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  1. When I load passengers using the load manager nothing changes and when i select cargo and it remains at zero.
  2. I think Orbx Vector is causing it. I unistalled Orbx Vector and everything seems fine now.
  3. Is there possibly something in the scenery folder that I could turn off.
  4. I notice when parked at NZWD if i look out the right cockpit window low 40's look out the left low 60's.
  5. Window 10 64 Bit Intel i9-9900K GeForce RTX 2070 32GB RAM
  6. Also my CPU hits around 80%-100% when I'm in the air.
  7. I don't know why but I'm getting fps in the low 30's high 20's when I'm not moving. It drops to low 20's and sometime lower when i start moving and horrible stutters. Everywhere else and get fps in the high 60's low 50's. I'm using default aircraft and payware aircraft. Same issue no matter what plane I use.
  8. Well, the plane was only made to be used in P3D V4.5 with the Hotfix 2.
  9. When the IRS connects, the display flash HDG fail map not available but the also flash as if it's connected.
  10. What object is that on the runway? Can it be removed from the folder?
  11. It's Gibraltar V1.01 and P3D 3.4.. And where is Gibraltar supposed to sit in the scenery library.
  12. How do i remove these yellow objects from the runway?
  13. I will just fly the plane during the day.
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