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  1. SUCCESS !!! once again, this is why I don't mind spending lots of money on your products, because of the great customer service and tech support YOU GUYS ROCK, THANKS AGAIN
  2. Ok got it NOT a computer guy at all I tried c:\users\havr\Appdata\roaming\virtuali\airplanes ...unfortunately there is no folder called airplanes SO do I make one or take other path ....thanks Hans but when I go to “"C:\users\havr\documents\Prepar3D Add-ons" there is no folder called prepar3d add-ons , I either can choose Aerosoft or prepar3d V4 files and that folder is empty
  3. Ok got it NOT a computer guy at all the part I was missing is “c:\users\havr\Documents\”
  4. Ok unlinked, now What, still can’t find the GSX data or what to do with it
  5. If you look at the pictures of the folder locations above, I did check all those location and no GSX data anywhere
  6. yes sir, read that too, but can't find this location "YOUR ADD-ON FOLDER\Aerosoft CRJ Professional\Data\GSX." pictures are of p3d version and where my CRJ PRO folders are located, and not sure of GSX and GSX 2 version my updater says their up to date. so any help would be deeply appreciated if you can just send me this gsx data and tell where it goes that would be awesome
  7. still no jet bridges... this is the error I get, please see picture below no jet bridges no matter where I go and aircraft not configured in GSX hope the pictures help, thanks in advance for your help
  8. Fsdreamteam Chicago V2 gate H 17; flightbeam ksfo gate E 69 fsdreamteam klas gate E 8
  9. it does it at all airports, I tried to customize my airplane in GSX and it says no aircraft to config.. do I have to do something in GSX to load a cfg. in the aircraft cfg file for crj pro, never had to for CRJ X, another question, should I have removed CRJ X before installing CRJ PRO?? and I can't find the CRJ PRO manuals and cannot find any aerosoft folder of any kind on my computer, they used to be there. its has to do with CRJ PRO because any other aircraft works just fine, jetways and all.
  10. I have flytampa, flightbeam and fsdreamteam and none of the SODE jetways work anymore GSX says no jetway can work at the position???? anybody have any ideas
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