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  1. Everything is working now, thanks.
  2. It still installs ASUpdater and the General folder into the OneDrive. And I get the this when i load the aircraft:
  3. It shows this: Installed version:
  4. The A330 isn't an option in the drop down.
  5. For the flex temp i usually add 20 degrees to what ever the outside temp is. For the TO speeds the plane does it self, if you have the info filled out in the cdu.
  6. I don't seem to have a fuel planner for the A330, only for the A318-A321. Where is it?
  7. The A330 is no longer in my account to download it.

  8. When I load passengers using the load manager nothing changes and when i select cargo and it remains at zero.
  9. I think Orbx Vector is causing it. I unistalled Orbx Vector and everything seems fine now.
  10. Is there possibly something in the scenery folder that I could turn off.
  11. I notice when parked at NZWD if i look out the right cockpit window low 40's look out the left low 60's.
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