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  1. Happy to say that my problem has seemingly disappeared, works perfectly now. Thanks for you help with everything Dave! For anyone else who might be suffering from this, it just went away after a while, and any fixes I tried didn't work, so my solution would be to just leave it for a while, for me it took about a week; but obviously listen to the professionals first, just thought I would put my solution in here. Thanks! 😁
  2. I have fully updated P3D 4.5 to hotfix 2 (Scenery, Content and Client) and I am still getting the stutters, however one thing I did notice is that when the sim is paused, it is completely stutter free I also checked the VRAM usage while testing, and it is around 2.9 to 3.2 GB used, so it isn't running out of memory on the GPU. The stutters also seemed a little less frequent, but still prominant. One thing I haven't done is completely wipe the GPU drivers and clean reinstall them, if you think that will help, I will do it, but I'm not keen unless it is absolutely necessary Apart from that, I have no idea whats happening
  3. I'm still on P3D v4.5.12 and haven't updated to hotfix 2, I have tried to delete shaders and config. Earlier I did a test, I put every setting on P3D as low as they could go, and I still got horrible stutters. Also, I only appears to happen when the plane or the camera is moving, as in changing location, if I just pan around the cockpit, there is usually no stutters I'll update P3D and I'll let you know later if it changes anything
  4. Thanks for replying, I forgot to mention that my CPU is OC to 4.3 GHz, as for the GPU, I will look to upgrade it probably, the only question I had was why I never had this problem until I installed the A319, the A320/A321 ran really well for me on the same specs
  5. I had the a320 pro for a while and it ran perfectly, however, I bought the a319 pro the other day and since then I have suffered from constant micro stutters no matter what I do to the settings. I have tried a lot of things to fix this however nothing has worked: - Vsync, frame limiters etc on monitor, sim and on nvidia inspector - Reinstalling aircraft - Reinstalling/updating graphics drivers (including trying older drivers) - Changing settings in the configurator - Deleting P3D Config, shaders folder I have looked at a lot of the forums as well, but nothing has worked. Like I say, it seems to only have started when the A319 was installed It happens when no other addons are running except chaseplane, and on clear skies and at default airports. Another thing I have noticed is that my GPU usage does not go below 98% when in the airbus and CPU usage is quite high as well, and I still get good frames (25 - 40 in VC, 60 - 80 in outside view [however i am using a 60Hz monitor]) Specs: Intel i-8700k 3.7GHz 16GB RAM Windows 10 64-bit nvidia GeForce GTX 1050ti 4GB VRAM Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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