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  1. If you guys have it modelled at 800-1500 then that's exactly right! It's just that it doesn't appear to work for me, anything below 1000 returns a OUT OF RANGE. I'll PM you now. EDIT: I'm an idiot... the airline manual says right on it that when entering the altitude if it's below 1000, a leading zero MUST be entered.. so 818/818 should be entered as 0818/0818, is this how it's modelled with AS? (I'm not at a computer now to try). In that case, case closed! "PERF key . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Push Enter/modify/check the following: • Enter planned V‑speeds. • TRANS ALT will default to the area of operation. • THR RED/ACC ALT: set both to the MSL values printed on the ACARS runway data message. Normally, both are 800 feet AFE. Other values may be specified to meet operational requirements. Note: Values must be entered as 4-digit numbers to include a leading zero if the value is less than 1000 (e.g., 0851)."
  2. Is it possible in a future update to allow THR RED and ACC altitudes to accept values below 1000msl? The company I'm referencing uses 800AGL as thrust reduction and accel altitudes as standard. Of course it works fine at higher elevation airports as I can just at 800 to the field elevation. But taking off from KSFO and putting in 813/813 doesn't work. Maybe for the future?
  3. I'm on V5, hotfix 1. I was able to avoid it after doing it 5 times by immediately turning off the autopilot and flight director and handflying and it worked. I will say the aircraft was having a but of trouble following the descent in FINAL APP mode. It would dive a bit then climb and it looked as if the V/DEV was constrantly recalculating. Maybe it was too much for the gauges to handle and caused a crash? And maybe it didn't crash when the FD and all was off because it no longer had to follow any guidance?
  4. I keep getting the same CTD at the exact same time doing an RNAV 22L approach into KBOS. It's an Airbus_ECAMD2D.dll Strange! Info: AS Pro A320 latest version as of 11MAY2020 RNAV 22L KBOS In HDG mode about to intercept the FAC Attached are the logs, any ideas? AltProcess.log FMGS.log EFB_Ctrl.log AB_ND_GDI.log ECAM_Systems.log MiscD2D.log
  5. I could've sworn I reported this about a year ago or so, but I haven't flown these busses in about 10 months and I have a new computer and just installed the latest version yesterday, still seeing the 321 says doors 2L/R and 3L/R armed when on the ground! The doors are to be disarmed and the SLIDE indication is supposed to disappear like the rest of the doors.
  6. Yes. Transformer Rectifier. You can google it for more details. Transformer regulates voltage, rectifier converts AC > DC.
  7. Usually I'm impressed by the way feedback is handled, if I give professionalism of course I'd want it in return. This is exactly my point, the way it's modelled is wrong because it doesn't follow the chart you've just posted. See attachments: Pic 1 is the A321 with speedbrakes selected full. In the real airplane, regardless of autopilot engagement, the panels should all be at the same angle, they're not. Pic 2 is the A320 with autopilot engaged, this appears correct. Pic 3 is the A320 with autopilot disengaged, this is incorrect because the spoilers are still limited.
  8. So to be clear, I was right? I respect my fellow pilots (virtual or not) on here and their knowledge, which is why I respectfully challenged someone to come up with a definitive answer! It appears as though my original statement was correct according to the posted chart. Believe me, (also based on my post history) I don't post things on here unless I'm very certain (using real world knowledge / experience) that something is wrong / could be fixed. Just to be clear for the 321 I meant full deflection as in max you can get in the air, obviously not the same as including ground spoilers.
  9. Interesting, I thought this was a thing on all A321s based on the chatter on some other forums because of the FBW version that rolled out on the first A321s. So you're positive this isn't the case? I see no evidence that the 4 airlines I know have this in their training manuals would chose that as an option. As far as I know speedbrake deflection isn't on the list of customer options on any Airbus. If anyone has any evidence otherwise I'll be convinced and will have learnt something gladly!
  10. Was speaking to a friend who's a pilot at JBU; the A319, and A321's speed brake deflection with the autopilot on is full deflection unlike the A320, which is limited to half. Just tried to test this on the AS Airbuses and the A321 isn't realistic as far as that goes, I can only get the speedbrakes to deflect partially just like the A320
  11. I had this issue too, using a keyboard or similar, it increments way too quickly. Using a mousewheel or joystick wheel it's slower. Even with the same key command in P3D controls settings. This was a new issue for me too so something definitely changed.
  12. Can confirm, was a bad update installation. Issue fixed
  13. In the first part of the video what you're seeing is the joystick commanded neutral, and I'm commandin full nose up and that's what I get. Since it's only the 320/321 and not the 318/319, are there any files or XMLs I can compare and see if I can diagnose the issue?
  14. Please see attached video. For some reason the elevator animation doesn't match the ECAM flight controls page. They're stuck down for neutral, and when i command nose up, the animation is just above neutral. I've tried a bunch of other planes and no issues, only the Aerosoft A320/A321, but surprisingly not the A318/319. I'm on version, has anyone seen this before? I've searched the forums and found some possible matches but no fixes. Notice in the flight deck video the relation between the sidestick, PFD cursor, and lower ECAM. I cycled the hydraulics at one point and even then neither elevator moved properly. New video.mp4
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