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  1. Again, Thanks Dave. I did notice that I was able to raise the flaps on all aircraft, and turn lights on and off just from my cockpit. When you say we have to have different aircraft models, do you mean CRJ 700/ 800/ 900, totally different make such as I would have a CRJ, the next gut say an airbus, and third say a 737
  2. Dave, thank you, we never realized that. So if I am all set up "Say I am in cruise mode" and every thing is looking good, then all my altitude starts to change or say my speed changes erratically, could this be because the other aircraft I am flying with changed something in their cockpit and is changing the settings in my cockpit? I really appreciate the quick comeback from you and also your help. Walt
  3. Flying Multiplayer (Three of us) using JoinFS. We connect and all of our three aircraft are showing up at the airport. What we noticed is that when we are parked next to each other, If I open my doors as an example, the other two aircrafts doors open. If I set my flaps, the other two aircraft flaps move. So what is happening is that what I do to my plane, happens in the other two aircraft. While flying together, some strange things happen, speeds, altitude etc change my without changing anything in my cockpit. Is this because of what I mentioned earlier, and not sure if my changes in my aircraft should be changing the other aircraft I am flying with. Hope we can get some feedback on this, and if there is a solution, we would certainly appreciate it. Thanks Walt (Also wishing everyone a Merry Christmas)
  4. Thank you Hoffie. Appreciate your help. Have a good day my friend.
  5. How do I hide the yoke (If Possible) to be ale to see the MFD? Or is there a way to open just the MFD panel? Thanks Walt
  6. Thank you. Understand and thank you for your help. Walt
  7. Quick question. Does the flight plan extension work with .pln or does it need the extension .flp ? I'm not quite sure how to save it as a .flp extension. Walt
  8. Thank you Fragged. I'll copy them over and try it. Thanks for the quick response. Walt
  9. Not sure where I should be saving my flight plans for the Airbus Professional. I have my flight plans saved in E:\flightplans. When I try to load a flight plan in the Airbus FMS it says "Not in database" Any idea what I am doing wrong? And does the Flightplan have to be saved with a two digit number like the old one. ie. "KLGAKCLT01" ???? Thanks Walt
  10. Flight recorder is turned "ON" in the FMS but the flights are not being recorded. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? When I go to the flight recorder in the start menu after a flight, there is nothing in the recorder. Thanks Walt
  11. Dave, thank you, when I restarted Preepar3dv4.3 it worked OK? Sometimes that's all it takes, so I am good to go. One other quick question if I may. My flight recorder is not recording my flights. Not sure what I am missing here also. It has to be something I am doing wring. How do I get it to record each flight? On that first question before I forget. I did go to navigraph to do the latest update from them. I did notice that the Airbus 318/319 professional was listed in the navigraph list, but "Not" the airbus 320/321 professional which I had just installed. Does the 318/319 use the same navigraph data for the 320/321? Again thank you for your help. I do appreciate it.
  12. Tried to enter KORD/KBDL into cdu and it said KBDL not recognized ????
  13. Confused where created flightplans need to be saved to so I can open them in the CDU. Lockheed Martin in on my E: drive so Its E:/lockheed martin/prepar3dV4/ Can you help me out on this? Thanks Walt
  14. When entering the ZFW into the CDU it wants ZFW/ZFWCG I don't know where to find the ZFWCG figure. I get the ZFW from the load manager, but don't know where to get the ZFWCG figure. Thanks Walt
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