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  1. I also use airplane toolbox. It is DEAD wrong with IAE flex trust me. The other day it gave me for a MTOW A321 Flex of 69 on KBOS's 33L... I knew the airplane would overrun the runway. I wish it would be fixed!
  2. Thanks for the words! I don't have the AS A330 but my friend Nick does (who I collaborate with). Maybe he'll try it out when he's done with the 320s. His sounds are actually 100% his. He has probably GBs of aircraft engine sound recordings which he uses to make them.
  3. Maybe they'll consult me xD But in all seriousness I showed my friend how to do all this coding.. look at the amazing stuff we've done with the AS Airbus sounds:
  4. I created a code for this, I'm not a developer and it took me literally 30 minutes. I'm sure AS can figure it out. If you skip to when the aircraft accelerates above 10k how the fan is almost inaudible. Very realistic!
  5. Sorry yes, I meant the opposite of what I said. In that case it'll be more complicated, you'd have to duplicate all of the internal lines and make them =2
  6. In the sounds.cfg, all you need to do is edit all the external sounds to say viewpoint=1 instead of viewpoint=2
  7. Quick answer: Yes, you can change it in CRZ. Maybe you tried to add too much and it was more than Vls+15?? So the way it works IRL is yes you can manually adjust the VAPP up to Vls+15kts (as far as I've played with it, this works on the AS Airbuses). The company I'm referencing only has pilots do this for suspected windshear. The Airbus uses what's called GS mini, which is a feature that, when you're doing your approach in managed speed mode (speed knob pushed in), the aircraft will automatically compensate for winds and gusts during approach. This is not obvious to the pilots
  8. Too bad! I assumed they would implement that.
  9. Absolutely my friend! Didn't feel discredited, I'm interested that I now see AS doesn't model, and actually most airlines don't have this cability on the 320 series. So I was the odd one out! I love learning new things about other ways to fly these machines.
  10. Look at jepp charts for BIKF RNP 01. It will say point blank: "Baro-VNAV not authorized" for example. I suppose then this comes down to an aircraft optional equipment thing. Remember that companies are authorized to do different things and aircraft have different optional equipment. According to our SOPs, as long as the compensation is activated in the FMS via the MCDU, the aircraft is considered to have a compensated Baro-VNAV. From the horse's mouth in my attachments. You also didn't display the rest of the NOTE section after that paragraph in the AIM which
  11. Haha! That's the example I almost used for hot. My airline flies into there and I did it once in the summer, all you need is the temp to be above like... 74*F? and need to temp comp. I remember briefing the approach and saying to my captain, "what the heck". Then I looked at the elevation haha.
  12. I realized you may be talking about procedures outside of the US. Again I did say "This is how we do it in the US". Looking at some European charts, I never see this line. It seems to just say "VNAV approaches not authrozed below .." which of course means you just can't use those minima. In US/Canada (at least), the chart will tell us at which temperature to start compensating (like my first examples), and we just activate compensation in the MCDU, then we can use VNAV minima.
  13. I appreciate your input, but I was not partially incorrect. He's asking in reference to the Aerosoft Airbus.. a BARO VNAV system IS considered compensated if you apply altitude corrections electronically. I pulled this right from my company's SOP manual. It's very simply described and a pretty easy concept. Trust me, I've shot many approaches with that line stating that, at temperatures below and above the range, all legally. In other words, you CAN use the VNAV minima as long as you compensate.
  14. *This is how we do it in the US* If approach plate says: This means that you need to compensate when temp is below -16C or above 54*C for ONLY points from the FAF to the MDA, not including the missed approach segments. You also don't have to tell ATC. If it says: You must compensate ALL points on the approach from the IAF/IF to the missed approach hold, advise ATC, and also adjust your MDA/DA.
  15. Just tested on latest version of all Airbuses, it worked exactly correct for me! FD pitched for V2+10 until I reached my ACCEL of 3180ft, then it bugged to 250kts.
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