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  1. Strange but they seem fine now. Tested a couple times and its ok. Yes, the animations options are on.
  2. Hi, it depends, is there any option for windsocks? Here are my current options.
  3. Hi, today i have noticed that Bergen's airport windsocks are black, is it normal? I am running FSX SE. Thanks.
  4. Hi Aerosoft, i think i am not being able to change to Spring textures, i am running FSX Steam with ORBX Norway, Base and EU lanclass. I no longer have snowy trees but the ground textures remain grey/snowy. Thanks, regards.
  5. Hi, recently i have installed the boxed version of CRJ 700900 but i need to update it to make it work correctly, Aerosoft Launcher doesn't recognize any update to the product, what would you advise me to do? Thanks.
  6. Hi, good afternoon. I have Madeira X and i run it on FSX Steam with REX4, FTX Global and Europe LC. Recently i have experienced some issues with this marvellous scenery: -Runway changes textures depending on the view, cirlcling around views solves the problem but its there and very noticeable after being pushed back from any stand or by taxying to Rwy05, -On MJC Dash8 Q400 display Madeira island shows up like bellow, with other add ons like Tropicalsim Azores islands it doesn't happen like this, the landclass is shown correctly on the aircraft radar display. -How can i efectively remove Aerosoft AI traffic from MAdeira X? Thank you very much. Regards.
  7. Hi, I am eager to get this bird flying but I can't load it in FSX STEAM with Aerosoft A320/321 last edition bought 1 week ago. I've made all the changes on the texture.cfg file as its recomended by you. Is it suposed to run in this version? Thanks, awesome work! Regards.
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