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  1. Let me start off saying that I I don't do modelling so by no means do I know what I am talking about, I am just curious if I am seeing things. I always thought the Sharklet versions of the airbus looked a little funny specifically the sharklets themselves they seem more sharply bent than the more blended sharklets on the actual aircraft. Attached is a screen shot from P3D and below is a link to some close ups of the wings. Perhaps I am seeing things that aren't there or perhaps there is a limitation in the modeling of the wings, I am just curious about what the experts think about this.
  2. So I have done a dozen or so flights with the A319 and I have run out of fuel on decent on every one of them. The last flight was CYUL-KPHX and the fuel planner with an average of 44kt head wind calculated a trip burn of 9826kg with a fuel load of 14000kg and a ZFW of 54113kg. The fuel ran out about 80 mi from KPHX. Simbrief figured slightly more fuel 14,800kg but with a planned landing fuel of 3000kg the burn is still off. I attached the flight plan for reference. What am I missing? CYULKPHX_PDF_1540100397.pdf
  3. I'll wait for the next update as this is only affecting my IAE A321 but I would be curious about the official response.
  4. I am experiencing this too. the clb power epr setting is 0.000 which i think is what is causing the problem, but I don't know how to change that. I am in the 321 flying out of SEA. I did a flight yesterday in the 320 without any problems, both were updated to prior to the flight last night.
  5. So I know for a long time the limitation was the FMS Data, when did this change?
  6. I am curious about the official word on this as well. The last few flights have appeared to display them correctly. The RNP 12L into KMSP and the RNP 33L into KBWI are the ones I tested, but I will look at more.
  7. any more thoughts on this? I also get the SPEED SPEED call out a fair amount and I want to make sure I am not doing something wrong...
  8. I would recommend doing a reinstall, you can just delete the folders for SODE and try to reinstall. If it isn't recognizing the current install, I am guessing there is an issue somewhere. I also can't remember because I am not in front of my Sim Computer, but I think the SODE main page is looking for the FSX/P3D main folders, not the SODE main folder. I will take a look tonight an get back on and tell you what I find, but I swear by SODE and won't buy a scenery without it. Once you figure it out it is super easy to use and tweak to your own liking.
  9. Yeah, I found that the doors were super high in the aircraft.cfg file. I lowered them significantly like almost half. GSX does a really good job of matching the door location for you but if you want a really perfect jetway, I recommend playing with the door positions in the aircraft.cfg file and using the SODE menu by itself.
  10. Yeah, I understand this. I am more curious about why it is showing up in the nav database but not in the FMS. And is there anything I can do to adjust that? For example, VHHX isn't in any database but I have been able to add it to the PMDG 747 database. Can I add ENSH to the CRJ database?
  11. Thank you for the suggestion, but that still doesn't allow me to enter it in the FMS. This is true, but isn't this also what flight sim is for? Flying the tough situations that probably wouldn't be possible in real life? I can get off the runway with a decent load and landing is just fine, now whether is this all within standards of TO runway required and LDG runway required, I am not sure. For what it is worth, still can't enter the airport in the POS INT page, I tryed entering it in the FPLN page and the EXEC text appears but no letters show in the DEP area LSK 1L.
  12. I was planning to do a flight from ENSH in Norway to ENVA. When I am on the ground at ENSH and loading the FMS, I get a Not Found error when I try to enter the airport on the Pos Int page. I took a look at the nav data .txt files and ENSH is in there. So I am not sure what the issue is. ENSH is not in the NavDataPro app for charts. I feel like I am missing something perhaps you can help.
  13. Agreed! I would add KIDA to that list, I have been flying back and forth from KSLC and all of those airports all week. KJAC with those tetons is an incredible scenery. If you are looking for a longer flight you can fly them from KMSP too.
  14. I thought I would go first... CRJ: Delta CRJ700 KMSP(Flightbeam)-KOMA(TropicalSim) Not exactly real world but close. MSP isn't my home airport, but with how much I fly through there, it is close (I fly PHX-MSP a lot in real life), and so I thought a short trip to get familiar with the aircraft would be nice. I have become a super fan of the SODE Jetways, so with the exception of EGLL, KLAX, KSFO, and VHHH, I only fly to places with good jetways. A330: SAS A330-300 KMIA(LatinVFR)-ENGM(Aerosoft) Real world, and with Aerosoft's updates to Oslo, it is quickly becoming my favorite place to fly out of.
  15. I was thinking of a way to channel my excitement for the upcoming CRJ and A330 from Aerosoft and I thought that we could talk about the routes that we are going to fly them on, or routes we are most excited to fly them on. Some people like the real world, some people just like to fly, share your routes and maybe even discover a new one. Also, I mention the CRJ and A330 as they are what I am most excited about at the moment, but feel free to share any other flights you might be taking soon too.
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