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  1. An image from the DHC-6-300 cargo model. Now i don't know if this is an anti alias issue or not, or maybe a hole in the model. Just thought i'd point it out. The small hole in the bottom of the image certainly lets light in
  2. Turns out they are included, not a mention of these airports anywhere in any of the supplied documentation. I thought the addon airports would have been installed during the initial install when i selected Europe, but clearly not. Check for the 9th dvd which has the extra airports on it. All of the dvd's look the same so this is an easy error to make especially as i only used about 5 dvd's during install.
  3. Thanks for the help guys but i know which version i have as i'm looking at it now. It's the boxed US Community edition by Aerosoft. I'm basing the content on information supplied by Mathijs Kok at the top of this thread. This is why i'm asking what happened to the 3 european airports that were supposed to be included in this edition as it says on the box they are in there *** EDIT Well i've just discovered the 9th dvd which i think has the airports on it, going to install this and see if they are there
  4. Got my copy a few days ago, haven't had time to try it until tonight. Thought i'd checkout the three included aerosoft sceneries. Um where are they? Went to Nice, all i see is runway, went to Paderborn the same, Faro ditto. Bear in mind i'm new to X-Plane but i did read the little manuals included. Only installed europe scenery area when installing. I checked the custom scenery folder but there's only KSEA and LOWI in there
  5. That's confused things nicely. So what exactly is it that i've ordered? I suspect it's the US community edition that's actually the European edition, (no logic in that at all), then again it might be the global edition as release was scheduled for end of january. No idea what's going on at all now.
  6. Ok. Well i've had no email regarding the cancellation of the order, no mention of a refund, just your word, sorry but i want confirmation please. As far as i'm concerned you still have my money. Secondly, why did you cancel the order in the first place? Why not simply ask me for a delivery address via email? It's taken me two days just to order the thing, now you're asking me to go through all that again?
  7. Thanks for looking into it, buying process seems a bit peculiar for boxed products, it's a lot simpler when ordering download ones
  8. Hi. Latest update on my purchasing saga. Finally ordered after the buying process hung yet again, this time on my birthday which it claimed was incorrect (think i know when i was born). Finally got through to actually paying for it after numerous failed attempts, asked that the product be sent to a different address other than the invoice address. Filled out the details, get a confirmation email that it has all gone through. It then says the shipping address is the same as the invoice address!! I sincerely hope not or i will cancel the order. What is going on here? Never had this issue with download products before, but it's clearly a different system for boxed versions, one that isn't working as it should be.
  9. An update to FS9 version would be most welcome. I'm also happy with what i have but an update never hurts. One question though to Andras, there is plenty of hi-res scenery out there, you say yourself the FSX ground textures are much more detailed. Running high end scenery in FS9, especially ground texture, is no big thing these days, i regularly get 70-80 fps round Budapest, a light hit on framerates for better ground scenery surely would be a bonus fro FS9 users. Just a thought.
  10. Downloaded this last night, used the torrent option, about 30mins as opposed to the 12 hour direct download option. Not tried X Plane before so naturally curious. Before i say any more, here are my computer specs, very average, dual core running at 3.16, 4GB ram, GeForce GT 240 card and running on XP. Firstly, framerates. On the standard planes in the game, nothing under 30fps. Much smoother than FSX at least for me. Controls are obviously different, tried to use the flaps and ended up turning my engine off on take off but that's to be expected. The clouds look amazing and the weather generator is easy to use, or simply download the real weather from the net. The night lighting is something else, not tried the dynamic lighting yet but will get round to that later. Roads and vehicles look great although detail near airports is lacking as it is ONLY A DEMO after all. Standard countryside scenery is average at best, trees very FS9 on the settings i've been using so will try higher detail. Flight model while more twitchy compared to FS9/FSX seems to be more realistic based on other users feedback and general information available about the simulation. If anyone knows how to change the onboard temperature gauges from fahrenheit to centigrade, i would like to know as i have no knowledge of fahrenheit at all. Based on the fact it's a demo, it's clear it's a quality sim and if the rumours are true that M$ are closing out aftermarket developers in regard to Flight, then it's clear X-Plane will be the way to go in the future. *** EDIT *** Tried to pre-order this but the buying process keeps taking me back to the screen where you fill in your details, Please Fill In Manadtory fields, done that 4 times and i keep being asked the same questions, like it's stuck in a loop
  11. This is kind of my point as well. The GAP sceneries are wonderful, worthy of any scenery collection. I could reel off all of them individually but some notable excellent sceneries are Budapest, Paris CDG, Innsbruck, Munich and so on. Other developers namely UK2000 can create excellent sceneries with their eyes shut, not to mention many freeware sceneries that are also outstanding. Why we have to put up with this is beyond me, and what really annoys the hell out of me is why weren't there any screenshots of the FS9 version so we could go, yes or no thank you? Happy to take our cash i see, well no longer. Still waiting to hear from customer support regarding getting my money back on this based on the appalling advertising employed. People involved should be holding their collective heads in shame. Seriously guys & gals, DO NOT BUY this scenery collection, simply the worst ever.
  12. Just purchased this for FS9, installed with no proplems, thought i'd try out LTAI Antalya first, or so i thought. Trial flight with a default cessna skylane, on takeoff it was immediatley obvious something is wrong, the framerates are appaling, see images and this is without AI traffic This shot is looking away from the airport, 60.1fps This shot is looking at the airport, just by panning around to it from the same loacation as the other shot, 14.6fps which is dreadful No idea what it will drop to if i add in AI traffic as well. I'm afraid the benchmark here is Munich airport where i don't get under 30fps with full AI interaction so something needs to be sorted here. Haven't tried the others yet but will comment on those as well once i have experimented LGKO- KOS No landclass being loaded in, just the deafult textures are showing, framerates are fine and so is airport, if a bit basic LPFR - FARO What the hell is this? Scenery for FS2002? Dreadful beyond all belief. Better freeware scenery around and that's a fact. Based on the images i've seen for Faro X, expecting the same, not this lame attempt at a scenery, truly appalling. DTMB - MONASTIR Don't even start me on this one, what a pile. Scenery from FS98 looked better. Enough said Note to Aerosoft, this is false advertising at its finest. Suggest a set of screenshots actually showing what you get instead of pulling the wool over our eyes by showing us FSX screenies instead of FS9 shots. Waste of money in it's current state. Feel utterly cheated, enough to never buy any more sceneries again from here. Truly p****d off. Sent a message to customer support asking for my money back based on the above as this collection is simply horrid.
  13. Based on the new shots, you've pretty much nailed it now. Only thing i'd suggest is the band of white lines on the wing should be closer together as on the tail, the original photo clearly shows that. Engine cowl looks much better now as well. Very nice
  14. @Laurens If you look at the original photo posted, near the ends of the wings, you are missing the band of white lines as per the tail section. Based on the some of these photos, the engine cowl needs to be reworked as well. Fine job so far http://jetphotos.net/showphotos.php?airline=North-Wright%20Airways http://www.north-wrightairways.com/
  15. Not being funny geoff, how is it aerosofts problem that you already have some of the sceneries? Cleary nothing to do with them regarding that. I for one don't have any of these and will be happy to dip into my pocket when they are released
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