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  1. why is this in extended when its for pro been trying to make this work but not working because its pro
  2. hi i was wondering if you can help i got the airbus x and am trying to install a Airbus A321 Vueling EC-MHB "Efficiency & Friendliness" 2.0.0 sorry for the font change wasnt me try to install this from your website downloads but i followed the instruction and placed in the right folder and then add the details in the log but the plane isn'tthere I got the a319 from you and done the same on a download and it worked is the install of livery different on the 320 to the 319 addon thanks martin
  3. are you a aerosoft staff can i give you my order form see below i had to pencil my details out and the aes it is in red on the screen rergards martin
  4. hi the version is 2.45 for aes how do i know if the manchester is the new one or old thanks martin
  5. hi when i load the aes and try to add manchester onto the aes it comes with this error as you can see its in the library is there a way to fix this thanks Martin
  6. i have installed the download and i have got flightbeam sfo but i pick i aircraft and then try t o change the the time from night time to day time and the fsx crashes any idea on a fix pls thanks martin
  7. sorry to change the subject but can i ask how you mange to put the aircraft in the plane panel as i haven't been able to add the 787 to pfpx thanks
  8. Mathijs Kok please could you get yours tech guys to look at this please http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/75395-parking-on-a-remote-stand/?hl=remote as am not sure where am going wrong thanks martin
  9. hi can i just say that aerosot has done great work in the years loving all the products that you made so far but i would like to point out the tech side you have a phone number for the tech dept but one line and its open 14.30-1700 i have been trying to phone everyday day at 14.30 just when it opens and all the way though to 17.00 but its always busy please can you make more tech lines and some more poeple that department as i love buying your stuff but the tech let you down. i brought a product in september and still cant get it to work thanks martin
  10. hi i sure i posted this on here before but i cant found it but i brought malta airport and i got AES and when you have a building in front of you and when you press for set up for departure it thinks that you dont need a tug to pushback and lets you start engines and pull off from stand is there a way to get a pushback tug as if you start and pull off the stand you end up hitting the building please get back to me on this thanks martin
  11. Hi on the aes product the malta airport am not sure if anyone else has trhe same trouble but it doesn't give you the option to pushback on stands that need pushback it just gives the option to start on stand I know on the remote stands that you can just start and wave goodbye without push but the ones on the building don't work is there a fic for this ?
  12. Hi I been asking about this for aes for ages and keep getting told that it would be on the next aes out I e-mail. Shune as weLl please could you tell me what is the lastest on this shune told me to post on here thanks Martin
  13. I been asking this to aerosoft for agaes if u know of where u can paint gse stuff please could you let me know
  14. please could some tell me whats going on with eiresim luton (eggw) as it keeps going back and not getting added i got told 2 mths ago that it would be on the next update but still not seen anything. i burought the product because AES is a very good program to run when there main product doesnt have any stairs on GSE stuff aorund please could someone inbox me with some info also is there going to be any poland airports added i seen gdask but be nice to see poland vol 1 and vol 2 on aes thanks martin AES 2.22
  15. _Members 81 Posts: Posted A minute ago Hi I been told I got to ask you here what is going on with luton eggw eiresim as it is still not aes yet and normally it would be out as eiresim products get aes very quick please could you get back to me thanks martin
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