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  1. Same for me since early morning. Wx: Updating or Wx: No data available.
  2. I think I found the problem, for P3D v3.4 I am using at least. If the option of Buildings reflections is de-selected under Water and Bathymetry the fps problem is almost disappearing. It is completely disappearing if I de-select Building Cast/Receive under Shadows, although this does not have such a significant impact as the Buildings Reflections and can be left on. This is the only airport where this is happening and the logical question is why Building Reflections on Water cause this issue since there is no water body in the airport?
  3. Yes. The problem is only there when Frankfurt is active, even when everything else in the sim is disabled. With everything else enabled and Frankfurt disabled everything goes back to normal.
  4. I can confirm that drops are more often at higher speeds. I believe that the problem is somehow graphics related as in P3D, when the fps drop occurs, the GPU is spiking while the CPU activity remains stable. At a fixed view in any direction everything is stable as a rock, but once I pan the view or start moving the problem starts. Day or night seems to make no difference. I have pretty much tried everything you mention in your first post but I haven't managed to find a solution. For some reason my system refuses to like Frankfurt and I cannot find why..
  5. Unfortunately I still have the problem in 2.10 as well. Haven't managed to find out the culprit..
  6. I tried removing the cfg and let it re-create itself but no luck. Then I also try disabling NVI just in case but still no luck. I am running out of ideas at this time. I have no problem in any other Aerosoft airport with my current settings (and I have quite a collection). For some reason this strange behavior only occurs in Frankfurt. For the time being I give up..
  7. No. It happens anywhere in the vicinity of the airport when I move or look around. If I am static in any direction the frames are locked to 30. But any movement causes the spiking. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the airport just in case but no luck. I am now experimenting with settings to see if something specific is causing this, although my only tweaks in P3D are FFTF=0.01 and an affinity mask..
  8. Hello Captains! First of all let me clarify that this not a VAS issue, I have absolutely no problem with VAS and I have read the relevant thread but could not find anything relevant. I am using P3D v3.4 HF2 and the other relevant addons in the area are FTX Global NG Ultimate, FTX Global, Vector and Orbx Germany North. I have the options trimmed to my system capabilities and personal flying style to get a smooth flying experience without any VAS or fps issues, especially since I like long haul flights. Therefore after a lot of testing I believe I have a balanced system, sacrificing looks for performance where needed. This is a clean system in a partition dedicated for FS without any non-FS related software to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Finally there is absolutely no pirated software in my FS partition (yes I am one of those few who buy everything they use..). Having said that, let me explain what I am facing. Yesterday I decided to make a trip to Frankfurt since I had the scenery for some time but never got around to try it out. Usually before going to a freshly installed airport with a descent aircraft I pay it a visit with a default one, either the piper cub or the F22 to make sure everything is ok. Loaded the F22 on the runway threshold for a quick test run. Initially I was getting 30 fps (locked) when I noticed that every few seconds when I was moving only the fps would drop to 5 then back to 30 creating an unflyable experience. The free VAS at the time was ~2GB. I checked my hardware monitor and noticed that the GPU, an Asus ROG Strix GeForce® GTX 1080 OC edition 8GB, was spiking every few second when I was trying to move at an around the airport. My first step was to disable Germany North and Vector to see if that was the culprit but no luck. Then I disabled the airport only and everything went back to silky smooth. There was no weather used during the testing. Usually when I fly to a "heavy" area like London or New York or Los Angeles I do experience a drop in fps to ~20 but the movement is smooth despite that with constant fps. For some strange reason in Frankfurt the GPU is spiking every few seconds resulting in momentary fps drops and subsequent hangs in the sim. It seems that the airport is the culprit. Anyone else that has faced a similar situation and found the cause for it? I have a complete collection of German Airports (and a lot of other payware airports for that matter) but this is the first time I am facing something like this.. Any ideas? Regards,
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