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  1. If this scenery is not going to be compatible with MegaSceneryEarth California and FSDreamTeam's KLAX (which I consider a minimum requirement considering the quality of these addons) then I'm skipping this one. There is already a scenery for Catalina Island and airport available, so hopefully it will be compatible with this one too. This is the link: http://secure.simmar...-island-x.phtml Jon
  2. Because AES is a competitor to their own product GSX. They say it's free to use on their own airports, but anyone can see that's it's pretty obvious they want you to buy the product, otherwise there is nothing in it for them. They want you to buy GSX instead of spending the money on AES credits. Saying that the product is free to use on their own airports is just a "free commercial". Jon
  3. I would love to have AES at KLAX for FSX. So please consider it. I'm sure there are a lot of other users who would like AES support for FSDT's KLAX too. I hope that everyone who wants AES support for FSDT's KLAX for FSX, would consider posting here in this thread. Jon
  4. If you look at the official Jeppesen charts, you can see that when you're taxiing to runway 01R, you have to use taxiway G and then S. That means that when you're starting from gate 50, you have to make an almost 180 degree turn to the right with a B744 to get to taxiway G without hitting any airport vehicles or carts with the wingtips. A turn to the left means you get very close to the jetway of gate 50 with your wingtips. So official or not, in my opinion the pushback is too short and awkward. Especially when using a B744. Jon
  5. I think the pushback procedure at gate 50 at ENGM is not quite correct. The airplane (e.g. PMDG B744) is pushed back straight for a short while, and then the pushback stops without turning the airplane to the right or left. Then the familiar message "Please set parkingbrakes" comes up. The pushback at this gate is too short in my opinion. Jon
  6. And we probably have to wait another 6 months before FlightBeam's KSFO is finally supported. Jon
  7. Thanks for your answer. I guess that's even better. Will be purchasing soon. Jon
  8. Hi, I'm thinking about purchasing US Cities Las Vegas, but I have one question regarding compatibility with an addon. From the manual I understand that the scenery is compatible with FSDreamTeam's Las Vegas and MegaSceneryX Las Vegas by adjusting a few files here and there. But I also have MegaSceneryEarth Arizona. This photoscenery covers the Grand Canyon. From the featurelist of US Cities Las Vegas, I see that the Grand Canyon is also covered by the US Cities Las Vegas scenery. I would like to keep the MegaSceneryEarth Arizona Grand Canyon scenery, so my question is which files do I have to deactivate in order to be able to use the Grand Canyon that is included with MegaSceneryEarth Arizona instead of the US Cities Las Vegas version? Jon
  9. I noticed that the pushback at gate N34 at ImagineSim's VHHH Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok is not complete/correct. When starting the pushback to the right (e.g. with the PMDG B744), the airplane is pushed back straight for a short while, but not turned to the right. Instead you get the message "Please set parking brakes", etc. Then the tug disconnects and you have to pushback the plane manually in order to be able to start taxi. Hopefully this can be corrected. Jon
  10. The spot where you see the spikes is exactly where the airfield Useldange (ELUS) is. I was on radial 304, 14 nm from VOR LUX. When I took the screenshot at this location, I also saved the flight. When I restarted the flight from the saved file, everthing looks ok again (spikes are gone, and airfield is present). Also when starting a flight from Useldange, everything is ok. It seems that the problem with the spikes only appears when starting from any other airport but Useldange. I tried starting from ELLX and ELNT, and then the spikes appear. Jon I didn't include the coördinates since the location of the spikes is exactly at ELUS. If you still want them, just let me know and I'll post them.
  11. I have a problem with one of the VFR airfields that come with the package Luxembourg Airports. The problem is with the airfield Useldange (ELUS). As you can see in the screenshot there are spikes in the landscape everywhere around the airfield. I do not have this problem with the other airfield Noertrange (ELNT). I do not have any other addon's in Luxembourg, so it must be something with Luxembourg Airports. I'm using FSX with Acceleration on Windows 7 64-bit. Jon
  12. I don't recall the developer posted anything on this forum. Better not, because he would probably be flamed. I'm seriously doubting if I should ever buy this "unfinished work". Jon
  13. Same here. I'm also waiting for a decent statement on the "improvements" of 1.03. Will not buy until I've read what I want to read. Jon
  14. I don't think we have to tell Aerosoft that working with Dreamfactorystudio on this Amsterdam scenery didn't exactly work out as everyone would have hoped so. You can clearly read that between the lines. I just wish that they wouldn't release something to the general public without putting the product through some serious testing. It's better to wait 2 more months and put out a good working product, than releasing it after a few weeks and there are still lots of bugs to be fixed. I mean if the average customer can find a lot of bugs the next day the scenery gets released, howcome that the betatesters didn't see those issues? Jon
  15. Not yet, but will be released somewhere this year (I hope). Jon
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