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  1. Okay but same.. super disappointed..
  2. I have not, so you mean to tell me that disabling the first officer checklist could be a temporary fix?
  3. Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Bit Simulator version: Prepar3d V4.4 Airbus version: Add-ons in use: FSDreamteam, Imagine Sim, Orbx, tons of others System specs: Description of the issue: Either loosing speed during climb or at cruise, today I got about an hour and a half into my flight and the speed dropped. Manual control rest of way. Are you able to reproduce the issue? If so, what are the exact steps you are taking for this issue to happen? It honestly just happens. Additional information (route, weights, special area where the issue occurred etc.): DL2623 KDTW-KFLL A321 KDTW CLVIN1 CLVIN DCT ROD J43 VXV DCT ATL Q79 DOFFY DCT BALKE JINGL6 KFLL 162 Passengers; 7,699LBS Cargo; 31144LBS Fuel
  4. Experiencing this as well. Love the addon, hate this pesky bug
  5. Can't get this to show up in my menu at all, along w another livery..
  6. How did you do the mood lighting? I am looking to do it on the A319 and A320.
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