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  1. Same issue here. But also my FMC seems to reload and then I have discontinuities.
  2. I have that implemented as well. Thanks for the update.
  3. Just had a CTD, no events related to P3D or the CRJ. Just crashed mid flight. Using P3D v5.1.
  4. I'm having really bad FPS as well. I have an i7 6800k @ 4.0 Ghz, 32 GB and a 1080 ti OC/watercooled. I just did a flight with the FSLab A320 from CYUL to CYYZ and I had no issues with blurry sceneries or FPS. I uninstalled the old version as recommended but I may go back to the old one.
  5. Thank you Hans. I read the other discussions that you were working on this. Thanks again.
  6. I just updated to the new CRJ Pro and I'm still getting EFB CTD. I was on approach and went to access KCVG and the sim crashed. Unfortunately, the updated didn't work from previous release.
  7. Mathijs thank you for the information. Everyone is asking about where FSX/P3D will go after this and if our products will be migrated into MS2020. It's a matter of patience now. Enjoy what you have now and thank Microsoft/Asobo studios for what they've created by buying the sim when it comes out.
  8. On approach to JFK from YYZ, engaged approach on the EFIS and the autopilot disconnected and the CRJ 900 went into a rapid decent. The VS indicated 0.0 but the aircraft had a pitch down attitude. I was able to land but afterwards had a CTD after using the EFB at the gate. Nice aircraft overall.
  9. Same here. Using the EFB after landing at the gate in KJFK I got a CTD. Otherwise no major issues.
  10. Thanks Dave. I use FS2Crew so I don't use checklist. I didn't reboot after the update. I will try that. I did a flight from KLAS to KSFO and overall everything works fine. The GSX config is accurate now. No couatl crashes. Will let you know shortly. Thanks again.
  11. Dave I don't see an IRS Alignment setting in MCDU 3.
  12. Hi I just updated to the experimental updated due to GSX issues. However now the IRS alignment is an hour. Is this a know issue of the experimental update? Thank you.
  13. Mathijs I have full control to the folder but your right the OS may be putting some limitation on those folders. I got it working last night by deleting the A3XX TerrOnND folder and uninstalling just the A318-A319 and I didn't get the error. It was very strange the log found the file but said (addoncfg == false).
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