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  1. Oliver... I don't know how to explain this but now everything works there. It didn't work yesterday - but today I started to use full screen again and changed my 2D panel transparency. That's all. Anyways, now it works and I'm happy with your product. Thank you for you help!
  2. Yes, the version is 2.21. Now I ran some testing at EDDN, at with the both default 737 and the NGX the gates and pushback are working just fine. I'm still having problems with Aerosoft Stockholm and Oslo though.
  3. Hey Oliver! Seems to be 2.21 currently.
  4. Hey there, I've been having some very weird problems with your software for a some time now, but now after updating to a latest version I started to get annoyed. So, I've been mainly testing at Stockholm Arlanda and Oslo, I have both of them bought with my serials. Anyways, when I go to the airport and select a gate and move my plane (NGX) so that the door is located next to the gate and stop my aircraft, shut it down and so on. Then I can hear the AES man walking and saying "chocks at the position" and so on. This is where the weird thing starts.... The gate doesn't come to my door at all. Then I try to "move my aircraft to the exact parking position". Then my plane starts to move forward of the gate, inside the terminal and stops there. Then I have to manually slew back to the gate. Pushback is not working neither anymore with the newest version. The tug is attached to the plane but it doesn't matter how long I wait, the pushback doesn't commence. The AES man is just standing there and waiting with the pushbacktug, even though I have selected that I want to pushback to left/right, and start pushback now. I've tried to apply and remove parking brake and so on. I have reinstalled the software many times, without a success. I don't know what is the problem here.... Regards,
  5. I'd say Digital Aviation Fokker 70/100.
  6. Here is my try... PMDG NGX vs real life.
  7. And for which sim? Looks nice indeed. Aleksi
  8. Maybe a some short of RC plane? Or Wright Brothers glider?
  9. Small four person family uses this much of gadgets with internet connection: * 1 Main computer which is used for simming * 2 Laptops * 1 Playstation 3 * 1 Xbox 360 * 1 Not-so-smartphone * 1 Indeed smartphone Total of 7, and a 2 mb/s internet connection.
  10. I've got one pic for this in hangar: In this one, I'm flying with my friends online. You can see two other planes, one breaking the move. Kepti
  11. This one is 10 feet above the runway... Very nice acrobatics and the crowd is whoooooooing!
  12. Sasa and others.... If I was you, I really would concider of doing the FS2004 version also. There are many pilots, let's say 99%, in Transavia Virtual how uses FS9. And you know, Transavia VA is growing community, and Rotterdam is one of the main hubs for them. As PMDG737 is only for FS9, many users would buy this for it just to get another good scenery (EHAM also) to Holland. Regards, Aleksi
  13. Are you serious? I looked 10 minutes and I still can't find any difference. Kepti
  14. Tell me, what are you talking about? Isn't all these things in AFCAD files, which is not so hard to make?
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