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  1. TRIGGER2009

    manchester not adding to aes error

    are you a aerosoft staff can i give you my order form see below i had to pencil my details out and the aes it is in red on the screen rergards martin
  2. TRIGGER2009

    manchester not adding to aes error

    hi the version is 2.45 for aes how do i know if the manchester is the new one or old thanks martin
  3. hi when i load the aes and try to add manchester onto the aes it comes with this error as you can see its in the library is there a way to fix this thanks Martin
  4. i have installed the download and i have got flightbeam sfo but i pick i aircraft and then try t o change the the time from night time to day time and the fsx crashes any idea on a fix pls thanks martin
  5. TRIGGER2009

    manchester airport few issues

    am really sorry i put my hands up on this one i just notice i had the uk scenery manchester airport not aerosoft i have just removed the uk scenery and files and now brought the aerosoft version but i have this trouble now i have installed and i have turn off the antivirus and gone on the left click and install as admin and got the file config and done that but now when i turn the airport on i dont get any scenery at all pls see pic i have just the list and its on the library and it come added a list when started the fsx but still no good any ideas please sorry for the mistake before Regards Martin
  6. hi i got a few issues if Aerosoft or anyone could help ill be grateful 1 . is signs on the middle of the taxiway and i have blacked out signs around too i have checked and there no other addon at this airport for this to happen is pic 2 . plane inside the building my traffic is off and set to 0 with no addon traffic 3. more plane in the building and no airgates on this terminal can anyone help pls thankyou martin
  7. TRIGGER2009

    LIRN Naples airport

    Ok thanks could you ask Oliver if it be supported pls ease thanks martin
  8. TRIGGER2009

    LIRN Naples airport

    Hi Just a few questions one about the airport the next about aes so I have put it in one to thought it better first is I brought this product but can’t see air bridges does this airport not have them ? also does aerosoft not support the aes for this airport as I ant get any ground support and thought all aerosoft products would be supported I know I should add it to the aes list but thought I’ll ask a quick question on here thanks martin
  9. hi just wondering if there was a way to changer the stopping of the aircraft on lsgg airport am using the fsdreamteam gva airport with aes and when i pull onto stand 16 which is a havey stand am using a pmdg 777-300 it tell me to stop and the ass of the plane is hanging out of the road i could ignore the stop and pull abot froward but them the time doesnt come up and just says too far the whole turn thanks martin
  10. TRIGGER2009

    fsdg lite air bridges

    all working fine now they once i put the folders in the right place it came up with select stand thanks abit tricky but got the folder there in the end all the best martin
  11. TRIGGER2009

    fsdg lite air bridges

    hi aerosoft i have put the file where is ways but it dosnt work still please see file to confirm i have put it in the right place (see 2 pics below thanks martin
  12. TRIGGER2009

    fsdg lite air bridges

    I can’t found Bodrum on the aes page it supports and airbridge doesn’t work
  13. TRIGGER2009

    fsdg lite air bridges

    hi aerosoft i brought this product but the air bridges don't work i have tried ctr j and shift J and doesn't want to know when i brought it on simmarket am sure it says active jetways is there a fix please thanks martin
  14. TRIGGER2009

    QW 787 Performance PFPX

    sorry to change the subject but can i ask how you mange to put the aircraft in the plane panel as i haven't been able to add the 787 to pfpx thanks