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  1. Hi, i see this issue in A320 also. Are you using instant load in MCDU3? Please try load airplane in "longer" procedure - just click orange button PAX, CARGO and FUEL in MCDU3 and check the value in print. Regards.
  2. Hi, with experimental version, when i turn on lower ECAM display only, i should see indication of upper ECAM display. It is there, but broken. I know that there are more important things to get sorted, but i found it and please remember about this one also. Regards.
  3. You said earlier, that your CRJ is listed in Updater as installed in C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\, so i thought that is your main istallation folder. Program files directory in Windows is administrative protected, so it's better to find other destination.
  4. Hi, i'm not a developer, but did you installed Prepar3d in C:\Program Files directory? Maybe this is causing some problems? Regards.
  5. Hi, are there any news about that issue? Thank you.
  6. Hi, some time ago i discovered that combination of "Shift + 7" and "Shift + 8" pops up ECAM displays upper and lower. Take a look on this thread: Something has changed. I start batteries, ground power and airplane is well powered. Then i press "Shift + 7" combination, ECAM display pops up (that is fine), but the ground power goes off and connected to it airplane systems. This happens only once when i first time in new flight use "Shift + 7" combination. Second and every next use of "Shift + 7" brings only ECAM display as expected. I know, that "Shift +7" and "Shift + 8" are not official but i found that first use of "Shift + 7" combination on my system also disconnects ground power. Regards. Can someone confirm this? Regards.
  7. Hi guys. I have one simple question about update of A320 pro. I know that now the majority of the team if focused on A330 relase, but do you have any roadmap of updates to A320? I was mostly thinking about separate ND's and popup windows. Regards.
  8. Hi guys. After three months i found a fair offer of monitor. My new native resolution is 1920x1080 and there is no problem with PFD popup anymore. The old monitor and its resolution were the issue. Time to close that old thread. Regards.
  9. Mathijs, wide view aspect ratio ticked or unticked chages nothing. Dave, i've done that, but as you can see on second screenshot - scale seems to be ok. but i think it shouldn't look like that. Regards.
  10. Hi Mathijs, i will try your suggestion later today. Thanks.
  11. I'm not planning to change monitor in near future. Is there any chance to fix it? Regards.
  12. Maybe it is related to resolution of my monitor? I'm using 1360x768. Resizing of popup window seems to repair the scale, but it is still not good. Regards.
  13. Hi, i don't know it is a bug or no, but when i manualy enter data to VOR1/FREQ and delete autotuned data from FREQ/VOR2, VOR2 is not autotuning anymore. But when i manualy enter station name or frequency to FREQ/VOR2 and then delete autotuned data from VOR1/FREQ, after some time VOR1 will refresh and tune to the nearest VOR station, as expected. Regards.
  14. Hi, i'm using latest experimental version I have this problem all the time. Your popup looks correct, strange.
  15. Can someone confirm pitch scale bug in PFD popup?
  16. Hello, yes i will enable logging and try to recreate this issue which will be difficult, because i see it only from time to time. Maybe i'm wrong, but i have a hint. I think that the issue is present only when i start P3D and A320 PRO first time after system restart. When i start them second time and so on, the problem does not exist. But again this is just my suspicion. Regards.
  17. Hi! With version i thought that the problem was solved, but after i install version the problem still occurs. Best wishes.
  18. Harold, there is also something wrong with your destination fuel onboard. Regards.
  19. Hi, i saw this earlier in PFD popups and i know that new version is prepared. Just want to confirm that you also notice it. Regards.
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