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  1. Yes dome lights works at night but, repeat, don't illuminate overhead, other parts yes, but overhead no, and, my question is if this problems related to my system or common problem.
  2. Hi, in my case all lights works well, but with dome lts on, overhead don't illuminate and remain very dark.
  3. another question... Yesterday i'm purchase the new LOWS scenery made from DigitalDesign... Ok, scenery it's fantastic ecc. ecc. ....but....this scenery update my 1.21 sode to (old?) 1.03 and the jetway in EPWA are broken position, i see that, but in wrong position. The 1.03 not last version, correct?
  4. So in addition to not move not even see more?
  5. Hi, i have a small question... Example...EPWA use SODE for your jetways...and if remove SODE, the jetway are not visible in the scenery. At moment i see the jetway (but i don't use the move features for the jetways) with "old" sode 1.21...If install the new SODE, the jetways, example for EPWA, are visible or not? If don't move...not problem...Important is visible jetways. Thanks and sorry for my bad english!
  6. at moment with or without ASN not change my orrible fps situation...
  7. The aircraft start at cold and dark...just ok, fps high and stable...start cockpit preparation, and fps slow down and pass from 30 stable to 20/18 and it's orrible...In the same situation, but with 1.21c i don't have any issue and fps are good with or without ASN or other weather engine...any idea for fix this issue?
  8. oh no...not good... Today installed last hotfix...and the fps are terrible drop...with 1.21c not problem...no good...no good...
  9. Impossible to install this livery! Livery manager don't install livery.
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