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    So as it’s modelled now, does it not turn on at all on the ground? Or is the part where it turns off after 30 seconds on the ground not modelled?
  2. You're totally right. So does that mean that what is there currently is to stay for now?
  3. Thanks for your reply. So are the ext pack / VC avionic sounds still being worked on?
  4. I saw the changelog for the latest experimental version and was excited to see brake fans were implemented! I have no access to a computer for awhile so I’m curious, which obsolete sounds were removed? Is it the external packs?
  5. Sorry to resurrect this post but just reading how you all respond to these bugs is amazing.. I’m very happy to support a great company!
  6. Are you referring to common values for like climb, descent, approach, etc? If so, no they wouldn't be on a manual. Also it'd be very hard to estimate numbers for every single flight like you can on a GA aircraft. On turbine aircraft there are lots of variables! Not saying a lot of transport category pilots don't use some common figures - but you realise quickly they don't always work!
  7. I can't seem to find it, forgive me. I'd love to know what that fix is!
  8. Yeah I just did a brand new install on a new computer on clean P3D and the sounds are all messed up. The Avionics on/off are missing, which for me is super important because I love that popping sound. I see the external pack and brake fans are still being worked on, so I assume all of this will be coming in an update. Until then this plane needs to sit in a hangar 😁
  9. I also did more testing and noticed that when you keep the engine mode selector on IGN long enough, the packs will come back on (as in real life), then when I started engine 2, the packs stayed on and the engine started successfully. I didn't see these basic issues on the "what's not completed" list, is this a future fix?
  10. I promise you it’s not! Packs don’t turn off when selecting ignition on with engines running. They only turn off automatically when an engine is being started.
  11. Why is it that the packs are turning off with the engines on, when the engine mode selector is placed to ignition? I assume this was done to make engine start realistic, but now it's completely unrealistic when I'm selecting ignition on (heavy precip/turb, etc.) and I hear both packs spool down. I just purchasedd the Airbus bundle minutes ago and I'm surprised something like this is happening.
  12. I think he's referring to the spooling up and down avionics sound. I saw on another thread this was being worked on, perhaps that's his issue?
  13. Agreed, a very faint sound of brake fans from the flight deck would be realistic! At least on the older busses.
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