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  1. onlyplanes88

    Odd waypoints in flight log.

    As the template I'm making for PFPX doesn't have them in real life. And it also doesn't have TOC but does have TOD.
  2. Is there a way to get rid of waypoints such as "*BDRY" from the flight log?
  3. Is there a way to only show oceanic waypoints on a flight plan? For example add a new section on the template which shows the oceanic waypoints.
  4. onlyplanes88

    Enroute charts

    Hello, Navigraph switching to Jeppesen, me being a "LIDO guy" by obvious choice I am considering when the time comes to change my subscription to Aerosoft Navdata Pro Charts - this being the case I wonder since Navigraph seem to have added a moving map function for the Jeppesen charts, will Aerosoft do the same for LIDO charts as I know this features exists in real life on the ERM. Thanks
  5. Hey guys, I help run Thomas Cook virtual in which we do a lot of shared cockpit flights. We use real world flights, flight plans and flight times. Everything is as real as it gets. If you'd be interested in joining, just send me a message or email; Thanks very much.
  6. Hi all, is there a way to change the format of wind data, be that when making templates:- '[X]', or in a file. Or say if you have 100 way points in the flight log, only 10 have wind data at the back of the plan, if you wanted 20 way points to have it?
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    Okay thanks.
  8. onlyplanes88


    Hi, what airline was the Airbus A320/21 based on? As the MCDU is different to others I've seen.
  9. onlyplanes88

    Manchester X Airport Elev problem

    Un-check Orbx Vector APT in the scenery library? that fixed a similar looking issue with Madiera.
  10. Is the traffic selector going to be functional?
  11. Is the traffic selector going to be functional?
  12. 2 questions: 1) True North Reference, will this function be possible would come in handy for polar/trans-Atlantic flights. 2)Will there be an option to change from the combined standby instruments to the separate standby instruments,this would be helpful and would improve realism for flying those carriers such as: Air France, Thomas Cook, Lufthansa and many more that have the older A330, I know this would be possible as PMDG have done so in their 777.