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  1. Still doesn`t work for Vulkan on XP 11.51, right? Or is there a walk around for it?
  2. Wondering if it will work on P3D v5 with that textures.
  3. For me, it doesn`t make sense fixing bugs at the moment for P3D V5, as we have another hotfix from Lockheed Martin coming in. I would just wait and see. Maybe some fixes could get fixed, without Airbuses Pro do anything to fix those bugs. Again, I`ll support Aerosoft for any matter of "Let`s wait!" My question is, "WHY NOT FOR XPLANE 11????? hahahahaha
  4. So, still a problem on the new update of the AS v1.2.4.0 about the freq not been able to set on Vpilot (Vatsim)? Still be work around is to put on Ready to Taxi and than Cold and Dark? Sorry, but it is annoying that you have to do this everytime. Please advise.
  5. Pleaseeee: http://airlinersgallery.smugmug.com/Airlines-UnitedStates-1/Airlines-UnitedStates-1/Delta-air-lines/i-Vm79jTK/A
  6. Delta for sure should be the first one.
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