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  1. Yes,I do! And two kids! My son would take over the captains seat immediately! Good reason not to go for a full motion simulator.
  2. Do the recommended settings eliminate bumpy rides completely? I hope not, because a bumpy ride in the sim is fun!
  3. I´ll give the settings a try. The FPS aren´t a problem, My system is quite up to date. During flight I see between 60 and 80 FPS. But like I said before, as far as I can tell only the Airbus acts up. Can´t wait to see, if changing the mentioned settings calms down the autothrottle.
  4. There were thunderstorms everywhere. Impossible to avoid. Thanks for the information about the weather setting in the MCDU 3. Oh and yeah, I used default settings in AS.
  5. Hi, flew through thunderstorms with the A 320 yesterday and experienced the same problems. Near thunderstorms the plane went wild (rodeo style). I had to disable the autothrottle completely until landing, because a stable fight was impossible. The AT switched to TOGA mode every time the wind shifted. It was barely controllable and obviously overreacted. I used VATSIM weather in ActiveSky and in the weather options in the aircraft. By the way: what happens in the background, when you select VATSIM or any other source via the MCDU? Does the setting in the Airbus influence the weather setting in ActiveSky? Other aircraft (PMDG) are not as sensitive to bad weather as the Airbus. I don´t want to change the settings every time I fly the Airbus (which I really like!!). Is there any way you can tame the wild horse code wise? Ingo
  6. Hi, this is the first Airbus around, that attracted my attention besides the PMDG products.Most of the predecessors where either very complicated to control (throttle settings etc.) or had others flaws that made flying nearly impossible or at least very difficult. I like the graphics and the way it feels in general. I think the nosewheel steering and the breaks could feel a bit more realistic, they´re too direct. Now, after years of flying only Boeing, it´s time to get to know the Airbus-family. Thanks for the great product! I really enjoy the light effects and the MCDU on the iPad. Big fun!
  7. Hallo, habe Helgoland bereits vor vielen Jahren gekauft. Es ist auch in meinen Online-Einkäufen im Aerosoft-Shop gelistet. Leider kann ich anhand der Registrierungsnummer Helgoland X nicht im Support-Bereich registrieren, da ich angeblich die falsche Nummer bzw. Email angebe. Dies ist definitiv nicht der Fall. Könnte jemand von Aeorosoft Helgoland X manuell in den Support-Bereich übertragen, damit ich das 1.10 Update herunterladen kann? Danke! MfG Ingo Kerber
  8. Hi! Finally! The pictures and videos look very promising! Ever since I´ve started this hobby in 2003 I´ve been looking forward to an Airbus for FS that is worth buying. Well, I guess the moment has come! I will order a nice CH flightstick right now just because of the upcoming release of your Airbus! Can´t wait! Regards, Ingo
  9. Hallo Peter! Du bist nicht allein! Das war die gute Nachricht. Die schlechte ist, dass es für das Problem keine wirkliche Lösung gibt: http://forums1.avsim.net/index.php?showtopic=249782 Es tritt ausschließlich unter Vista und Windows 7 auf. Vermutet wird, dass Microsoft nach Windows XP irgendetwas in der DirectX Programmierung geändert hat. Ein Teil der Betroffenen konnte das Auftreten des Texturschwunds dadurch lindern, indem sie unter Windows die Einstellung für die Soundqualität auf Telefonqualität heruntergeschraubt haben. Dies ist unter den neuen Windowsversionen jedoch nicht mehr so einfach möglich. Insbesondere sehr aufwendig programmierte Addons (wie die MD 11 von PMDG) sind betroffen. Was das Ganze mit dem Sound zu tun hat? Kann ich Dir leider nicht erklären. Es handelt sich wohl hauptsächlich um ein Timingproblem, dass das Nachladen der Texturen verhindert. Bei mir verschwanden die Texturen im selben Maße wie bei Dir. Mit den neuesten nVidia Treibern habe ich jedoch eine deutliche Verbesserung erzielen können. Selbst bei Langstreckenflügen verschwinden die Flugzeugtexturen nicht mehr. Wenn ich dann jedoch den Flug beende, bleibt das Flugvorschaufenster des FSX schwarz. Ein typisches Symptom für das Vorliegen des oben beschriebenen Problems. Trotzdem wünsche ich Dir weiterhin viel Spaß mit der MD 11! Grüße aus EDDF. Ingo
  10. Hallo! Danke für Eure Antworten. Oliver, ich nutze FSX mit SP2. Die Landelichter sind neben der Startbahn zu sehen. Natürlich kann man es auch als "Feature" bezeichnen, wahrscheinlich kommt es der Realität auch recht nahe, aber irritiert war ich zunächst schon. Dass die Landebahn überhaupt nicht ausgeleuchtet wird, ist dann doch eher ungewohnt, auch wenn ein sehr dunkler Bahnbelag natürlich sehr viel Licht schlucken würde. Gruß Ingo
  11. Hallo! Erst einmal ein dickes Dankeschön für das kostenlose Update! AES-lite macht sich prima in Frankfurt. Seit der Installation tritt leider ein Problem auf, das ich vorher so nicht hatte. Die Lande- und Taxilichter der Flugzeuge sind auf den Landebahnen nicht mehr zu sehen bzw. tauchen spät auf, nämlich erst beim Abheben. Ich nutze AES und ASA. Als ich das Update ausprobiert habe regnete es in EDDF, sodass die AES Feuchtigkeitstexturen auf der 25L zu sehen waren. Liegt es möglicherweise daran oder ist etwas anderes an den Landebahnen im Rahmen des Updates verändert worden? Grüße aus EDDF! Ingo
  12. Hi, this scenery is worth every cent! I can´t believe how big the quality differences are between all of the sceneries published by Aerosoft recently. Lelystad is of very high quality. No shimmering textures anywhere, high framerates and no stuttering! Extremely sharp textures, too. Good work! All of those threads where certain programmers argue, that the low quality of their sceneries is caused by our graphiccards is simply rediculous. Have them look at the Lelystad scenery first before they blame our systems or our abilities as users. Again I want to bring up the idea of introducing a quality standard that sceneries have to meet before they are sold by Aerosoft. Regards, Ingo K.
  13. Hello! Another great scenery for FSX! Thank you very much. I really like the detail concerning the approach lights of RW06 at night! The thing that I like most though is the added scenery setup tool. After loading the scenery for the first time I saw shimmering textures and "see-through" textures. I was disappointed. Then I ran the setup tool, used the "activate mip map" function and voilá - everything looks perfect! Great function! I´m using a nVidia 9800GTX+ by the way. I think it would a great idea to implement the "activate mip map" function into every scenery released by Aerosoft. It is so helpful, because every customer can setup the scenery individually. Perfect! Regards, Ingo
  14. Hi Shaun! Just wanted to let you know that the latest release of Berlin-Tegel for FSX is a great example what sceneries should look like. No flimmering textures, no performance issues or other problems. That´s what I, or may I say we, want. There are noticable differences in the quality of the products released lately. I don´t want to point out at any product directly, because you know which sceneries have been troubling your customers in the last couple of weeks. I´m very happy with EDDT and I wish every product published by Aerosoft would meet the same high standard. Thanks to GAP team for their great work!! Regards, Ingo
  15. Now here is a picture that really shows the problem well: As you can tell, the texture of the line is totally messed up. In the sim it shimmers, when you change your view. This also happens with building textures. The following picture is supposed to show my sim with correct settings (AF, AA and texture resolution): Ingo
  16. Hi, here is screenshot of LFMN. The shimmering appears, if the textures of the airport are far away. If you move closer towards those textures, the shimmering goes away. It is hard to make the shimmering effect visible in a screenshot, because it only really shows when you move your head in the sim. I hope the attached picture helps. You can see, that the terminal building isn´t sharp. The textures close the aircraft on the other hand are crisp. What is the problem here? Eventhough the framerates are very high, the visual quality of the scenery is low. In addition to the textures of the buildings even the ground textures seem "distorted". I don´t know how to describe it. The taxilines and groundmarks shimmer like crazy, too. Ingo
  17. Hi! In a couple of threads customers have been reporting graphical issues that might be caused by missing mip map textures. LFMN, Lübeck, Madeira - these three sceneries all have in commen, that the scenery flickers and shimmers. I´m using a 9800GTX+ in a computer sold by M10, the company whose computers are recommended by Aerosoft on the webpage. Why are more and more sceneries sold without mip map files? I really don´t feel like having to add them myself! Please speak to the developers to add mip maps to their sceneries through easy to use update files or executables. That would be a really big help! Nice shimmers really bad - worse than any other scenery I´ve bought so far for FSX. Nearly unenjoyable. Thx! Ingo
  18. Hi Shaun, just like Paderborn the new Lübeck scenery causes annoying stuttering. I have a fast machine (Massive Machine 6301 A with a nVidia 9800 GTX+ installed). In comparison to sceneries developed by the GAP-team, these two sceneries perform badly. Flying an approach isn´t fun at all this way. Just like the others described already in this thread, switching views away from airport buildings and back leads to a complete reload of the scenery which causes FSX to slow down remarkably. Too bad Regards, Ingo
  19. Hello Fred, no problem! Mail to ikpol@aol.com. I´ll send the .bgl file. Ingo
  20. Hi, it´s me again. I made it!! Here´s what I had to do: -created new AFCAD file with modified ILS frequency -renamed it to BR2_EDDF.bgl -renamed original BR2_EDDF.bgl in the FSX/Aerosoft/Afd/Scenery folder -copied new AFCAD file into the mentioned folder Now it works! Man, that took me quite some time to figure that out.... Ingo
  21. Hello Shaun, believe or not, that´s exactly what I did. Four AFCAD files show up for EDDF. The one with the highest priority is the Aerosoft scenery. I changed the ILS freq. the way you described without success. Like I mentioned previously, in FSX the old frequency remains to be active. I don´t get it..... Ingo
  22. Hi Shaun, changing ILS frequencies isn´t as easy as I thought it would be. I bought AFX from Flight1, because I figured it would come in handy to own a program such as this one. I spent all day trying to change the ILS frequency of RW25R of EDDF, but it didn´t work. The strange thing is, that I can change the AFCAD files, so that the ILS frequency 111.55 is displayed in the active and stock AFCAD file, but when I load FSX and try to tune in the ILS signal, it will only accept the old frequency. I even created a new AFCAD file and placed it in the FSX/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder without success. I read in different forums that you also need the SDK of FSX to change frequencies. I have never worked with the SDK and I don´t really intend to either. It would be great if the folks over at Aerosoft would program a short patch for non-techies like me with an easy-to-use installer. I was willing to fix the problem on my own, but after four hours of fiddling around with various files, I want to fly again. For an expert at this it will probably not even take him or her more than five minutes to build the files we need. I´d really appreciate an update. Thx. Ingo
  23. Hi Shaun, I tried to work with that program. I'm afraid that you can only change settings of the default airports. Or am I doing something wrong? Ingo
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