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  1. Hi, A prepurchase question: Can a flight be saved during cruise and reloaded later? Kind regards
  2. Hi, initially the updater closed itself after starting up. I read through a similar post below and I found two XML files that are causing this issue. When using the 3rd file only it works normally. Could you please check these files for me? Kind regards Perry as_douglas-dc-8_p3d4.xml crj700900x_p3d4.xml
  3. Great, looking forward to it!
  4. Wow, Flightmaster, you’re on a roll! I appreciate all your effort. 😀
  5. Thanks! That would be great.
  6. Hi, Would it be very time consuming to issue a pop-up window for the auto-pilot and maybe the INS as well? I find it quite hard to manage the vertical speed wheel while observing the indicated airspeed and altitude. kind regards Harry
  7. Hi, I am a customer of the previous bundle series and am interested to purchase the A318/319 only. I don’t seem to be able to get a discount Could you maybe consider offering one for this situation as well? Kind regards Perry
  8. Many thanks, Heinz, for your quick reply. Your suggestion worked fine for me. I am glad I finally asked and sorted out my home base Cheers Perry
  9. My scenery sequence is: Aerosoft LSZH Airport Zurich v2.0 a ” b ” c ... yOrtho4XP_Overlays zOrtho4XP_+47+008
  10. Hi, when using Zurich my orthophoto tile for that area is overriden. Is there a way to either use my ortho’s only or a combination of both? Regards Perry
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