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  1. OK. I have autogen disabled as I find it causes stutters and leaks memory. Thanks!! Best regards, Robin.
  2. Ahh... so the MegaScenery includes buildings? Not just ground textures? Sounds good regarding everything else! Regarding perf, does it make much of a hit? I don't have traffic add-ons, and don't have any AI enabled in the sim. PS: Like you signature! Best regards, Robin.
  3. Hi, I'm looking at Manhatten X and MegaSceneryEarth NY area, and want to know if these two sceneries play nice together? What about FSDreamTeam JFK? I fly in/out of NY a lot, and want these sceneries to improve the area and enable me to properly fly some VFR approaches in the area. What about the performance of Manhatten X? I have Manhatten for FS2004 and I'm very pleased with it, but FSX is a bit fickle. I have the PMDG NGX and get about 40 - 50 FPS nicely with that, and don't really want FSX to become a slideshow. Many thanks in advance. Best regards, Robin.
  4. +1 for Falcon! If you like the Aerosoft F-16 you'll love the latest Falcon release. MSFS is miles behind in terms of flight modelling. The Multicommand Handbook is good for many flight sims, as it covers BFM etc...
  5. Why not make the lights freely definable, instead of hard-coding them? I know it is hard to get out of the hard-coded mentality, but free assignment should be the way forward. e.g. a variable for the number of lights (e.g. max 255), then an array defining each lights characteristics (position, direction, intensity, color, cone angle of light and fade distance). If there is one thing I hate most as a software dev, it is artificially limited features of an SDK due to the inability of the developer to think FLEXIBLY. Best regards, Robin.
  6. DO NOT USE A MENU SYSTEM! Make it clear with tabs or pages or something like that, BUT KEEP IT SIMPLE. Have items grouped logically. I write some complex systems for industry and whilst the software itself is very powerful, my users don't find it cumbersome to use (UI is my main focus when initially testing, then I get down to the detail of whether things are working right once they know how to get around). If you get the design of the software right, most times the UI will follow. Be sure you think very carefully before coding something - you may find it very difficult to alter it later on. It is harder to do than you think. Apple are the masters of the UI - it is why their products are so popular. Study them, though be aware even they goofed a few things, though it should be pretty clear where. Best regards, Robin.
  7. Oldest product I run here is 6 years old (LevelD 767). It would be insanity to try and make it cross-compatible, forgetting the legal issues. Build a new platform from scratch, AND DO IT RIGHT! If it is done right, it will have longevity, and break this stupid cycle of a new sim every 2 years that breaks all existing add-ons. Newer is not better. Best regards, Robin.
  8. Only if you want snazzy graphics. Personally I want an accurate FLIGHT SIMULATOR with REALISTIC AIR SIMULATION MODEL AND WEATHER ENGINE, not eye-candy. I'm still flying Falcon 4.0 from 1997, and that has graphics that most would not tolerate, but as a simulator there is nothing on the market even now that comes close to the realism, accuracy and depth of the aircraft systems, flight model, AI and ground campaign (and it is the only sim to have a truly dynamic campaign engine - in 14 years it hasn't played the same way twice that I can recall). The Linux idea is not a bad one - use it as a highly customized, RTOS (Real-Time Operating System). This is something Windows isn't, and can't be made to be. It would enable the OS part to be as minimal as possible, maximizing performance and system availability for the simulator, and could be made to run LiveCD style! RTOS would be very important for being able to truly simulate things that can't properly be done under Windows because timing is everything and only on an RTOS do you have total control over timing. Best regards, Robin.
  9. Hi, Yes it does! Thanks! Best regards, Robin.
  10. Hi, Anyone got any FS9 screenshots of "Approaching Innsbruck"? Best regards, Robin.
  11. Not to split hairs, but whilst your code may not directly call them, it does not mean other code you are relying on does not, either. I suggest a debug/trace session to see what is calling what and when. @mindyerbeak: Next time it crashes can you get the crash information and post it here? Just saying it crashed in ui.dll (or anything else) is useless. FSX is not exactly bug-free, so it could just be FSX screwing up. Best regards, Robin.
  12. That is weird. If it is stable at 150 ft nothing will change at 100 ft. There is no protection that will arm or activate simply through passing 100 ft RA. At 50 ft the flare law should kick in and try to pitch down 2 degrees over 5 seconds, if that is modelled. Best regards, Robin.
  13. Never had an issue (AutoGen OFF). Best regards, Robin.
  14. Hi, The only way to keep the engine cool is to keep moving. If you want to cool it off, throttle back (but not too much...) and dive to keep up the airspeed. If you're slow, she'll overheat fast. If you throttle back too much and/or the conditions rae right, you'll end up with carb icing, so switch on the carb heat then throtttle back if the conditions exist (visible moisture/ice or flying through cloud). Don't push negative g either, otherwise you'll starve the engine of oil resulting in engine loss. Best regards, Robin.
  15. Bug in FSX. It can't be fixed. Best regards, Robin.
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