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  1. I will just fly the plane during the day.
  2. I only have this problem with the Airbus.
  3. Your dome light is on and your integ light ped is half way on as well. What does it look like with those off.
  4. This is with the dome and flood light ped on. With the dome and flood light ped off.
  5. The panels light don't work. The dome and the flood light for the PED work. The flood light for main panel, the integ light for the main and ped and the overhead integ light don't work. Any fix?
  6. It worked a few days ago and I haven't changed anything.
  7. I'm using Active Sky for P3D V4. i'm using the for the A318/A319 version and for the A320/A321.
  8. Weather radar is not working anymore.
  9. This is in the A318/A319 livery section, so is this for the A320 or A319?
  10. Is there a way to add SEQU back into the fmc data base? 

  11. doesn't work manually or in the livery manager.
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