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  1. I had this issue too, using a keyboard or similar, it increments way too quickly. Using a mousewheel or joystick wheel it's slower. Even with the same key command in P3D controls settings. This was a new issue for me too so something definitely changed.
  2. Can confirm, was a bad update installation. Issue fixed
  3. In the first part of the video what you're seeing is the joystick commanded neutral, and I'm commandin full nose up and that's what I get. Since it's only the 320/321 and not the 318/319, are there any files or XMLs I can compare and see if I can diagnose the issue?
  4. Please see attached video. For some reason the elevator animation doesn't match the ECAM flight controls page. They're stuck down for neutral, and when i command nose up, the animation is just above neutral. I've tried a bunch of other planes and no issues, only the Aerosoft A320/A321, but surprisingly not the A318/319. I'm on version, has anyone seen this before? I've searched the forums and found some possible matches but no fixes. Notice in the flight deck video the relation between the sidestick, PFD cursor, and lower ECAM. I cycled the hydraulics at one point and even then neither elevator moved properly. New video.mp4
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the reply glad to see it’s being worked on.
  6. I’m embarrassed by the typo, the engine WAS able to start with the packs on.
  7. Also, I noticed that when the ENG MODE selector is set to IGN/START, the duct pressure drops, shouldn't it increase?! Every turbine aircraft I've flown works this way I'd be shocked to know the Airbus measures duct pressure differently. The duct pressure should only drop during an engine start.
  8. I noticed today, when the Eng mode selector is selscted to start/ign, the packs turn off normally, and if you take too long to start the engines they then turn back on (like the real plane). I then tried to start an engine and to my surprise it wasn't able to start normally with packs on! Of course, the APU doesn't have enough bleed pressure to start an engine and also run both packs at the same time.
  9. I feel like I’ve never gotten that combination, and I can’t remember but I thought V2 couldn’t equal VR. The only things I’ve seen are are V1=Vr, it’s pretty common.
  10. Thanks for acknowledging! Have a good weekend.
  11. I highly appreciated when Aerosoft added the constant slide indication on the A320 over-wing exits, but I noticed today that doors 2 and 3 on the A321 have persistent Slide indications. In real life, doors 2L/R and 3L/R are to be armed/disarmed for every boarding/deboarding. They arm and disarm exactly like the rest of the exits.
  12. atav757


    So as it’s modelled now, does it not turn on at all on the ground? Or is the part where it turns off after 30 seconds on the ground not modelled?
  13. You're totally right. So does that mean that what is there currently is to stay for now?
  14. Thanks for your reply. So are the ext pack / VC avionic sounds still being worked on?
  15. I saw the changelog for the latest experimental version and was excited to see brake fans were implemented! I have no access to a computer for awhile so I’m curious, which obsolete sounds were removed? Is it the external packs?
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