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  1. I just checked. It is listed with 130 flights and 4 flightplans.
  2. Yes i did Ground Traffic AESLite is used in this scenery for displaying traffic on the aprons and the airport surroundings. To avoid collision between our AESLite traffic and the default ground traffic of P3D we recommend to switch off the default ground traffic by setting the slider „Airport vehicle density“ to its left-most position I checked the scenery files and all that are associated with AESLite are turned off Like i mean i have a large collection of airports and there all populated with ai. EDLW does not want to play ball. But as the manual says if i read correctly that i have to move the slider all the way left which tells me then i will see AI at EDLW but none at other airports.
  3. I have V1.20 and i have an issue with AI traffic. None show up at the stands I have tried default traffic and AIG with the same result. I have AS EDDF installed and AIG works just fine AI everywhere. Any help appreciated thx. Regards Mike
  4. Its ok Mathijs I shall consider my self special for the day If the problem becomes a point where it is affecting the plane and experience i shall report back
  5. Capped at 60fps Vsync on in sim. Gsync on in Nvidia. I have tried different combinations of turning each setting off and on. Still the same.
  6. Interesting event. I loaded uk2000 eglc and the camera behaved like normal. Went back to the default P3D airport and the pausing on external returned. Also i had cleared the shader cache.
  7. Intel 8700k GSkill 32 Ram 2400 MSI 1080 Win10 Pro 500 GB Samsung SSD
  8. This is at the p3d default airport.
  9. Hi guys Getting SEVERE pausing and stuttering when in external camera mode. Pressing Space and using the the mouse to pan. This does not happen on default planes and other payware planes. Only on the airbus. Using Chaseplane. Regards Mike
  10. I had this too. Did you do a CLIENT only update to P3d V4.3 Or a Full reinstall of P3d?
  11. Yes I'm having the same issue as the OP
  12. Sorry Mathijs. Not sure of what you speak I'm using navigraph 1808 if that is what you mean. Regards
  13. The STAR GODL1K is correct what i was after i thought to be a Trans way point. See pic. LAV1G is what i thought to be the Trans waypoint after XAMAN.
  14. Hmmm interesting I see where i went wrong if i click on Appr VIAS the option i am after is there. Maybe what i was looking for was not a Trans? LOL. All soughted though thxs. Regards Mike
  15. Just doing a flight to EGLC and in my simbrief it stated there was a transition for the STAR GODL1K but nothing showed up in the planning step. Using latest Navigraph. Regards Mike
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