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  1. That is truly Beautiful!! thanks for posting that shot Mathijs she looks fantastic!! and many thanks to Andras for the great work.
  2. Thats great ATSUSHI ! thanks for sharing the links!
  3. Hello again Atsushi man its been awhile since I went to hight school kewer and klga are were most of my flights start out, fsdt kjfk will definitely have aes its gonna be a blast the scenery is looking amazing a lot of detail, believe it or not I just recently learned about that jas jal merger I wish there were more repaints of the jas planes I really enjoy and love that color on there livery! Atsushi do you have any japanese flight sim websites that you would recommend? I was also wondering over at the japanese bbs has anyone ever posted a recent updated afcad for ai traffic to overlands rjaa scenery or maybe someone working on a new one?
  4. Opps!! lol man your to fast for me Oliver! hehe yes just checked it out and its all good thanks Oilver
  5. Thanks Olilver is there a chance this might be fixed in the next update if possible?
  6. Hi again Mathijs no problem Ill remind you later on, as I know the scenery is still very much in progress and I completely agree with you that adding more objects, especially in fsx will bring fps down maybe at least have it as in option later on if possible thanks for info Mathijs.
  7. HI Atsushi its nice to know that you guys over there in japan are enjoying aes and it definitely adds more to the sim I love flying the old jas planes and also Ana to places like NARITA Intl airport.
  8. HI Mathijs thats great news! I use mostly fs9 but little by little I'm moving everything towards fsx, I don't mind having both sims in my system anyways, question I was very disappointed in that with mathhan scenery Andras kept the default Empire State Building, Chrysler building, Citicorp, Metlife and Woolworth buildings. and I had to replace them with the freeware by Tatu Kantomaa New York Objects Version 3.0 from avsim. and also had to replace the Statue of Liberty with the freeware Detailed Statue of Liberty Daniel Buechter statueofliberty.zip just wondering is there any chance the Andras will include new versions of theses very famous objects the default statue of liberty is horrible lol.
  9. HI just wanted to let you guys know that I bought my RJAA from here its actually cheaper http://www.fspilotshop.com/index.php?curre...1c7ba73ffbf97e7
  10. HI Oliver I had notced a minor error with the imaginesims scenery of tjsj with aes on gate 27 the jetway reads 25. so there are 2 jetways that say 25.
  11. The E8500 Wolfdale runs at stock 3.16GHz so yes the E8500 is faster then the Q9450 Yorkfield which runs at stock 2.66GHz fs loves speed the faster the better I personally would get the q9450 and overclock it to 3ghz but if you don't want to overclock it then the 8500 is good eventually we would have to upgrade again when the new intels are out it just never ends lol.
  12. Simwings the creator of EGLL support forum is here and you can also check out pics of "MegaAirport" Paris CDG !! looks great!!
  13. Hi Oliver, I have to agree with psolk it would be very cool to have logos on the jetways, heres a thread with photos of the jetways. its almost at the bottom of the post. http://forum.projectopensky.com/index.php?showtopic=32183
  14. I was super happy to find out on the aes updates, that Oliver was working on Narita! and Kansai too! I'm definitely looking forward to this also, thanks Oliver!
  15. Cool! glade you got that working man tjsj is really looking sweet man and with aes its a blast!
  16. Hi Bob its funny you say your dads name is also your middle name hehe my fathers first name is cesar too just like mine, and was also his father too, way too many lol I'm glade you got everything working great aes is really fun and makes the airports have some life too them and I cant wait till oliver adds more stuff too it.
  17. Hello Bob I myself disable that behind the wing door alot in some aircraft.
  18. HI jrlopez85 so far at least for me I see no isssues with tjsj and aes 1.95a maybe if you reinstall aes?
  19. Hi Jon I'm pretty sure it will be the newest one, the standalone version, it wouldn't make sense to work on the older version of the scenery but thats just my guess.
  20. Thank you for the update Oliver I really appreciate it
  21. HI Oliver were you able to get a repsonse from overland?? aes would be perfect for there airports hope it is possilbe I also notced it was never put on your Aes Development Status post
  22. HI Stuart like Oliver mentioned you sould check out avsim in the file library and search with the words aes and a lot of the files will come out
  23. HI Heiko you are correct its not a FAA Regulation but it is a choice of the airlines. I kinda find it strange its not a faa Regulation only reason I say that is that it makes perfect since having someone watch the aircraft by the wings just to make sure its safe
  24. I believe I did ask once here about that option don't remember while some users don't care for it I know others will but at least having the option would be really cool to have and fun to watch on videos screen shots and spot view I used to work at the ramp a few years ago I did push-back the plane and we would at least have 1 wing walker to make sure the plane is safe and that there is nothing in my way or if there's something I cant see there are some airports with really tights spots to push-back and you have to be extremely careful so they have them in small and big airports
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