't see the 2D panels in the F-16? That is because this F-16 only has a 3D cockpit, not a 2D one.
  6. Talking about an other form of "spam", the enormous Bronco X banner on top of this forum... Is there a way to remove it? I already bought the plane so no need to draw my attention to it :-)
  7. Congratulations Shaun! Quite a milestone 50 years. Have a nice birthday
  8. Shaun, was that about the mentioning about freeware scenery? Is that not allowed anymore? On the subject of the preview pictures, I like the progress shown. I've visited Sola only once so I might not know the airport in and out (although Dag gave me a good tour around the field) but it looks quite like I remember it. One question on the ground textures: in the latest screenshots the groundtextures / taxiways seem a bit low-res / grainy compared to the textures shown in the first post of this topic. Are these textures provisional or are these final?
  9. Thanks for the head up Dag, will be looking for that one when it comes out as well. Will it be at flightsim.no?
  10. If you'd like an enhanced version of Leeuwarden AFB you should check out the one done by the NL2000 scenery team. They made (almost) all the military and civil airfields for FSX. And you wouldn't need to download and install the whole package, just installing one or more airfields is also on option: http://www.nl-2000.com/nuke/
  11. That will make one person very happy :-) Or was this Dag's initiative?
  12. A bit late but, hartelijk gefeliciteerd Mathijs :-) I hope you had a nice day.
  13. No real entry for this competition as it's clearly not my own but funny non the less
  14. I have got the History channel here in Holland (History HD) as well but can't remember this program being broadcasted there. Perhaps later, looks like an interesting program. What they do show on that channel is the Dogfights series, where dogfights are reproduced in 3D. And now we are on the topic TV tips (as far airplanes are concerned): Carrier (http://www.pbs.org/weta/carrier/), broadcasted here on National Geographic Jetstream (http://www.discoverychannel.ca/jetstream/#/home/) Canadian Discovery channel (not yet here in Holland but I bought the DVD) Looking forward to more TV tips
  15. Oh, its achievement: (from wiki) From an other site:
  16. That's the top view of the tail of the English Electric Lightning. First flight: 4 August 1954 (prototype P1) Picture is of the English Electric Short SB/5, prototype (or even pre-prototype?) of the Lightning.
  17. Perhaps this will help? http://www.forum.aer...ndpost&p=189207
  18. I'm with you on this one Lawman...not the plane I was hoping for.
  19. Could be a couple of things: - what configuration type F-16 are you flying? The ones with pylon tanks and bombs will take longer to rotate, not at 150 but more at 190-200 knots. - with a hard landing it can happen the plane doesn't crash but that the elevators stop working (because they hit the ground during landing). I don't think that's a realistic characteristic but that's the way this plane was made.
  20. Plus, the FSX Flylogic F-5 is an upgraded fs9 model so it's about time a true FSX F-5 would hit the market. As far as I know there hasn't been a payware F-5A/B. I like the Flylogic one, has a nice VC but I know Aerosoft can do an ever better job. As for the A-4, nice jet but not on the top of my list. Personally I see no reason Aerosoft should make one as well when Razbam is already working on one, and owning a couple of their products I'm sure they will do a heck of a job on that one.
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