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  1. So, still a problem on the new update of the AS v1.2.4.0 about the freq not been able to set on Vpilot (Vatsim)? Still be work around is to put on Ready to Taxi and than Cold and Dark? Sorry, but it is annoying that you have to do this everytime. Please advise.
  2. Same problem here. I`ll probably wait for the next update.
  3. But DaveCT2003; It is only on VATSIM? The workaround is working. But, hopefully you guys would crack the problem sooner. Thanks for the support always!
  4. Guys, by the way... Same issue on the A320/A321. Cheers
  5. Try press F1 to Cut the Reverses and see if helps. Do you use any hardware to fly?
  6. I did the work around. Do you think it must be the avionics not turned on? While you in Cold and Dark?
  7. Ok; Maybe that it did the trick. Now it is working. Much Appreciate. Thanks,
  8. Ok. Let me give it another try. Vpilot sure is not the issue. Thanks
  9. Hi Dave; If you are referring to: "One thing you can try is loading into the Taxi or Takeoff state, and then change to Cold and Dark. That should set the software flag necessary for Vpilot to see the aircraft/radio." Did not work for me. Any other suggestion? Thanks
  10. Ok; I don`t know if I have the same issue or not, but I can`t also talk over Vatsim thru Vpilot and also I can`t switch the VHF1 on/off and even INT/RAD switcher. Tried to do everything, Using the latest upgrade 1.1.0.
  11. What is the matter pressing the right button to start the APU? You guys are making a big deal of it.
  12. mtlt; You always can install the updates of P3D, if doesn`t work, you can always rollback to the older version. Just work with the installer Client only
  13. Still no luck also on my IPAD latest version of IOS. I followed all the possibilities to fix the issue and nothing.
  14. Ok, To understand, The X connect is not working yet until a new server is been provided? I am still having problems to access. Thanks,
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