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  1. Thanks guys as always I'll take your notes and use them
  2. help please !!!! HOW DO I FIX IT
  3. is there any useful tutorial you can all recommended me to learn from fmc ..? specific for the ariane Boeing 737
  4. Hey everyone i wanna edit my 1st FSX video for that i need the replay option which i know how to use but recently while im pressing this replay and choose how many seconds back i would like it to show me the replay the screen turns all black i only hear the sound nothing i did helps so i need to restart the simulator to make it seeing again and while its black im going out also the airplane display (which one I've chosen) is black itself how can i fix it so i can use this option to make some nice videos of landings etc..
  5. Hey everyone I'm using ariane 737 series for fsx i'm not familiar with all the fmc systems etc .. can i somehow copy past the gps delult of fsx that comes with the defult 737-800 by microsoft to the ariance 737 series somehow ? it's not supporting that i realy need it to follow my track instead of using fmc there is way ?
  6. Hey i'm asking you to help me out in a problem that really bothers me a lot , once I'm in the game and playing sometimes the game crash and goes out giving me an window saying "your display has stopped working normally" under the file named "nv4" i know it's nvidia file or something I've also update it to the most recent one from their website and nothing help still having this problem also problems with my texture : sometimes my land and clouds become other objects and if i press Esc and comes back to the game it fix it self and then after some time comes back any solution for this problem that will give me the opportunity to play and enjoy for long time other then few minutes and then restart the game ? looking forward for solution P.s I'm using FSX under windows xp sp3 eng.
  7. I'm having a problem with this addon which telling me i need to update it , I'm having the FSUIPC4 which i downloaded and it's telling me to activate with a new registration code and i have only the original code of the FDC that i paid for how do i update it to work fine with just an simply update i have the 3.7 version and it's not getting connected to the fsx im having needs help thanks .
  8. Hey, does anyone know if possible to turn while being pushback ? I mean that while being pushback if i can turn on the taxi line to be more straight like in the real world i've tried the yok & the rudder non of them help it's still in straight line reverse anyone?
  9. will ASF2012 have the similar keys to FSX ? and where can i suggest some ideas that might help you out to improve ASF2012 from fsx eliran
  10. thank you so much you've no idea how many solutions I've tried non of them help it's not the dx10 because im using windows xp sp3 it was the light bloom now i can play again thanks again eliran
  11. I'M having a weird problem which i don't know how to solve with my 737 pilot in command same is happening with my 777 by wilco when i enter the airplane the VC appear white but before when i select the aircraft the aircraft itself is not shown in the preview box of the FSX (the one who spin 360 degrees) it's complete white and once i press "fly" same with my 2d 7 vc is not shown , only white is shown can anyone help me solve it i can't play in this addons which are the best most realistic unlike the EJET of wilco the embraiar is working fine and others are appears all white any solution ?
  12. A few suggestions to the "upcoming" Sim 1.Better ATC vocals , means a more realistic ATC same as aerosoft's add ons payware 2.emergency landings by your situation and randomly unknown situation to deal with 3.better frame rates 4.better realistic lights an challenging mission and much more..
  13. Hey everybody since I've formatted my PC and reinstall fsx on it i'm having problems starting up FDC which i was purchased from your website online it keep saying i have wrong version and i need at least a later version and i should update I did update successfully and then same error MSG keep saying that even thought i have an updated version each time i press the connect button to connect it to fsx that msg comes and not allows me to activate it along with fsx could you tell me what's wrong ?
  14. Sorry but i don't get your solution be more specific that i'll understand better what to do.. appreciare that thanks.
  15. Hey there yesterday i bought from this website the 737 pilot in command for fsx it was just fine and all today's morning i had some serious problems when i choose one of those 737's(300-400-500)series in the preview of the fsx that shows the aircraft spin 360 privew the box is white instead same as the virtual cockpit of this 737 pilot in command airplanes are white all the rest work fine except the virtual cockpit the sounds and all works fine but the virtual cckpit is just a blank white screen i re-installed it today and nothing helps same problem please help me to fix it and to enjoy this product thanks eliran.
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