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  1. Hey. Sorry for my bad English, but could someone do a Finnair painting. That A321 painting is old and it is no longer used by Finnair. This applies to all Finnair Airbus series from 319 to 350. regards: Vesku-K from Finland
  2. Is it possible that you do with this Professional version suitable, or a320 series regards: Vesku-K from Finland
  3. Hey. Is it possible that you would make a Finnair livery. Thank you so much in advance if you succeed. Best regards: Vesku-K From Finland
  4. Here. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/85309-and-here-are-the-paintkits/
  5. Is it possible to get this model for professional use? Please. Cheers: Vesku-K
  6. Thanks for you fantastic livery. "thump up".
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